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Wednesday, May 5, 1875
Sun rose clear and it was a very nice day. I got very sleepy in the afternoon and did not feel much like teaching though I managed to get along. I felt so tired and sleepy that I didnt go to Lodge but went to sleep and had a fine nights sleep if I did miss the installation of Officers and the pleasure of meeting my friends, felt at noon very sleepy and slept about 15 minutes. Sang [froid.]
Thursday 6
Very windy and warm and lots of Grasshoppers are hatching out and they are destroying oats in some places but have not seen much damage done by them myself but have seen a great many. Went to Singing School and nearly all were there and we had a very good sing and got along alright. had a letter from Prof. Wherrell in regard to the Normal institute. The planning is most all done.

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Friday, May 7, 1875.
Windy & dusty & very disagreeably it was fast day with the Covenanters & I did not have as many scholars as usual yet had a plenty for pleasure or convenience, and had the most quiet school that I have had for a long time. I had speeches to-day and intend to try to improve them in that particular as well as be in the other studies. The weather is the warmest we had this one.
Saturday 8
The weather was nice in the morning and it did not rain in the night as we expected but looked dry, but before noon it clouded up and and wind [blew] with great violence though it did not continue so all day. After supper we went up to town and saw Lewis Housh - had just returned from California and said that times were good out there to what they were her. Then went to Tom's & sung awhile, did.

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Sunday, May 9, 1875.
Rained at 4 o'clock held up at 6 & commenced at 7 again & we had a gentle shower till 10 or nearly so. Got ready & went up after Tom & wife and it was warm and looked like rain. Came home got dinner and started out to see my girl & she had gone to S. School went down then and after S. School took a ride but it looked like rain. & we did not go far, came back just got my horse up & it rained a good rain, home!!
Monday 10
Nice & clear & fine growing weather & the Grasshoppers are doing some damage in some of the contiguous districts & there are a good many here & still hatching. Had school but no Covenanters but one. Marvin was down to see me. After supper went to the lecture & heard a smart man on the Religious Amendment to the constitution which was very good for that side of the question. weather warm

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Tuesday, May 11, 1875.
The wind was blowing from N.W. in a terrible gale & which was worst wind of the season and it blew very hard till noon after that it calmed down & showered some & was some warmer than in the forenoon came home for my dinner and had a rough walk of it but got back without losing my hat.
The grasshoppers are getting numerous & doing some damage
Wednesday 12
Nice, clear & pleasant. went up with Geo Butler & stayed at the Depot till the train came in. D. R. Anthony was shot on Monday & is not expected to live he was shot by W Embry. Got a letter from Uncle Joe yesterday Got ready & went to Lodge and learned that Jane Wilhelm was very sick came home & Dick came home with us, John

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Thursday, May 13, 1875.
Weather fine with lots of Grasshoppers & they are doing considerable damage. I went out in the rye this morning & they are doing the thing up brown the most & have seen yet They are eating the potatoes off as fast as they come out. After school went up to town we had singing Geo Butler came with Cap not many there but got along alright. Came home & home & sung some weather warm.
Friday 14
Weather warm & nice after breakfast we tried a game of Croquet and it was rather warm. Marion & all was over and we took a game of ball, had some speeches lots of G s & they are doing consid damage in some parts They have taken some fields of flax entirely but I hope they take wings & leave us D. R. Anthony still lives with some hopes of recovery. No sing to-night had a nice rain at 8 o'clock.

