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American War Mothers, Topeka Chapter, records

American War Mothers, Topeka Chapter, records
Creator: American War Mothers. Topeka Chapter
Date: 1927-1976
The records of the Topeka Chapter of the American War Mothers includes a complete set of minutes, membership rolls, scrapbooks, and miscellaneous material. This collection documents the activities of the American War Mothers focus on patriotic and service since the Topeka Chapter's start in 1927 to its disbandment in 1976. The American War Mothers, a national organization founded in 1917 and incorporated by act of Congress in 1925, is a perpetual patriotic, non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian, non-partisan organization whose members are mothers of children who have served or are serving in the U.S. Armed Services during a time of conflict.

Berryton High School baseball scorebook

Berryton High School baseball scorebook
Date: April 1, 1951-June 1, 1953
This baseball scorebook from the early 1950s was used by Fred Simpson, the Berryton High School baseball coach. Games scored in the book cover the years 1951-53, including the state tournament games in 1951 when Berryton won the state Class B high school baseball championship. Berryton defeated Gridley, 7-3, in the title game played in Peabody on May 12, 1951. Digital reproduction of the scorebook was accomplished through a joint project sponsored by the Kansas Historical Society and the Shawnee County Baseball Hall of Fame.

Green Valley School District #36

Green Valley School District #36
Creator: Thummel, Mildred
Date: 1870-1990
Papers and photographs containing information on the Green Valley School District #36. Included in the material is a brief history of the school district, rosters of pupils, and photographs of various school classes.

Kansas Day Club Officers

Kansas Day Club Officers
Creator: Ackerman, Gertrude
Date: 1892-1951
This series is part of a bigger collection from Gertrude Ackerman. These documents represent officers involved with Kansas Day Club.

List E indicating the locations of land made for the New York Indians in Kansas Territory

List E indicating the locations of land made for the New York Indians in Kansas Territory
Creator: United States Department of Interior
Date: June 16, 1860
This item contains a list of "New York Indians entitled to 320 acres, or a half section of land, each within the New York Reservation in Kansas Territory." Included are the name of the "reservee," location of the land, and total number of acres to be given to them.

List of Quantrill's raid survivors, Lawrence, Kansas

List of Quantrill's raid survivors, Lawrence, Kansas
Date: 1891
This is a list of the people who survived Quantrill's Raid on Lawrence, Kansas. On August 21, 1863, William Quantrill and his followers attacked Lawrence, a free-state stronghold. After a four-hour siege, they had destroyed the town. Businesses and homes were looted and the town was burned. Quantrill and his men rounded up many men and boys into the middle of the town and as their wives and daughters watched, they were executed.

List of scholars at Carey Mission, Michigan Territory

List of scholars at Carey Mission, Michigan Territory
Creator: Carey Missionaries
Date: October 20, 1828
This item lists the scholars (Indian students) at the Carey Mission in Michigan Territory in the fall of 1828.

Men unassigned

Men unassigned
Date: December 4, 1919
In this document are the names of men who reported to work in the coal field of southeast Kansas during the state takeover of the mines. The Kansas supreme court granted authority to the state of Kansas to operate the mines in November, 1919. This followed a continued labor dispute over wages. Coal miners refused to work for the state following takeover and the governor recruited workers from outside the area to man the mines during this period. This document lists the occupation of the worker and his home address. As evidenced by this document, very few of the men who reported were miners. Though most of the workers came from Kansas, workers also reported from Missouri, Nebraska, and Ohio. The state takeover lasted until mid-December 1919 when union leaders called the regular mine workers back to work.

Personal histories of inmates

Personal histories of inmates
Date: 1889 - 1935
Information recorded in these volumes is the personal histories for girls at the facility in Beloit, Kansas. From May 6, 1889 - July 20, 1935 the facility was run by the Women's Temperance Union and then the State of Kansas until 2009 for girls eight to 16 years old. Details recorded include the name, family history, birthdate, birthplace, physical description, religion and education of each girl as well as the offense committed, admission and release dates, and conditions of parole. Some volumes include indexes at the front. Volumes are divided chronologically as follows: Volume 1 (1889-1900) Volume 2 (1900-1911) Volume 3 (1911-1920) Volume 4 (1920-1927) Volume 5 (1927-1935)

Republican National Convention delegates

Republican National Convention delegates
Creator: Ackerman, Gertrude
Date: 1856-1940
These typescripts are rosters of Kansas Republicans selected as delegates to the Republican National Convention, starting with the first convention in 1856 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Roster of the Twentieth Regiment Kansas Infantry

Roster of the Twentieth Regiment Kansas Infantry
Creator: Faust, K. I.
Date: 1898
Colonel Frederick Funston became the leader of the Twentieth Regiment on May 13, 1898. This booklet is a roster of the Twentieth Regiment Kansas Infantry listing the names and ranks of soldiers in the Regimental Field and Officers Staff, the Hospital Corps, and Companies A through M (blue pages). The last page lists band members, soldiers who died, orders for all sentinels on post, and orders for Sentinel No. 1 (at the post of the guard).

Society of the Anniversary of the Battle of the Blue minutes and roster of the 2nd Regiment, Kansas militia

Society of the Anniversary of the Battle of the Blue minutes and roster of the 2nd Regiment, Kansas militia
Date: 1895-1905
This notebook contains the roster of the 2nd Regiment of the Kansas Militia during the Battle of the Blue, which occurred on October 22, 1864, in Jackson County, Missouri. Members of the regiment are divided by company and identified by rank. Some individuals are listed as killed, wounded, or taken prisoner, in addition to their place of residence. The notebook also contains the meeting minutes for the Society of the Anniversary of the Battle of the Blue. Surviving members of the 2nd Regiment convened on May 30, 1895, in Topeka, Kansas, and voted for a permanent organization to meet on October 22 of each year. Samuel J. Reader was elected secretary.

Township Trustee Records

Township Trustee Records
Creator: State Board of Agriculture
Date: 1875
This folder contains handwritten reports of the township trustees in each county of Kansas in 1875. Alfred Gray, Secretary of the State Board of Agriculture, sent a form to each county superintendent on which they recorded all townships and township trustees in their county. Gray used a printed directory of county superintendents to keep track of the number of trustees in each county. Gray then compiled a master list of all township trustees' names and addresses in alphabetical order by county.

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