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Alfred Mossman Landon

Alfred Mossman Landon
Date: September 03, 1936
Governor Alfred M. Landon in Des Moines, Iowa, with other dignitaries: President Roosevelt, Governor Hearring, Iowa; Senator Duffy, Wisconsin; Senator Dickinson, Iowa; Senator McGill, Kansas; Governor Cochran, Nebraska; Governor Peterson, Minnesota; and Senator Shipstead, Minnesota. The occasion is unknown.

Alphabetical agencies created under the Roosevelt New Deal Party

Alphabetical agencies created under the Roosevelt New Deal Party
Creator: Biggers, E.M.
Date: 1932
This item, printed and issued by Biggers Printing Company of Houston, Texas, lists the many different agencies created under President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal. In addition to well-known programs such as the WPA, the list contains many lesser-known agencies, providing an interesting glimpse into the expansion of the U.S. Government under the New Deal.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Colby, Kansas

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Colby, Kansas
Creator: Mardock
Date: September 15, 1932
This black and white photograph shows Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the Democratic candidate for the U.S. Presidency, during a whistle stop campaign in Colby, Kansas. Roosevelt went on to win the election by defeating President Herbert Clark Hoover to become the thirty-second President of the United States.

H.A. Kinney to Governor Walter Huxman

H.A. Kinney to Governor Walter Huxman
Creator: Emergency Dust Bowl Committee
Date: April 23, 1937
Secretary of the Emergency Dust Bowl Committee H. A. Kinney of Liberal (Seward County) sends Governor Walter Huxman of Topeka (Shawnee County) a copy of a telegram the committee sent President Franklin Roosevelt. The telegram appeals to the federal government for assistance in stopping the removal of top soil in the drought stricken areas of Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Kansas. The telegram advises that the present program of management by individual farmers is inadequate. H. A. Kinney was also Secretary of the Liberal Chamber of Commerce.

Mark W. W. Baldwin to Governor Andrew Schoeppel

Mark W. W. Baldwin to Governor Andrew Schoeppel
Creator: Baldwin, Mark W. W.
Date: June 4, 1944
Mark W. W. Baldwin writes to Kansas Governor Andrew Schoeppel This newspaper article, attached to a letter written to Governor Schoeppel, refers to the upcoming of election of 1944 in which Roosevelt won his fourth term as president. The article acknowledges that throughout the depression and early 1940s African Americans voted for Roosevelt despite the fact that he was a Democrat. Republicans, ashamed they had lost the black vote in previous elections, were trying very hard to get it back. In past elections, African Americans tended to vote as a group which made them one of the most important racial voting groups in the country. The black vote in the 1944 election was very influential in reelecting Roosevelt to his fourth term as president, making him the only president to ever serve more than two consecutive terms.

National Recovery Administration Honor Roll, Iola, Kansas

National Recovery Administration Honor Roll, Iola, Kansas
Date: Between 1933 and 1935
This black and white photograph shows an honor roll of names from the National Recovery Administration Program in Iola, Kansas. The National Recovery Administration, a federal program created during the first hundred days of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's administration, encouraged industrial recovery through the "codes of fair competition." At least 541codes were developed during the existence of the NRA program. Some of the codes established the minimum wage, and the maximum hours in a workweek. The NRA was a voluntary program and for business who accepted the codes, the NRA blue eagle was a symbol of participation.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt with John Nance "Jack" Garner and Harry Hines Woodring

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt with John Nance "Jack" Garner and Harry Hines Woodring
Date: September 12, 1932
This photograph show President Franklin Delano Roosevelt standing in the middle with John "Jack" Nance Garner to his left and Governor Harry Hines Woodring on his right.

Wendell Willkie campaigning in Pittsburg, Kansas

Wendell Willkie campaigning in Pittsburg, Kansas
Date: September 16, 1940
These five photographs show Wendell Willkie's campaigning for the U.S. Presidency, at the Missouri Pacific Railroad Station, in Pittsburg, Kansas. Willkie, the Republican nominee, chose the towns of Pittsburg and Coffeyville to kickoff his campaign because of prior connections to the area. He had once taught high school history in Coffeyville before becoming a corporate lawyer and political candidate. During his ten minute stop in Pittsburg, Willkie spoke to an estimated crowd of about 1,000 against the policies of the New Deal and his challenger President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Willkie was defeated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the November election.

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