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Fayetteville road

Fayetteville road
Date: Between 1900 and 1910
These letters, maps, and reminiscences relate to the Fayetteville road, also known as the Fayetteville Emigrant Trail. This trail started at Arkansas Post in Arkansas, then headed towards the northeast corner of Oklahoma, crossing the Neosho River, entering the state of Kansas in what is now Montgomery County. The trail crossed the Verdigris River about two miles north of the Kansas state line, went through the present-day site of Coffeyville making its way northwest, finally meeting with the Santa Fe Trail at Turkey Creek in McPherson County, Kansas. In total, this trail crossed the following Kansas counties: Montgomery, Chautauqua, Elk, Butler, Harvey, Marion and McPherson.

Kiowa trail

Kiowa trail
Date: Between 1905 and 1915
Accounts of the Kiowa trail, which traveled from Wichita, Kansas through Harper, Kingman, and Barber counties. This trail's origins date back to the early 1870s and was used primarily for trade.

Leavenworth-Pike's Peak trail

Leavenworth-Pike's Peak trail
Creator: Lathrop, Amy
Date: 1962
A listing and detailed account of each station on the Leavenworth Pike's Peak Trail. A map is also included showing the route of the trail, cutting across Kansas into Colorado Territory. The trail was primarily used during the 1850s and early 1860s.

Mormon trail

Mormon trail
Date: Between 1910 and 1940
These accounts describe travel on the Mormon trail, which went from Independence, Missouri, through several southeast Kansas counties, eventually exiting the state through Washington County. This trail was primarily used by Mormons who were heading west to settle in Utah during the 1840s through the 1860s

National Old Trail's road

National Old Trail's road
Date: Between 1920 and 1925
These are notes and maps about the National Old Trail's Road, a route that stretched from Boston, Massachusetts to San Francisco, California. The National Old Trail's Road was established in 1912 and crossed the length of Kansas, intersecting such famous trails as the Santa Fe Trail and the Oregon Trail.

Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail
Date: Between 1900 and 1940
Letters, notes, and reminiscences of the Oregon Trail. Included are first hand accounts of traveling the trail, routes taken, and the hardships endured. The Oregon Trail was primarily used from 1840 through 1860 for pioneers heading west looking for new places to settle.

Table of Distances Between Fort Harker, Kansas, and Denver City, Colorado Territory

Table of Distances Between Fort Harker, Kansas, and Denver City, Colorado Territory
Date: Between 1861 and 1876
This undated table lists the distances, in both miles and yards, between key stations on the route from Fort Harker, Kansas, to Denver, Colorado Territory. Fort Harker was located in present day Kanopolis, Kansas. It also lists additional information in the right column, such as whether each branch of the route had an accessible (and healthy) water supply.

The Kaw trail

The Kaw trail
Creator: Starkey, George O.
Date: 1936
An account of the Kaw Trail, once used by Kaw Indians looking to trade at Council Grove around 1850 and 1860. This trail passed through Morris, Chase, and Marion counties.

Trails correspondence

Trails correspondence
Date: 1905-2003
Letters, accounts, correspondence, and reminiscences of trails. Some trails covered are the Chisholm, California, Palo Duro, Jones and Plummer, Oregon, and the Butterfield Overland.

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