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Saturday, May 15, 1875.
Rain the morning. Clouded up & after 7 it began to rain & rained the biggest rain of the season cleared off about 4. stayed at home all day in the eve went [up to singing. not many there roads muddy came & read the papers. D. R. Anthony still live with some hope of recovery. got a paper from Graham but no letters from anyone.
Sunday 16
It was rather cool & cloudy, did not go any place. Read all day on Wordsworths work and it was the first poem that I could manage to read liked it real well. no one came to see us & was glad of. These are the hardest times that I ever saw & the Grasshoppers and chinch bugs are thick & doing a good deal of damage in some districts read as long as my eyes [XXX]

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Monday, May 17, 1875.
Clear in the morning but it clouded up in the afternoon and sprinkled a little but it cleared away and they had a nice evening for their entertainment which should have been very good if it could have been heard distinctly all over the room The singing was not [XXXXX] oweing to circumstances and some of the playing was bad according to my ear & idea of music.
Tuesday 18
Cloudy & warm went to town with Cap. in the forenoon it got cloudier and in the afternoon it rained a little and it then cleared away like came home & read the daily and learned that Anthony came near dying the day before but was better at that issue & Drs expressed oppinion of his final recovery. W. M. Embry's trail was set for to day, who is the man that shot Anthony. had a rehearsal.

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Wednesday, May 19, 1875.
Clear, nice & bright. went up to school & had a talk with the Section boss. W. C. Kirpatrick and son left for Indiana this morning at noon saw lots of chinch bugs flying the air and thick They are thick in other parts of the state and some of the farmers [XXXXX] [XXXXX] discouraged. and some are taking it alright, [XXXXXXXXX] not many there.
Thursday 20
Warm & nice, saw some chinch bugs flying & the Grasshoppers the move. Yet they say they who have traveled through the country that there are not so many here in the vicinity as there are
in other places only 4 or 5 miles from town They are beginning to shed and move around considerably and they don't eat as much as usual & at least as they did when first hatched.

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Friday, May 21, 1875.
Nice fair with plenty of G's moving to better pasture I suppose . There are more in this part than there have been at any time before this Spring. Had singing this eve and got along
firstrate & made more music out of them than we have yet Had quite a turn out. I think we will have a better Concert than my previous one but doubt the financial part of (it) owing to the hard times.
Saturday 22
Very warm in the morning and kept it up all day: The Thermometer stood at 101 they said though think that is rather too high. Saw the G's on the move out of the rye & they were going N.W. & W in front of the house These were very thick going right down into the wheat but they are leaving it as fast as they come in so it remains the same in the evening were on the fences & were thick. Got the Register today.

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Sunday, May 23, 1875.
A fine day but stayed at home all day & straightened out the Register. And also killed some Gr's as they were hopping round thick & in every direction. We killed about a bushel and still they were thick in the yard. P Dick & Vanderpool came down in the evening but did not stay long went to bed early. Cap came home. 11.o
Monday 24.
Nice & clear & very warm into the G's on the move early. In the evening went down to Uncle Ads Cap, Ciss and myself and sang till 10 o'clock had a terrible headache took some pills when I came and they made me sick and I could hardly go to sleep. the G's have done great damage to
Day, so the Farmers say.

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Tuesday, May 25, 1875.
A fine morning but my head still aches. Went to school and had some fun the window. The bills came this morning and Cap began to distribute them. Saw Geo. Trower and he said the G's had taken all his crop but 16 acres, out of 80 and were still at work. Singing and we did not get started till late and some of the singers were [XXXXX]. Very tired.
Wednesday 26.
Rather tired and sleepy and did not feel like getting up. We sang in the morning till ? past 8 then I got there just time for school. Felt very sleepy all day and took a little nap in the afternoon & felt better. The Gs hav'nt done as much damage as usual in places & others they have [XXXXX] things more. Went to bed, but it rained and it woke me before I got fully to sleep.

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Thursday, May 27, 1875.
Looked rather gloomy and it rained before noon and kept raining some all day. Got the stage fixed up & the lamp cleaned & started home it rained as I came. Aunt Mide & the Boys came soon after we came. After supper we put the Organ in the wagon & went to singing. got along alright came home rather tired & sleepy.
Friday 28
A fine morning & we had a game of Croquet. Uncle & I were ahead when I had to go to school & Jack took my place & they beat at ? past 2 o'clock dismissed & went up to the church & they came soon and we practiced some. Went to the train, Maggie, Brown, Sallie & Lin Rea. Got my buggy came home & dressed and went out after my Girl and she was already home.

