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Treaty between the U.S. government and Kansa tribe

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Wheras the Congress of the United States of America being anxious to promote direct commercial and friendly intercourse between the citizens of the United States and those of the Mexican Republic and to afford protection to the same did at their last Session pass an act which was approved the 3rd of March 1825 to authorize the President of the United to cause a road to be [XXXXX] out from the Western frontier of Missouri to the confines of New Mexico and which authorizes the President of the United States to appoint commissioners to carry said act of Congress into effect and [XXXXX] on the Commissioners so to be appointed that they first obtain the consent of the intervening tribe of Indians by treaty to the making of said road and the unmolested use of it by the Citizens of the United States and the Mexican Republic and Benjamine H. Reeves George C Sibley & Thomas Mather being duly appointed Commissioners as aforsaid and being duly and fully authorized have this day met the Chefs and head men of the Kansas Tribe of Indians who being duly authorized to meet and negociate with the said Commissioners upon the premises and being specially met for that purpose by the invitation of said Commissioners on the said Kansas Creek two hundred and thirty eight miles southwestwardly from fort Osage Have after due deliberation and

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consideration, agreed to the following treaty which is to be considered binding on the Kansas Tribe from and after this day.
Article 1st the Chiefs and head men of the Kansas Nation of Indians for themselves and their Nation do consent and agree that the Commissioners of the United States shall and may survey and mark out a road in such manner as they may think proper through any of the Territory owned or claimed by the said Kansas Tribe or Nation of Indians
Article 2nd . The Chiefs and head men as aforsaid do further agree that the Road authorized in Article 1st shall when marked out be forever free for the use of the Citizens of the United States and Mexican Republic who shall at all times pass and repass there on without any hindrance or molestation on the part of the said Kansas Indians.
Article 3rd The Chiefs and head men as aforsaid in consideration of friendly relation existing between them and the United States do further promise for themselves and their people that they will on all fit occasions render such friendly aid and assistance as may be in their power to any of the Citizens of the United States of the Mexican Republic as they may at any time to meet or fall in with on the road aforsaid
Article 4th The Chiefs and head men as aforsaid do farther consent and agree that the road aforsaid shall be considered as extending to a reasonable distance on either side so that travelers on it may at any time have the marked road for the purpose of finding

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subsistance and proper Camping places
Article 5th For consideration of the privileges granted by the Chiefs of the Kansas Tribe in the three preceding articles the said Commissioners on the part of the United States have agreed to pay them the said Chiefs for themselves and their people the sum of five hundred dollars which sum is to be paid them as soon as may be in money or Merchandise at their option at such pace as they may desire
Article 6th And the said Chiefs and head men as aforsaid acknowledge to have received from the Commissioners aforsaid at and before the signing of this Treaty Articles of Merchandize to the value of three hundred dollars which sum of three hundred dollars and the payment stipulated to be made to the said Kansas Indians in Article 5th shall be considered and are so considered by said Chiefs as full and complete compensation for every privilege herin granted by said Chiefs.
In testimony wherof the said B.H. Reeves G. C. Sibley and T Mather Commissioners as aforsaid and the Chiefs of and head men as aforsaid have here unto set their hands and seals on the said Kansas Creek this sixteenth day of August in the year of our Lord 1825

B.H Reeves

G.C. Sibley

Thomas Mather
A Gambold

Songa inga Prin Chief

Hrnar snake

Opah hesha

Nunga sarge ?

Ne ar he shar ?

E be sunge


War singe urra ?

Mone noto ?

Mo she hon maze ?

Ne har warshe innga ?

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The Bearer of this a Kansas Indian requests travelers going and coming from Santafee and other places to assist him when in need of such little effects as they can spare such as to Tobacco [XXXXX] Lead Flints &c
Dec 28. 1845

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