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Brass Ring from the Canville Trading Post, 14NO396

Brass Ring from the Canville Trading Post, 14NO396
Date: 1847-1872
This brass ring was found at the Canville Trading Post in Neosho County near the Osage Reservation. It was donated to the Kansas Historical Society in 1994. During the 1800s it would have been bright and shiny, but time has dulled its shine. The Canville Trading Post was established in 1847 by A. B. Canville. When the Osage reservation land was ceded to the United States in 1870, the Osage left for Oklahoma and Canville followed in 1872.

Hand carved ring

Hand carved ring
Creator: Newbold, Albert A.
Date: between 1862 and 1864
Albert A. Newbold used his pocketknife to carve this ring from a laurel or rhododendron root while he was in Tennessee during the Civil War. Newbold served in the 38th Indiana Infantry.

Jewelry and a Religious Medal from the Adair Cabin, 14MM327

Jewelry and a Religious Medal from the Adair Cabin, 14MM327
Date: 1855-1980
These artifacts were recovered during excavations in 2014 of the Adair cabin site, home of Reverend Samuel and Florella Brown Adair and their family, in Osawatomie, Kansas. Shown are a stickpin or tie pin, a wedding ring worn thin at the back of the band with eight small stones and one larger diamond (either real or synthetic), and a Miraculous Medal dated to 1980 or later. Osawatomie and the Adairs were much involved with the abolitionist movement during the "Bleeding Kansas" years.

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