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Copy of David R. Atchison speech to proslavery forces

Copy of David R. Atchison speech to proslavery forces
Creator: Atchison, David Rice, 1807-1886
Date: May 21, 1856
This hand written copy of a speech by David Atchison, according to a note on the top of page one, made by R. J. Hinton, "was made for me [Hinton] by or under the direction of Lt. Gov. (Dr.) Root. Joseph Pomeroy Root, who was subsequently elected the state's first lieutenant governor under the Wyandotte Constitution, was a prisoner, heard & reported the speech" made by David Atchison to the assembled proslave "Soldiers" camped two miles west of Lawrence, Kansas Territory, before they marched on and sacked Lawrence on May 21, 1856. The transcript is labeled "Hon. David R. Atchison's speech . . ." and begins, "This is the most glorious day of my life! This day I am a border-ruffian!"

David Rice Atchison

David Rice Atchison
Creator: Whitehurst, Jessie H.
Date: 1850
Half plate daguerreotype portrait of David R. Atchison by Jessie H. Whitehurst, probably made in St. Louis, Missouri. David Rice Atchison was a pro-slavery leader from Missouri. He represented Missouri in the U.S. Senate from 1843 to 1855. He was involved in various aspects of the territorial conflict and allegedly rode with the raiders who sacked Lawrence, Kansas Territory, in 1856. The town of Atchison, and Atchison County, were named for him.

Richard Mendenhall to Augustus Wattles

Richard Mendenhall to Augustus Wattles
Creator: Mendenhall, Richard
Date: January 19, 1857
Richard Mendenhall was a missionary at the Shawnee Friends Mission in the 1840s. He returned to Indiana for a time but moved back to Kansas Territory in the fall of 1855. He was in Kansas during the territorial era and wrote Wattles describing an attact on the Friends Mission on August 20, 1856 by proslavery forces. He indicated that they were told to leave or the mission would be burned. However, Mendenhall wrote that David Atchison and other proslavery supporters asked that the Friends be left out of the violence. Mendenhall also described an attempt to form a settlement by men from Georgia about 3 miles from Osawatomie. He wrote that they were friendly at first but they later committed depredations. In response, about 100 free state men ran them off, took $500 in clothing and provisions, and burned a fort they had built. Mendenhall believed that the Battle of Osawatomie was a response to this.

Speech written by John J. Ingalls

Speech written by John J. Ingalls
Creator: Ingalls, John James, 1833-1900
Date: 1859
A partial copy of an Ingalls speech on behalf of the Wyandotte Constitution in presumably the fall of 1859, although it is not dated or signed. It appears to be an incomplete draft, but there are some interesting comments on Democratic obstructionism at the convention.

The Voice of Kansas, Let the South Respond

The Voice of Kansas, Let the South Respond
Creator: Atchison, David Rice, 1807-1886
Date: June 24, 1856
The Law and Order Party made this appeal to southerners to provide support for the proslavery cause in Kansas Territory, in the form of emigration, financial donations, and/or moral support. The main portion of this pamphlet was written by David Atchison, William H. Russell, Joseph C. Anderson, A. G. Boone, B. J. Stringfellow, and J. Buford. A printed note at the end of the text was addressed to Col Jefferson Buford, and encouraged him to go to the South to solicit support for the proslavery advocates in Western Missouri and Kansas Territory.

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