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Governor Carlin notes on 1979 China trip

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Sunday August 19th Cantor


Visited Peasants Revolutionary Center where Mao started it all in 1926 in terms of educating a cadre of 327 to indoctrinate all of China.


 Visited Waterfront – Saw peasants moving sand – men and women using bamboo hand carriers – especially designed  - 2 with bamboo across shoulders.  Hard to imagine how anyone could do this for an 8 hour day.


Afternoon – White Cloud Mountain – View of City.


Saturday August 18th Shanghai  Morning -Arts and Crafts Research Center (Some to Hospital -  [XXXX]  Carpet Factory – Afternoon – Riverside Center – View of industry and use of water for transportation.


Friday August 17th Shanghai – Childrens Palace – Morning – Oil refinery and Grain unloading facility – Evening – Peace Hotel.


Thursday August 16th Shanghai – Commune visit in morning – large machine tool factory.  Welcome Banquet at our hotel – Bridge later in afternoon.


Wednesday August 15th Shanghai (arrived from Peking about 10:30 AM) – Tour of Industrial exhibits – Young man played Home on the Range on the piano – fantastic player – Evening – Acrobatic Show – Theater.


Tuesday August 14th Peking – Morning – Mao’s tomb and Forbidden City – Midday – Break – 3:40 Met Woodcort – 4:00 PM Vice Premier Yu.  Evening – Mongolian Musical Show.


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Monday August 13th Peking – Morning – People’s Commune – Afternoon – Meeting – Ministers – Evening – Reception – Woodcorts - and Dinner at Peking Duck.


Sunday August 12th Peking – Great Wall – Box Lunch – Back about 4:00 P.M. – Ming tomb, Friendship Store – Evening – Bridge


Saturday August 11th Peking – Morning – Agricultural ministry, Afternoon – Historical Museum, Evening – Welcome Banquet.


Friday August 10th Hong Kong to Cantor to Peking – Arrived about 8:30 P.M.


Thursday August 9th Hong Kong


Tuesday and Wed Aug 7 & 8 Enroute S.F. to H.K.


Monday August 6th – Left K.C.


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General Observations – People – Their greatest asset, black hair, short, petite, friendly, easy to get acquainted with, honest, amazingly clean


Hotels –

Room 835 Peking – drab – all on different floors – worst elevators – key but kept at desk – always

Room 917 Shanghai – free shoe shines & quick – most comfortable & friendly – No Key – open door policy

Room 648 Cantor – Mosq. Net, least clean, Food a weak third – but colorful towels - No key but inside lock.


General – Overstuffed chairs – soft to nothing pillows, thong shoes, pitchers of better water.


Treatment given to VIP’s – preferential – cut through all red tape – potential trouble with people in causing negative feelings toward foreigners – articulate.


Food – Restaurants – service – style – Peking Duck – Terry Scanla  - Banquets – Toasts.


Airplanes – China – Best flight – Peking to Shanghai – 1st class – good service – comparable to U.S.  Worst flight – Shanghai to Cantor – Absolutely no room for legs – carry on baggage up above with no regard for safety – Barely got off by end of runway – no services.


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Peking Hotel Room 835 - One Key – always left at desk.  3 Rooms – outer one filled with stuffed chairs and sofa (large), coffee table & cabinets will expensive accessories.  Middle Room (actually 2) – first part with kitchen like table set which we played bridge on – 2nd part – office like – nice desk – telephone on desk.  Far Room - separated by hand pulled drapes – Bedroom and Bath – Double Bed – Drapes on windows operated by motor, Balcony – Bed – soft – with 4 nothing pillows.  In General – pretty clean – thermos for hot water to make tea – Pitchers of Water – used to brush teeth & sip.


Shanghai Hotel Room –  917 – Best over all – service and cleanliness – No Key – 2 Large Rooms – Reception room filled similar to Peking – stuffed chairs – Desk – Coffee table – glass top – played bridge on it.  Bed and Bath – Twin Beds – decent – Real shower (contrast to Peking).


Cantor Hotel – 648 – No Key but could lock from inside – 2 Rooms – plus bath and closet – Balcony – Mosquito net on bed


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Major challenges faced by the PRC Transportation – Do not have a highway system – Limited Rail – although an important part of the current system – Air – Just beginning – Water – the hub – Shanghai & Cantor.


Population – Strong Birth control Programs – Appears to be working – One commune – Shanghai – Population 25,000 – Only 325 Births 1978.


Polution – Air – in major industrial center – Water – everywhere.


Lack of technology in key areas and the manpower problems in converting over – Example:  Agriculture – Shanghai Commune – Today 75% workers agriculture – Goal 60% - must find industrial jobs for displaced farm workers.


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When you think of China what comes to mind?  People, Bicycles, Tea, Banquets, Rice, Protocol, Lace curtains on trains, Lace doilies on chairs.


Highlights of Trip:  1.  Making contacts which ultimately led to a meeting with Vice Premier Yu in the Great Hall; Setting up initial step for establishing a Sister-State relationship with Henon Province; Meeting with Vice Chairman Li at Peking airport; Banquets given by Chairman Wang of the CCPIT; Opportunity to learn first hand about the people of China, largest of the World’s population; History lesson on China and the Communist movement; Side Benefit – 1st lesson in importance of Hong Kong in international trade.


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Benefits of Trip:  For Kansas; Opened the door for future trade, Agricultural products, tech, etc directly meeting China’s priorities; Made contact for Kansas importance which will bring products to Kansas – At some point – oil, consumer items (rugs); Educational and Cultural exchange which will follow will have benefits for those who take advantage plus long range economics benefits such as machinery exports which would follow technological advancement.


Specifics of what was done so we can realistically expect above benefits; now have specific contacts (Albert Ling) to make contact in China for both importing & exporting – Known from personal visits ministries involved in specific areas of trade Sister Relationships with Henon Providence, our improved knowledge of China from all aspects; Ten days of contact including the Chairman Vice Premier Yu (Wang) and Vice (Li) of the CCPIT.  Age old rule of the jungle – those who are aggressive and take initiatives will win.



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Special Events of Special Human Interest!  Accordion Band at Childrens Palace playing “Home on the Range”; Watching Peasant women market her string beans on street in Shanghai about 6:00 A.M. while out jogging; Viewing the peasants move sand & gravel in Cantor; Sampling lunch from kettle oven coal fire in commune; Exercise program – voluntary – Early morning.


Funniest Events; Scalan; Peking Duck; Getting a A-hole; 1st Banquet – My gusto on arrival of  [XXXXX]  .


What we didn’t see:  sign of any religious activity; decent tissue paper (some places tissue paper.)


Accidents – One of our cars; Peking  [XXXXX]  stand for PPA to direct traffic; Truck – tree – road to commune – Shanghai; Bus – Bicycle – Shanghai – streets  - saw when jogging.  Redundancy of their rhetoric – assume due to necessity for everyone to speak with common tongue.  Example – after couple days – We know their speeches in advance.





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