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Saturday, May 29, 1875.
Got home at daylight & went to bed & slept till 10 o'clock. Got up got breakfast and the folks came in & they went after the Organ & brought it to me & after dinner Mide & Annie came & we had lots of music then we played Croquet. Annie & I played together & we beat anything on the ground. we went up and cleaned the Church & squared off accounts.
Sunday 30
A fine day but I felt very tired & stayed at home all day. Read Wordsworth Poems when I was not asleep. Went down in the Timber in the evening and saw lots of G's & came back through the rye and damaged it considerably, then I went down into the rye they were thick in that, & were eating the heads some & taking the corn in places.

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Monday, May 31, 1875.
A fine day & the G's are on the move & eat and then people are badly scared, in some parts they have taken things clean & the farmers are preparing to plant again. They are dying in some parts from a little worm. After they are dead you can take the worm out & it looks like a meat maggot. Though I haven't seen any myself with the worm in them but have seen the D. G. & the worm.
Tuesday, June 1
Lots Grasshoppers and they are on the move & eat considerably. The people are not ploughing much on account of the hoppers for they eat more on corn that is ploughed than they do on that which is not ploughed on account of it being cooler & they like to stay in the ground which is cool.

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Wednesday, June 2, 1875.
Cool weather for this time of year last year we had some warm weather before this time but no G's but they are plentiful this season and they are doing lots of damage, and if I ever had the blues I have them now did not go to Lodge for we had visitors & could not go very well and felt kind of tired anyway.
Thursday 3.
A fine day and rather warm came home after school and went over and found my horse came back & got ready and went out to see my Girl, but she was not going on the morrow so I will have the privilege of going to see her again before she leaves. Tried to persuade her not to go but she had her head set & would go so I did not say more.

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Friday June 4, 1875.
We had the hardest rain of the season. it commenced early & rained until noon though not very hard after 8 oclock. just got to school in the nicke of time. not many scholars in the forenoon but in the afternoon more came in. came down Chas Searl and he said that it was the hardest rain that we have had for 3 years.
Saturday 5
We went up into the field to take a look at the hoppers damage and found they had not taken the corn much, but had hurt the oats on the edges badly. yesterday evening was the first that we saw shed, they were hulling out rapidly though. Bud found one Thur with [XXXXX] but I think in a week the larger portion will be shed off.

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Sunday, June 6, 1875.
This is a fine day for Hoppers hatching and Tommy and I went out in the rye and they were shedding off in great numbers. In the afternoon went to see my Girl for the last time at least for awhile for she is going away tomorrow. I found her waiting for me and she looked as nice as could be. we had quite a nice time all to ourselves but of course could not stay always.
Monday 7.
Warm fine day with not anything of importance to write about the G's are not on the wing today but are winging out very rapidly, and I think they will begin to leave in two or three days and they may go sooner. They have taken quite a number of fields of corn without leaving much if any and the farmers look rather blue.

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Tuesday, June 8, 1875.
Warm and nice, and about 10 o'clock. The Hoppers began to fly. Went over in goodly numbers and those who were out doors most of the day say that a good many sit down But I think not as many as left though I was only out a few times during the day.
Wednesday 9
Wind from the South West and before noon the Hoppers began their North Western march which is their general course. They light down in places nearly as go up but I have not had many come down and I don't think many will though it is only guesswork with me.

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Thursday, June 10, 1875.
Wind from the South West and blowing like smoke and the G's whirling in North Easterly direction, and in great numbers. Rode down Cary Hinchman and he said were cutting his corn very and he thought he would have to replant nearly all corn ground if they kept on as they had begun.
Friday 11
A fine day and the hoppers are still on the move & eat. After school Barbara and I went down to Rheas and got there about 9 o'clock and found Cap there after supper we went in & had some music and did not go to bed until about 11 oclock. Noticed on the road some very good fields of corn.

