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Child labor

Child labor
Creator: The Club Member
Date: December 1907
This article, published in a women's club magazine, discusses the importance of the child labor laws in Kansas. These laws improved child welfare and worked alongside school truancy laws. The article also discusses the duties of industrial inspectors and the areas of the system that need improvement. Toward the end of the article, the unnamed author also cites statistics to place Kansas within a national context; Kansas was one of nine states that prohibited employment of children under the age of 14 in factories, stores, offices, hotels, laundries, theaters, bowling alleys, and bakeries.

Part I: Child Labor in Sixth Annual Report of the Bureau of Labor and Industrial Statistics

Part I: Child Labor in Sixth Annual Report of the Bureau of Labor and Industrial Statistics
Creator: Kansas. Dept. of Labor and Industry
Date: January 1, 1891
Part I of this government report addresses the problem of child labor in Kansas, which appeared to be increasing. Most of the report focuses on existing child labor laws in Kansas, statistics about child employment (broken down by county, child's age, ethnic background, etc?), and the industries that employed children. The report also addresses school attendance and truancy laws (which would effectively curb the unlawful employment of children) and includes the results of interviews with school superintendents and questionnaires filed out by those known to employ children in their businesses. School superintendents were overwhelmingly in favor of compulsory education, and most employers believed that it was important for children to understand the value of hard work (although some did speak about the benefits of school).

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