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Edward P. McCabe

Edward P. McCabe
Creator: Leonard & Martin
Date: Between 1883 and 1887
Portrait of Edward P. McCabe, Kansas State Auditor, 1883-1887.

George Seanor Robb

George Seanor Robb
Date: Between 1917 and 1918
A portrait of George Seanor Robb, Purple Heart and Congressional Medal of Honor winner, from Assaria, Kansas. He entered the Army in 1917 after graduating from Columbia University and teaching briefly in Great Bend, Kansas. Robb was assigned to the 369th Infantry Regiment, an African American regiment comprised of New York National Guardsmen from Harlem. On the night of September 29th, 1918, George was wounded while leading an assault near Sechault, France. In 1935, he was appointed to Kansas State Auditor and served until 1961. He was elected to the office twelve successive terms.

Governor Clyde M. Reed correspondence, Blue Sky Department applications

Governor Clyde M. Reed correspondence, Blue Sky Department applications
Creator: Kansas. Governor (1929-1931 : Reed)
Date: 1929-1931
This file includes subject correspondence relating to applications of employment at the Blue Sky Department. The Blue Sky Department was formed during the Progressive Movement to regulate businesses and prevent monopolies of industries in the State of Kansas. This file is part of a bigger collection of Governor Clyde M. Reed correspondence.

Governor Clyde M. Reed correspondence, State Auditor

Governor Clyde M. Reed correspondence, State Auditor
Creator: Kansas. Governor (1929-1931 : Reed)
Date: 1930
This file includes subject correspondence relating to the State Auditor about Will J. French, which is part of a bigger collection of the Governor's correspondence.

Record of Claims allowed for losses by guerillas and marauders during 1861-1865

Record of Claims allowed for losses by guerillas and marauders during 1861-1865
Creator: Kansas. Auditor of State
Date: 1875-1891
This volume contains 509 claims submitted and allowed for losses due to raids in Kansas during the Civil War. The bulk of the claims relate to Quantrill's raid on Lawrence, August 21, 1863. Other specific incidents were attacks on Humboldt, Kansas, in September and October, 1861, on Olathe, Kansas, September 6 and 7, 1862, and numerous attacks in Johnson County, Kansas, throughout the war years. There may be claims for incidents in a few other counties as there is at least one for Miami County, Kansas. Claims were presented to a special commission established by the Kansas Legislature in 1875. The commissioners were John N. Murdoch, Ottawa, Kansas; C. D. French, Lawrence, Kansas; and William H Beur, Burlington, Kansas. The commission was organized March 18, 1875, and the commissioners were sworn in by D. W. Wilder, Auditor. Murdoch was elected chairman and Beur served as clerk. The commissioners began receiving claims in Ottawa on April 20, 1875. The first claim was for losses from a raid of guerillas on July 1, 1861, in Cherokee County. It contains a general list of losses and amounts: dwelling house, household goods, cattle, and hogs. This format is used for the first 43 pages. Entries after that give the names of the claimants, where they lived, and the amount of money approved. There is a alphabetical name index at the beginning of the volume. One sheet, page numbers 7 and 8 (front and back), has been removed from the volume. Most of the claims are marked paid on by the Auditor in 1887 or 1888. The last three claims in the volume were submitted in 1891.

Territorial Claim - Mrs. Thomas Stinson

Territorial Claim - Mrs. Thomas Stinson
Creator: Kansas. Governor (1915-1919: Capper)
Date: January 22, 1915
This file includes a request from Governor Capper to Hon. W. E. Davis, State Auditor, confirming the payment of Mrs. Thomas N. Stinson of Tecumseh, Kansas, in hopes to secure the payment of the territorial claims. This is part of a bigger collection of Governor Arthur Capper correspondence.

William Hairgrove and sons

William Hairgrove and sons
Date: Between 1870 and 1872
This is a portrait of William Hairgrove and three of his sons, left to right: William Hairgrove, Columbus ("Lum"), William Joseph, and Asa. William and his son Asa were wounded in the Marais des Cygnes massacre. During the Civil War, William served in the Tenth Regiment, Kansas Volunteer Infantry, Company D. Asa served as State Auditor of Kansas from January 12, 1863, to January 9, 1865. In the Kansas Adjutant General's Report for 1861-1861, William Hairgrove's residence is listed as Blooming Grove, Linn County. The town's name was changed to Trading Post in 1880.

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