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Topeka Constitutional Convention

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Tuesday Oct 30th 1855
Convention met according to adjournment – Prayer was offered by Rev. Mr. Knight. Journal of yesterday was read – On motion of Mr. Emery of Lawrence, the convention went into Committee of the whole, Mr. Emery in the chair – upon the special assignment of the hour – being the Resolutions of Mr. Smith of Franklin – on instructing the committee to so frame their work, having in view an immediate organization of a State Government. On the rise of the Committee, its chairman reported - “ That the committee had made progress in the consideration of the subject assigned

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them but had come to no conclusion, and asked leave to sit again. On motion of Mr. Parrott the Report was accepted and leave granted. On motion of Mr. Klotz the following Preamble and Resolutions – were adopted. Whereas – Rumors are now afloat in the community that prominent members of this convention, are arranging the preliminaries for a hostile meeting of two gentlemen, one of which being a member of this body, which if true is calculated to injure the character of this convention. Therefore Resolved – That a select committee of three be elected, whose duty it shall be to inquire into the facts of the case, and

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Report to this convention as soon as convenient, Messrs. Klotz – Smith and Schuyler were appointed upon the committee. On motion the convention adjourned –
Afternoon Session.
Convention met according to adjournment- Mr. Tuton from the Committee on Agriculture submitted a report which was read for the first time, laid on the Table, and ordered to be printed – On motion of Mr. Smith of Franklin the convention went into committee of the whole, for the consideration of report no. 3, on the militia. Mr. Klotz of

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Pawnee in the chair – On the use of the committee, the chairman reported that the committee had had, the Report under consideration and had instructed him to report the same without amendment – Mr. Robinson of Lawrence, moved to amend the first section – by striking out the word white – also by striking out the word “forty” and inserting the word “sixty”. – Mr. Delahay of Leavenworth, moved to amend the amendment, by inserting “including all civilized friendly Indians “ – The amendment of Mr. Delahay was rejected. A division of the amendment of Mr. Robinson of Lawrence, was demanded. The question was

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then taken upon striking out the word “White” – On this question the Yeas and Nays – were demanded – On the calling of the Roll – seven men were found to have noted in the affirmative and twenty four in the negative – Those who voted in the affirmative are-
Messrs O. C. Brown, Crosby, Hillger, Hunting, Knight, Robinson, Schuyler
Negatives Messrs. Bunson, Landis, Curtiss, McDaniel, Cutler, Mewhiney, Delahay, Parrott, Dodge, Roberts, Emery, Lake, Goodwin, E. W. Smith, Holliday, Thompson, Hunt, Tuton, Hicks, Wakefield, Klotz, Lane, Latta

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So the first part of the amendment was lost. The question was then taken upon the second part of the amendment – and lost. Mr. Latta of Leavenworth submitted an amendment proposing to strike out “forty” and insert “fifty”- and the amendment was rejected. The report was then accepted and passed to a third reading. Mr. Delahay of Leavenworth, from the Committee on Banking and Currency – submitted a report – which according to the Rule was laid on the Table and ordered to be printed. On motion of Mr. Robinson of Lawrence, the following Resolution was adopted, Resolved, That S. N. Wood assistant Editor of the Kansas Tribune, and Ohio Columbian –

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be admitted as Reporter for said papers – and that the “Sergeant at Arms” – provide him a seat within the bar of the convention.
Mr. Delahay of Leavenworth, moved that the the [sic] special assignment for next Thursday at 2 o’clock be referred to a select Committee – and the motion was passed. Messrs. Delahay Goodin and Robinson – were appointed upon the committee – On motion of Mr. Tuton of Bloomington – the Convention adjourned to 6 o’clock this P.M. ……….[there is a note attached to this portion of page 7, The note says:]
Mr. Roberts of Washington, Chairman of committee on Preamble and bill of rights, asks to be excused from that position – Excuse was granted, and Mr. Emery of Lawrence appointed in stead
Evening Session.
Convention met according to adjournment, on motion of Mr. Smith of Franklin, the following Resolution was adopted. Resolved – That the

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proper committee be and hereby are instructed to bring in a section, providing that the first Legislature, make provision for the payment of the evidence of debt issued by the executive Committee of Kansas Territory under the authority of the Convention held at Topeka on the nineteenth of September – to pay the legitimate expenses of the State Organization.
On motion of Mr. Delahay of Leavenworth the following Resolution was adopted – Resolved – That Mr. James Redpath, the Reporter of the proceedings of this convention be and he is hereby authorized and directed

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to employ such additional clerks or assistants as may be necessary to enable him to keep and preserve a faithful record of the proceedings of this Convention. On motion of Mr. Klotz of Pawnee, the convention went into Committee of the whole upon Report no. 4. (being the Report of the Committee on Elective Franchise.) Mr. Klotz of Pawnee in the chair. On the rise of the Committee the Chairman reported that the Committee had considered the subject referred to them and reported the same back with amendments. The question was then taken upon

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the amendments and they were agreed to. On motion of Mr. Parrott of Leavenworth, the Report was laid on the table and ordered to be printed as amended.- On motion of Mr May of Ocena the convention adjourned
Mr. Robinson of Lawrence gave notice that he should move a reconsideration, of the Resolution offered by Mr. Smith of Franklin – concerning instructions to the Legislature, upon evidence of indebtedness

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