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By-laws of Labette Creek

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Labette Creek, Neosho Co.,

Kansas, Jan. 5th 1867.


The settlers met at Ed Mercer’s residence and proceeded to reorganize themselves into a club by appointing Geo. S. Fish President, John Stewart vice-President, and Enos Reed Secretary.  The following regulations and by-laws were then adapted to with:


1st  The last Saturday in each month at one o’clock P.M. shall be fixed as the time for congregating to hold regular club meetings.


2nd  It shall be the duty of the President to call special meetings of the club whenever he may deem it necessary so to do.


3rd   Ten men shall constitute a quorum at all club meetings any number of men less than a quorum shall be considered insufficient to transact business.


4th  Each member of the club shall have his or her name and the members of his claim recorded by the Sec. and any person not having such record with the Sec. shall not be considered a member of the club nor


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be entitled to any protection from the club.


5th  No persons except males over twenty-one years of age. And minors who have served honorably in the army of the U.S. and females who are the heads of families shall be entitled to hold claims.


6th  Any person taking a claim shall be required to put a foundation thereon at least fourteen ft. square sufficient to erect a house on, and upon said foundation shall be written the numbers of the claim, the date upon which the claim was taken, and the name of the person taking the claim, and within ten days thereafter the person taking the claim shall have the inscription upon this foundation recorded as prescribed in clause 4th.


7th  A foundation layed as prescribed in clause 6th shall hold the claim thirty days, at the end of which time if a house has not been erected the person taking the claim shall be required to renew his claim by placing an additional round of logs upon the foundation and repeating it every seven days thereafter


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or until the house is erected, roofed, and has a door  [XXX]  [XXX]  ; and when the house is completed as prescribed in the foregoing it shall hold the claim six months, at the end of which time the claimant shall become an actual settler.


8th  Five acres of breaking shall hold a claim six months, or five and a half acres of breaking with a fence around it sufficient to have stock shall also hold a claim six months.


9th  A majority vote of this club shall settle all disputes between members of the club.


10th  A quorum of this club at any meeting of the club shall have power to add to or repeat any of the previously existing by-laws.


11th  In consequence of many of the settlers in their section of country being unable at present to do much more than maintain their families and of the probability of many of them being unable to enter their claims as soon as the land is likely to come into  [XXX]  Sec.  [XXXX]  resolved:  that  [XXXX]  such members of this club, will not be each other firmly and of the  [XXXXXX] 



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efforts to prevent any man or any set of men from entering claims belonging to any member of this club.


At a club meeting held at the residence of J. Stewart on the 30th day of March 1867 the following two clauses were adopted and incorporated with the by-laws of the club to with:


Clause 12th   When a claim has been taken as prescribed in clause 6th, if the person taking the claim immediately becomes an actual settler he shall be entitled to hold said claim as long as he performs or causes to be performed some kind of labor towards the improvement of said claim as often as one day in a week.


Clause 13th  Whenever any part or parts of by-laws of this club shall be formed to conflict with any of the provisions of the U.S. claim or home-stead laws said part or parts shall be considered null and void and of no effect.

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