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Glenn D. Stockwell correspondence

Glenn D. Stockwell correspondence
Date: 1944-1957
Glenn Dale Stockwell Sr. (1901-1964) was a life-long resident of the Blue River Valley. He lived in the vicinity of Randolph and Leonardville, near the area flooded by Tuttle Creek Dam. In 1951, Glenn Stockwell became president of the Blue Valley Study Association and began coordinating opposition to the Dam. After heavy rains caused major floods in Kansas in 1951, advocates of Tuttle Creek pushed for its immediate funding and construction while opponents also intensified their efforts. The earliest item is a 1944 letter from the Corps of Engineers outlining the history and current status of the Tuttle Creek project. Other early items relate to the activities of the Blue Valley Study Association under the leadership of J. A. Hawkinson. The bulk of this correspondence, however, dates from the time Stockwell became president of the group in July 1951. Quite varied, it includes letters from conservationists, industry supporters, Kansas politicians, U.S. Congressional leaders, and the Eisenhower administration, among others; letters of advice from Stockwell; and carbon copies of letters sent by his co-workers.

Kansas Woman's Christian Temperance Union memory book

Kansas Woman's Christian Temperance Union memory book
Creator: Kansas Woman's Christian Temperance Union
Date: 1981-1993
This memorial book contains photographs and biographical sketches of members of the Kansas Woman's Christian Temperance Union. Click "Text Version" below for a searchable index of the names contained in this volume.

Keep our soil home

Keep our soil home
Date: 1950s
This anonymously written pamphlet was printed at the Monitor, Leonardville, Kansas. The author urges readers to study the problems that the proposed construction of the Tuttle Creek dam might create and to take action by writing their Congressman. The author urges an approach of small retention dams on tributaries of the Big Blue River rather than one large dam. A number of residents of the area organized to oppose the construction of the Tuttle Creek dam. This pamphlet is one example of that opposition.

Standard atlas of Riley County, Kansas

Standard atlas of Riley County, Kansas
Creator: Geo. A. Ogle & Co.
Date: 1909
This atlas shows maps of each township with the names of landowners. It has a patrons' directory, illustrations, and plats of towns as of the year of publication.

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