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Free State Legislature minutes

Free State Legislature minutes
Date: March 6, 1856
Minutes of the Topeka free state legislature's meeting on March 6, 1856, which were published in the Kansas Daily Tribune, March 7, 1856. The Senate discussed admission to the Union and whether the decisions of the territorial legislature should supersede those of the United States Congress. The House of Representatives discussed the national government's stance on the murder of Thomas Barber and decided to draft a document listing the grievances of the people of Kansas. The speaker of the House announced the members of the various standing committees and the House resolved that all laws passed by this body would become effective once Kansas entered the Union.

Kansas State Board of Pharmacy rules and regulations

Kansas State Board of Pharmacy rules and regulations
Creator: Board of Pharmacy (Kansas)
Date: June 9, 1913
These images show pages of the rules and regulations recorded in the minutes of the Kansas State Board of Pharmacy. The regulations cover such topics as the sale of habit-forming drugs, package labeling of poisons, qualifications for taking the pharmacy licensing examination, fees for the examination, passing grades on the examination, license certificates, and other pharmacy regulations. This special meeting was held in Wichita. Funds to underwrite the digitization of these rules and regulations, Board of Pharmacy reports (Item # 218637), and Board of Pharmacy Examination questions (Item # 214023), were provided by the Jere Matchett Memorial Fund. This donation also funded the scanning of photographs of drug stores across Kansas to include them in Kansas Memory.

Minutes of the meeting of State Executive Victory Garden Committee

Minutes of the meeting of State Executive Victory Garden Committee
Creator: Umberger, Dean H.
Date: March 06, 1942-March 26, 1942
This cover letter written by H. Umberger, Dean of the Division of Extension, Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science (K. S. C.), to Governor Payne Ratner is accompanied by the minutes of the March 6, 1942, meeting of the Kansas State Executive Victory Garden Committee, which was held in Topeka. The members of the committee were W. G. Amstein,J. S. Mohler, C. M. Miller, Georgiana Smurthwaite; Renna Hunter, and L. Longsdorf. J. C. Mohler was Secretary to the Kansas State Board of Agriculture and Hunter represented the State Civilian Council of Defense. The other committee members were employed by the Extention Division of K. S. C.

Minutes, Wyandotte Mayor's Office

Minutes, Wyandotte Mayor's Office
Date: October 27, 1859 - November 19, 1859
The minutes from these three meetings--October 17, November 15, and November 19--detail the workings of the mayor's office in Wyandotte, Kansas Territory. Some of the main points for discussion included plans to build a jail, and a ferry for the Missouri River. Also, in the last entry, the board passed a motion that all dogs who were unmuzzled and running loose could be "lawfully slain."

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