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Graham County Citizens Petitioning to Governor John P. St. John

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October 11, 1879


To his Excellency the ‘Governor of the State of Kansas


We the undersigned petitioners, citizens of Kansas legal electors and House holders of Graham County firmly believing that there are within the boundries of said County more than (1500) fifteen hundred (the required number) of “bona fide” inhabitants and that the interests of both County and population can best be subserved by a speedy organization of said County do petition your Excellency to take such steps as will bring about such a consummation at an early day as by the Law you are impowerd to do.


And Further your petitioners would recommend that Abram T. Hall be appointed census taker of said County.




Jeb Morrison

O.E. Morrison

Henry H. Olson

Leonard L. Heeberling

Frank P. Lucas

Green Myers

Lymois Brown

W.H. Turner

C. Fountain

P.L. Btutahlez

H.I. Marchby

Calvin Thrader

Bluford Hillman

Enos Hankins

Ed Grinsy, Jr.

Bartlett Murkles

Abraham Park

F.B. Werkert


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Wm. Farrell

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Brown

Derrick & Mark Butler

Albert Weedin

Christain D. Johnson

G.H. Nesbitt

H.J. Masters

W.E. Rickert

Fred M. Harris

Meritt Hicks

A.S. Lhaddrick

Melvin W. Barton

C.E. Warren

Theodore Rudemann

William Rudemann

James McChase

D.H. Hanrahan

Daniel Shawver

A.J. Lamb

W.S. Miller

A. Jeffers

Henry Gant

R.M. Snyder

John Conners

M. Lundy

E.G. Lundy

S.C. Turner

M.F. Hayden

Jesse Conner, Sr.

James Mumert

James Hunter

Luke Pearson

John Sumner

B. Thomas

Ed Gaines, Sr.

J.H. Mullany

B.B. Snyder

George H. Ruggles

J.A. Kohlhaver

Packson F. Ellison

A.E. Moore

D.P. Davis

N.A. Davis

G.L. Coen

J.S. Matheise

D.H. Morris

M.W. Olmstead

H. Kohlhauer

C.D. Pearson

D. Hickman

G.L. Benson

A.A. Meruk

J.W. Coles

A.H. Brinkmeyer

Edward Smith

Walter Tomer

M.A. Lacy

L. Hillebrand


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Jas. Conner, Jr.

Alvin Law

Larry McDowaid

Henry Dickson

David Jagger

Alex Waters

Paul Waters

J. McClure

H.C. Mosiley

Geo. H. Mosiley

John H. Domman

Frank M. Olmstead

Isuc Griffith

Alijah Cox

James Orabeck

Henry Liber

G.E. Furbeck

W. Hill

W.D. Crawford

J.A. McCoun

Thomas Allison

John Jackson

A.J. Hamblon

Cliff Bradford

C. Witley

Mitchell Laylor

W.H. McCellan

Jerry Robinson

Mason Brooks

J.W. Griffin

N. Crank

A.E. Jones

J.H. Beniter

Stephen VanDyke

John Suclimger

A.J. Richards

Amos Shinn

Frank Shinn

Lorenzo Dicky

T.C. Olmstead

David A. Dicky

W.W. Hankins

W.W. Farwish

Charley Hunvitt

H.C. Counelly

Gradison Smith

T.J. Garrett

Virgil Stout

Peter Hummer

Henry Jones

C. Cummings

Fredrick Grimm

Nate D. Minor

John Taylor

Maney Tellis

Jackson Scroggs

Edmond Smith

Wm. Ettey

Henry Fox


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J.J. Vanorsdale

Jonas Moore

J.W. File

Beng. Dawsib

Jerry Creger

Jarrett Smith

H. Washington

Jacob Smith

Lenley McCellen

Joseph Johnson

Perry Thompson

Samuel Foster

Austen Beuning

Samuel Trueheast

Granby Tannorsdoll

John Anton

Dudley Miles

F.J. Hitchen

Joseph Jones

Lewis Weton

Stephen Stenui

Thomas Johnson

J. Gunesets

John Scott

Chas. Williams

Geo. Johnson

Mike Hamm

A.J. Hall

Henry Smith

E. McCabe

J.C.B. Lewis

J. Deal

Clay Bradford

Hautin Booker

Albert Robinson

Allen Thomas

H. Winn

H. Schmidt

F. Reese

John W. Losed

Albert Jackson

John Jenkins

William Edmonds

Audry Fenry

Clark Samuels

David Johnson

Chas Reynolds

S.T. Roundtree

Samuel Cades

Anderson Boles

Henry Johnson

Geo. Dorsey

John L. Wright

Jeff Lindsey

R.S. McKee

Willis Lee

Geo. Easton

Peter Coleman


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Oliver Clusley

Lowand Frank

Henry Garrett

Hiram Burly

Jerry Alsope

Charles Page

Benjamin Gustin

W.W. Andrews

G.L. Lewis

F.W. Chamberlin

Stephen Weltin

W.H. Smith

S. Garland

C.M. House

John McManisie

F. Wilkerson

William Topic

A.J. Lane

Valentin Frank

E. Lane

C.E. Eaton

J.E. Eakes

William Fink

Lenord Butler

Lewis Tate


A.P. Mort

J. Mort

John A. Bever

Hugh Brown

Oscar Talbott

E. Rundolph

Wm. Nutes

Henry D. Washburn

John Grant

Andrew Mushburn

Henry Buckner

C. King

Elbridge Coombs

Galen Daugh

Kent Rollin

Joseph Seavey

Thom. Maninic

A. Flury

L. Flury

H. Washburn

John Luzmann

J.A. Lane

H.W. Eldridge

J. Binns

Abel Reed

J.W. Reed

J. Morin

W.H. Toth

J.E. Staples

I.H. Wolfe

W.W. Gillotson

Auron Tayett


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H.S. Howard

G.W. Graham

John Stanley

l.o. Hancock

W.H. Woodruff

Robert Dennis

G.M. Corbett

John Bicker

Geo. M. Tetherile

Abraham Tetherile

J. Bell

C.H. Jackson

J. Murrow


John Glenn

Geo. Colding

Wm. Colding

Augustus Refinot


Affidavit of Freeholders, We N.C. Terrell, W.H. McCarty, F.L. Mckee, and A.E. Jones, freeholders of Graham County Kansas, on oath Depose and say that, we were witnesses to the signatures which appear to be the genuine


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signatures of share holders and bona fide residents within said county of Graham Two hundred and fifty (250) of whom have resided therein for a period exceeding six (6) months; and  [XXXXXX]  do verify believe that there are more than fifteen hundred (1500) bona fide inhabitants within said county as stated in the  [XXXXXXX]


N.C. Terrell

W.H. McCarty

F.L. McKee

A.E. Jones


State of Kansas

County of Rook,

Sworn to and subscribed before me we E.P. McCabe, a Notary Public in and for said county and state this 22nd day of Oct A.D. 1879.


E.P. McCabe

Notary Public







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