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B.F. Dawson to Colonel of the Second Kansas militia

B.F. Dawson to Colonel of the Second Kansas militia
Creator: Dawson, B.F.
Date: Between 1865 and 1866
This letter is from B.F. Dawson to the Colonel of the Second Kansas Militia, in Topeka, Kansas. The letter contains Dawson's recollections of the Battle of the Blue, which happened on October 22, 1864, in Jackson County, Missouri. Dawson wrote the letter in Topeka, Kansas.

Charles Chadwick to Hiram Hill

Charles Chadwick to Hiram Hill
Creator: Chadwick, Charles
Date: February 4, 1865
Charles Chadwick of Lawrence, Kansas, writes to Hiram Hill of Massachusettes detailing many of the events surrounding Confederate General Sterling Price's invasion and the steps Kansans took in preparation for an expected attack. In particular, Chadwick discusses the back and forth battles along the Missouri/Kansas border between Price and Union commander, General Alfred Pleasonton, that took place in the Fall of 1864.

Claims, Price Raid

Claims, Price Raid
Creator: Kansas. Governor (1879-1883: Glick)
Date: 1883-1885
These letters are from various individuals who were involved in the Price Raid of 1864 to Kansas Governor G. W. Glick. These members of the militia requested reparations for their military service in the raid. Almost 10,000 Union troops were involved in a series of events known as Price's Raid due to the incoming Confederate troops being under the command of General Sterling Price. This running battle happened very near the Kansas-Missouri border in the fall of 1864. Price was defeated at Westport on October 23, 1864, and forced to retreat south along the border.

G.W. Veale to General George W. Dietzler

G.W. Veale to General George W. Dietzler
Creator: Veale, George Washington, 1833-1916
Date: October 30, 1864
This letter is from G.W. Veale to General George W. Dietzler, Commander of the Kansas State Militia. Veale, who was colonel of the Second Kansas Militia, recounts his role and his regiments, in the Battle of the Blue. He wrote the letter from the headquarters of the 2nd Regiment, Kansas State Militia, in Topeka, Kansas.

Leigh R. Webber to Miss Brown

Leigh R. Webber to Miss Brown
Creator: Webber, L. R.
Date: November 27, 1862
This letter, written by Leigh R. Webber from the "Camp of Grant's Army near Grand Junction Tenn.," was addressed to Miss Brown, a daughter of John Stillman Brown, a Unitarian minister who lived west of Lawrence, Kansas. Webber described camp life and mentioned the possibility that the troops would return to Kansas. He also discussed the contrast between "the pomp and circumstance of war" and the "blind bull-dog fight" he witnessed at the Battle of Wilson's Creek on August 10, 1861. The last portion of his letter deals with issues such as clothing, Thanksgiving, and other political issues.

R.N. Hershfield to his commanding officer

R.N. Hershfield to his commanding officer
Creator: Hershfield, R.N.
Date: October 20, 1864
A telegram from R.N. Hershfield to his commanding officer relaying information on General Blunt's encounter with Sterling Price at Lexington, Missouri.

Sterling Price

Sterling Price
Date: 1860s
A portrait of General Sterling Price, 1809-1867, in military uniform. General Price's raid in Missouri had a significant impact on Kansas and its troops.

Sterling Price to Governor Charles Robinson

Sterling Price to Governor Charles Robinson
Creator: Price, Sterling, 1809-1867
Date: March 22, 1861
Sterling Price, President of the Missouri State Convention at St. Louis, writes Governor Charles Robinson of Topeka, Kansas with a resolution affirming states' rights. The resolution outlines Missouri's position with respect to the conflict between the federal government and those states recently seceded from the United States. The resolution proposes a peaceful solution to the conflict through the adoption of amendments to the federal constitution. The resolution also condemns the use of military force by the federal government to coerce the seceding states to return to the union. In an attempt to capture Missouri for the South, Price led a Confederate army into Kansas in October 1864 resulting in the only civil war battle on Kansas soil at Mine Creek.

William Brown to Sarah Brown

William Brown to Sarah Brown
Creator: Brown, William
Date: October 26, 1864
This letter, written by William R. Brown from Lawrence, Kansas, was addressed to his sister Sarah Brown, who was away at a teaching position in Massachusetts. William described his role as a soldier in the state militia during the Battle of the Blue and the Battle of Westport and rejoiced in the Union victories there. He also discussed the emotional state of the troops, of whom he says many were at first unwilling to fight and were a "disgrace to Kansas." William related news about the battles and the ultimate defeat of Sterling Price and the "rebel" troops, who were forced to retreat south. William also mentioned riding a railroad line back to Lawrence.

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