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Jackson, Andrew

Jackson, Andrew
Portrait of Andrew Jackson, seventh president of the United States.

Robert Simerwell to Jotham Meeker

Robert Simerwell to Jotham Meeker
Creator: Simerwell, Robert, 1786-1868
Date: March 2, 1830
In this letter to Jotham Meeker of the Thomas Mission, Robert Simerwell expresses his thoughts on the steps being taken by the United States Government to remove Indians from lands being overtaken by white settlers. In particular, Simerwell wonder what the government's actions might mean for the Indians he deals with on a daily basis, as well as what they mean for the United States. Concerning himself, Simerwell wonders if he will be able to continue his work because "there is a cloud hanging over my future prospects as a Missionary" due to the actions of the U.S. Congress.

Robert Simerwell to the Simerwell Family

Robert Simerwell to the Simerwell Family
Creator: Simerwell, Robert, 1786-1868
Date: January 18, 1833
In this letter to his wife and children, Robert Simerwell responds to a letter he recently received from them while he was visiting Philiadelphia. He also addresses events related to the Nullification Crisis that was the focus of the nation. Clear in his opinions on the matter, Simerwell states that public sentiment is largely against South Carolina. In fact, Simerwell states that "it is generally thought that recours must be had to arms and that S.C. will suffer for her independence." However, Simerwell does not think that "much blood will be spilled if a few of the ringleaders?were taken and dealt with for treason."

United States Office of Indian Affairs, Central Superintendency, St. Louis, Missouri. Volume 1, Field notes

United States Office of Indian Affairs, Central Superintendency, St. Louis, Missouri. Volume 1, Field notes
Creator: United States. Office of Indian Affairs. Central Superintendency
Date: 1830-1838
This volume includes field notes and surveys of Indian lands and some treaties made between the U. S. and various Indian tribes (1830-1838). Included are several maps of Indian reservations in Kansas. William Clark (of the Lewis and Clark Expedition) served as Indian Superintendent for the central superintendency until his death in 1838. Partial funding for the digitization of these records was provided by the National Park Service.

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