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Saturday, June 12, 1875.
Was a fine morning and we got down in the Picnic Grounds all night about 9 o'clock we had a fine time. The exercises consisted of Declarations, songs and speeches, and after those were over we had an old fashioned spelling match then came back to Rheas and after supper we had some more music & conversation.
Sunday 13
The morning was nice & cool and sat out in the yard and chatted an hour or two after breakfast then I got my team & we had some music before we started got started about 10 and the Gs were on the wing in countless numbers and still rising got home at 2 o'clock in the evening got upstairs and had a nap. Got a letter from my Girl and was happily [XXXXX] by visitors in the evening.

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Monday, June 14, 1875.
Nothing of importance transpired today to write about only the Grasshoppers are still on the move and are cutting in places the corn very badly nevertheless I think there will some corn left some vicinties it seems that they are more ravenous in some districts than others, probably there are more in places than others, but have failed to note much difference.
Tuesday 15
The G's were on the move at their regular hour and went with the wind in N. W. direction. This was the last day of the Academy and this eve their Entertainment and of course I went down to it. some of the recitations were very good so were some of the Declarations but the singing was very poor so I thought as well others more competent than I.

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Wednesday, June 16, 1875.
This was a fine day and very warm as the preceeding had been and there were more Grasshoppers in the air than any day or I thought at least. My school was very quiet today no one to bother us and we got along finely. Pa got a letter from Uncle Joe yesterday and he said there were lots of hoppers over there and it was all the talk.
Thursday 17
Warm as usual and nothing much to write about. A hundred years ago the battle of Bunker Hill was fought. Weatherfords horse [XXXXX] got tangled up in the [XXXXX] and fell over the [junk] b the Railroad and killed his self or was nearly dead and died as were lifting him up. Lots of Hoppers were on the move today. Not many left.

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Friday, June 18, 1875.
Warm as usual and wind from the S.W. and the G's are leaving in considerable numbers and they are cutting the corn very badly in places. The County corn came in yesterday evening and was distributed today at $1.20 per bu not quite all gone, but it will all be gone by tomorrow night. No rain and looks as if would be dry.
Saturday 19
Very warm and dry with no signs of rain. stayed at home and fixed the reaper and helped Pa plant some watermelon seed and cantelope. Did not go fishing with the party, went up to town in the evening and found not many people in town, for they were most of them planting corn, and the seed corn was about all gone if not quite, not more G's fly.

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Sunday, June 20. 1875.
Nothing of importance to write about only the G's commenced their regular flight in considerable numbers in a northerly direction. Remained at home all day but read some in the Golden State and think that I should like to go out there. Uncle Ad's folks came over in the evening and it looked like rain but didn't
Monday 21
Warm as usual in the morning kept getting warmer. Some G'S on the wing. people planting corn again which makes the fourth time for some. Got an invitation to go to an Ice Cream Supper, came home got on my clothes and went back and it was very hot. Had some mishaps during the evening and some lamentable affairs. Home 12o

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Tuesday, June 22, 1875.
Wind from South West and very warm and some G's on the wing and they are doing considerable damage yet in some parts. Got no letter, as I expected. W. C. Kirkpatrick came home this evening. Dick cut Jno Orr's rye and it was very good for the season. The excursion was out from Leavenworth but not the Winchester folks sent.
Wednesday 23
Very windy and warm and dusty. Some G's on the wing though many. not letter yet, came home and went down to the field and saw the chinch bugs on the march out of the wheat and they were thick on the corn replanted and I think they will take if they keep on. Pa ditched along the hollow but I think it will do no good. no rain.

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Thursday, June 24, 1875.
Wind from West and the North West and very pleasant all day. no Hoppers on the wing today. Dick cut Isnick's wheat which was not very good for the Hoppers worked on it very much and they commenced to cut Pa's and he has some very good wheat. No letter yet, don't know what is the matter.
Friday 25
Very warm, all day. and it was the last day of my school. Had some visitors in the afternoon and they made short speeches after the scholars were through. This time my long looked for letter came. Pa got one piece of wheat but bound and shocked up and then Chinch bugs are leaving the wheat for the corn.

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