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Bowling pins brooch

Bowling pins brooch
Date: between 1930 and 1959
Costume jewelry brooch featuring a braid-wrapped ball with dangling bowling pins. Ball is formed of pale pink/green/yellow braid wrapped in concentric circles and stitched to front of clear plastic disk with a single red wooden bead. Some braid loops hang past the disk's bottom, and dangling on these loops are ten wooden bowling pins. Pin necks are painted with green, red, blue, or purple bands.


Date: between 1860 and 1880
This oval-shaped, black celluloid cameo brooch depicts the bust of a Classical-style woman. The donor, Clara May Hesse, was born in 1884. Her parents, William and Rebecca Hesse, were among the earliest settlers to Pottawatomie County, Kansas, having bought their farm from Pottawatomie Indians. It is possible that this is a piece of mourning jewelry.


Date: between 1860 and 1880
Small, oval-shaped gold brooch. Engraved black enamel tracery design at center. Stippled texture in gold around design; gold in the design is smooth. Bar closure on back with a "t" hinge and "c" clasp. Brooch belonged to Sophia Brockmeyer Hollenberg Kalhoefer. Her first husband was Garet Henry Hollenberg, who operated Hollenberg Station at Hanover, Kansas.

Brooch from 14EL430

Brooch from 14EL430
Date: 1869-1870
This delicate brass brooch was made in a filigree-like floral pattern with a possible silver center. The brooch was collected at a site that may be the location of a camp used by General George A. Custer and the Seventh Calvary. The site is near Fort Hays in Ellis County. Elizabeth Bacon Custer joined her husband, General George Custer, whenever possible at the 7th Cavalry camps. Perhaps this brooch belonged to her? Fort Hays was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1971.

Jewelry from 14MY349

Jewelry from 14MY349
Date: Unknown
This brooch and pendant were collected from a multicomponent site in Montgomery County with both Historic and Early Ceramic period artifacts. The brooch is possibly made of jet and the glass faceted pendant was from either a necklace or an earring. Both were from the Historic period. They were donated in 1973 to the Kansas Historical Society. The site has been much impacted by pot hunters and a reservoir.

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