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Anti-New Deal handbill

Anti-New Deal handbill
Creator: Hughes, Frank C.
Date: 1936
Anti-New Deal political handbill.John C. Hughes, a writer, humorist, and atheist activist, created this handbill. Upon his retirement, he moved to Squirrel Island, Maine, and wrote anti-religion books and pamphlets. Hughes was also no fan of Franklin Roosevelt or the New Deal and wrote handbills against both.

Carte du chemin de fer Atchison, Topeka et Santa Fe, aves ses ramifications

Carte du chemin de fer Atchison, Topeka et Santa Fe, aves ses ramifications
Creator: Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway Company
Date: 1874
This advertising circular and map published by the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad is written in French. It promotes immigration and land development in the Arkansas River Valley in the State of Kansas. One side of the brochure describes the territory and the advantages of further development of three million acres of land. The reverse side has a map of the central portion of the United States, from New York City on the East coast to Colorado and New Mexico. An itinerary describes how to travel, by railroad, to the Arkansas River Valley, from twenty-seven cities in the East and Midwest. Etchings of the Cow Creek valley in Rice County, Kansas, and the Arkansas River valley at Great Bend, Kansas, accompany the map.

Charles H. Branscomb to New England Emigrant Aid Company, Expense Account.

Charles H. Branscomb to New England Emigrant Aid Company, Expense Account.
Creator: Branscomb, Charles H.
Date: January 1, 1855 - May 1, 1856
A typical expense report submitted by Charles H. Branscomb, general agent for the New England Emigrant Aid Company in Kansas Territory, detailing his expenditures for 1855 and part of 1856. Among the expenses Branscomb listed were travel, postage, paper, and telegraph costs.

Commissioner of deeds : Maine, Maryland

Commissioner of deeds : Maine, Maryland
Creator: Kansas. Governor (1869-1873 : Harvey)
Date: 1869 - 1872
A letter from James O'Donnell asks Kansas Governor Harvey for the appointment as Commissioner of Deeds for the State of Kansas in Maine. A separate application from James H. Buchanan for Commissioner of Deeds in Maryland, along with an endorsement of Buchanan's qualifications. The following documents are from candidates applying for the appointment as the Commissioner of Deeds in the State of Maine or Maryland.

Commissioners of Deeds : Maine

Commissioners of Deeds : Maine
Creator: Kansas. Governor (1879-1883 : St. John)
Date: 1879-1882
A letter from E. Fogg on August 16, 1881 asking Kansas Governor St. John what steps he needs to take to obtain the appointment as Commissioners of Deeds for the State of Kansas in Maine.

Leigh R. Webber to Charles Brown

Leigh R. Webber to Charles Brown
Creator: Webber, L. R.
Date: March 23, 1862
A letter written by Leigh R. Webber from Fort Scott, Kansas, addressed to Charles Brown. Webber expresses frustration at his bad health, the poor weather, and fort life. He wished for the troops to move to territory where they could engage in battle and gain "military glory." Webber describes the unruly behavior of the troops, including violence and drunkenness.

New England Emigrant Aid Company, Annual Meeting Minutes

New England Emigrant Aid Company, Annual Meeting Minutes
Creator: New England Emigrant Aid Company
Date: March 5, 1855 - May 29, 1860
Proceedings of the New England Emigrant Aid Company stockholders meetings. The meetings typically involved the election of officers, a treasurer's report, consideration of resolutions, and an assessment of the company's prospects in Kansas. The minutes for the first meeting of the New England Emigrant Aid Company (March 5, 1855) included the corporation by-laws.

New England Emigrant Aid Company special meeting minutes

New England Emigrant Aid Company special meeting minutes
Date: 1855
Official proceedings of a special meeting of the New England Emigrant Aid Company in Boston, Massachusetts.

Sherman Bodwell to Rev. Peter McVicar

Sherman Bodwell to Rev. Peter McVicar
Creator: Bodwell, Sherman
Date: November 7, 1860
Peter McVicar, a native of Eastport, Maine, and a graduate of Andover Theological Seminary, moved to Kansas Territory in 1860 to become pastor of Topeka's Congregational Church. This letter from church clerk Sherman Bodwell of Topeka pertained to McVicar's pastoral call and requested that the American Home Missionary Society continue to provide partial support for the minister.

Silas Weir Mitchell papers

Silas Weir Mitchell papers
Creator: Mitchell, S. Weir (Silas Weir), 1829-1914
Date: undated, circa 1875-1911
These papers include two handwritten and undated poems (by Silas Weir Mitchell) "Evening" and "Good Night," as well as miscellaneous correspondence. The correspondence is largely undated and is both handwritten and typed. Correspondents include Cassy Meredith (regarding Mitchell's future wife, Mary Cadwalader) and various others. Mitchell was an American physician specializing in neurology, and he was the author of many short stories, scholarly articles, and novels. The collection also includes a picture postcard of "The late Dr. S. Wier Mitchell at Bar Harbor, Maine." These papers are part of the historic psychiatry material in the Menninger Archives.

State Flags

State Flags
Creator: Kansas. Governor (1915-1919: Capper)
Date: February 1915
This file includes correspondence and postcards; correspondence from Secretary of States describe the colors, fabric, dimensions, and symbolism of their state flag. The postcard, if provided, shows the graphical design of each state flag. Correspondence is arranged alphabetically by state. This file is part of a bigger collection of Governor Arthur Capper correspondence.

State of Maine resolutions in support of Kansas Territory

State of Maine resolutions in support of Kansas Territory
Creator: Maine. House of Representatives
Date: April 23, 1856
The full title of this document is "State of Maine Resolves relating to the extension of slavery, the territory of Kansas, and secret political associations." The state legislature of Maine issued this statement listing their five resolutions about the state of affairs in Kansas Territory. The state legislature is against the expansion of slavery and they want the fate of Kansas Territory to be decided by the people living in the territory, without outside interference from hostile political organizations. The document is signed by Josiah S. Little of Maine's House of Representatives, Lot. M. Morrill of the Senate, and Samuel Wells of the Secretary's Office. Caleb Ayer certified that this copy of the original document is fully accurate.

The two banner prohibition states

The two banner prohibition states
Creator: Cabell, Royal E.
Date: 1915 ?
A review of conditions in Kansas under prohibition legislation written by the Honorable Royal E. Cabell, United States Commissioner of Internal Revenue. Also included is a review of Maine under prohibition by Cyrus W. Davis, Secretary of State of Maine, titled "Prohibition at Its Best in Maine."

Thomas Webb to J. S. Emery

Thomas Webb to J. S. Emery
Creator: Webb, Thomas H. (Thomas Hopkins), 1801-1866
Date: April 4, 1856
Thomas Webb of Boston, Massachusetts, writes J. S. Emery in Brandon, Vermont, to tell him of various places in Maine and New Hampshire that would like someone from Kansas to speak to them. Webb informs Emery that the group in New Hampshire is interested in securing recruits to go to Kansas, but that Emery's principal purpose is to raise money for the Relief Fund. He writes Emery that the sponsoring group should cover his expenses, that they should take contributions at any public meeting and that they should establish a committee for soliciting funds locally. Webb also describes an incident where Missourians seized a box they thought contained weapons, but it housed a rosewood piano. Webb also mentions that Charles Robinson was in Washington, D. C.

To the citizens of Missouri

To the citizens of Missouri
Creator: Brown, John Carter, 1797-1874
Date: September, 1855
Written by the directors of New England Emigrant Aid Company, this printed letter answers various charges made against the company by the citizens of Missouri.

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