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Anna Margaret (Watson) Randolph

Anna Margaret (Watson) Randolph
Date: Between 1858 and 1868
This photograph is of Anna Margaret (Watson) Randolph, who moved from Ohio to Emporia in 1858. Shortly after her arrival, she married Joseph Vance Randolph with whom she had seven children. Anna was a passionate advocate of the abolition of slavery, and in the years following the Civil War, she also supported prohibition and women's suffrage.

Anna Margaret Watson Randolph, diary

Anna Margaret Watson Randolph, diary
Creator: Randolph, Anna Margaret Watson, 1838-1917
Date: August 17, 1858 - August 22, 1858
This brief diary, kept by Anna Margaret (Watson) Randolph, begins with her move to Kansas in an entry dated August 17, 1858. These six entries at the beginning of her diary provide details about her family's journey from Ohio to Kansas Territory, included a number of interesting accounts of their journey on a riverboat. Their boat ran aground several times and, interspersed among her descriptions of these difficulties, Anna wrote about her sister Mary Jane, the weather, and her personal observances of other passengers. She also filled her diary with her frustrations and concerns during their arduous journey west.

Kanzas News, Vol 1, no. 1, page 1

Kanzas News, Vol 1, no. 1, page 1
Creator: Plumb, Preston B., 1837-1891
Date: June 6, 1857
This is the front page of the very first edition of the "Kanzas News," edited by Preston Plumb and printed in Emporia, Kansas Territory. The lead article is about the Dred Scott decision by the Supreme Court and it includes excerpts from the May edition of "Putnam's Monthly." The article documents the reaction of free staters to the Dred Scott decision, which was decided by the Supreme Court in March, 1857. Because he had lived on free soil for several years and had been refused the opportunity to buy his freedom, Dred Scott sued his owner, Irene Emerson, in an attempt to gain his freedom through the courts. The Supreme Court determined that Dred Scott, and all other African-descended slaves, were property and not legal citizens of the United States. Slaves could not, therefore, sue the federal government for redress. The court decision also annulled the Missouri Compromise of 1820. Scott would remain a slave. Emerson's second husband, abolitionist Calvin C. Chaffee, returned Scott to the Peter Blow family, his original owners in Missouri, who voluntarily freed Scott shortly thereafter on May 26, 1857.

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