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Charles M. Sheldon memorials

Charles M. Sheldon memorials
Date: 1924-1984
Charles M. Sheldon (1857-1946) served as a minister of the Central Congregational Church in Topeka, Kansas from 1889 to 1920. He was also an author of the international best seller, In His Steps, which was published in 1897. A series of memorials, presented here, comprises part of the Charles Monroe Sheldon/Central Congregational Church Collection. A complete description of the entire collection is available through a link below. This series includes letters, a notebook, published articles, and assorted items surrounding Sheldon's death and memorials in his honor. The letters are to and from individuals and members or groups associated with Sheldon's study, the Altruist Club of Central Congregational Church organized by Sheldon, and exhibits related to Sheldon after his death. Correspondents include Carl K. Linge, Elsei Hobson, Hugh F. McKean, Charles W. Helsley, Howard S. Searle, Hermione Adams, Brewster Place, Catharine Brandenburg, Andrew K. Craig, John Goodin, Emma Crabb, Walter Earl Glover Architect, Bailey-Reynolds Chandelier Company, D. O. Coe Seed & Grain Company, Pilgrim Congregational Church in California, and First (Park) Congregational Church. Emma Crabb was in charge of the Sheldon Collection at the Central Congregational Church. The publication, Congregational KANSAS, published in 1946, provides his picture on the cover page and an article titled "Dr. Charles Monroe Sheldon, Congregational Minister." The topics of other publications, such as the Congressional Record of 1946, and PROGRESS, also published in 1946, include Sheldon's lifelong activities as a pastor and author.

Flood control where?

Flood control where?
Creator: Jones, J.O.
Date: February 2, 1952
In this article from the Kansas Farmer, University of Kansas Professor J.O. Jones challenges the Kansas large reservoir plan aimed at flood control. "Nature has a disconcerting way of frustrating man's attempts to thwart her." Large dams, he argues, near the outlets of huge drainage areas do not offer protection to those portions of the basin upstream. "Tuttle Creek dam will not protect Marysville, Blue Rapids or Irving. Perry Dam will not protect Valley Falls."

Journal of proceedings of the Grand Division of the Sons of Temperance of Kansas

Journal of proceedings of the Grand Division of the Sons of Temperance of Kansas
Creator: Sons of Temperance
Date: 1878
A pamphlet that contains the annual, special, and semi-annual sessions, on October 24, 1877; November, 7, 1877; April 24, 1878 with reports and statistics. A. A. Stewart, from Manhattan, Kansas, was the organization's Grand Scribe.

Kansas Cycler

Kansas Cycler
Date: May 20, 1895-February 01, 1897
This monthly bicycle journal published in Topeka, Kansas, in the late 19th century was associated with the Topeka Athletic Association Wheelmen and meant to advance the interests of cycling, increase the number of riders, and advocate for better roads in Kansas. The publishers sought "reliable correspondents in all parts of the state", encouraged submissions of stories about cycling, published stolen bicycle reports, suggested cycling routes, and encouraged women to participate by establishing a Ladies Department. Initially published by the McHenry-Chesney Printing Co., the publisher later changed to The Kansas Cycler Co. and began joint publication in Wichita.

Midwest Industry business review

Midwest Industry business review
Creator: Midwest industry magazine (Topeka, Kan.)
Date: January 1, 1962
This article from the Midwest Industry business review includes a black and white photograph of Lyle Yost of the Hesston Corporation. This publication funded by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission through the Kansas State Historical Records Advisory Board.

Outlook journal

Outlook journal
Creator: Kansas City business journal
Date: February 1, 1978
This journal from the Kansas City Business Journal includes an article about the Hesston Corporation and the financial market in the farming community. This publication funded by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission through the Kansas State Historical Records Advisory Board.

The Kansas Knocker

The Kansas Knocker
Date: 1900
Along with J. F. Jarrell, Myron A. Waterman edited a quarterly journal titled The Kansas Knocker: A Journal for Cranks. Though short-lived, the journal received essays from such contributors as William Allen White and John J. Ingalls. Waterman himself also contributed to The Kansas Knocker. The purpose of the Knocker was for the writer to complain, or "knock," on a subject of their choice. As one might suspect, politics was a frequent theme in the Knocker, but certainly not the only one. Other topics commented on included literature, the changing role of women in society, and current events. Copies of the April 1900 and October 1900 issues of The Kansas Knocker are in this collection. An advertisement for the July 1900 issue, which includes a list of contributors to that issue, is also here.

Thomas Bickerton testimony

Thomas Bickerton testimony
Creator: Hyatt, Thaddeus
Date: December 5, 1856 - December 12, 1856
This testimony, taken down by Thaddeus Hyatt as part of the Journal of Investigations in Kansas, is divided into two parts. It begins with descriptions of his life before he came to Kansas Territory and his efforts to set up a claim outside of Lawrence, including his technique for building his sod house. Thomas Bickerton was a well traveled individual and an influential commander of a free state artillery company. He was involved in skirmishes with border ruffians and in the attack on Franklin. Also, General James Lane sent him to Kansas City to obtain a brass howitzer (later known as the Abbott howitzer) for use against the proslavery forces.

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