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Abbie Bright miscellaneous items

Abbie Bright miscellaneous items
Creator: Bright, Abbie, 1848-1926
Date: 1870-1878
These documents comprise the miscellaneous series in the Abbie Bright collection. The series includes an undated drawing of the camp of the Fifteenth Regiment on Elk Fork; notes of W[illiam] Ross dated 1870 on frontier life in Kansas; and an 1878 land patent written out by J. A. Williamson, Washington, DC, to the late Philip Bright.

Aeroplane stabilizing mechanism

Aeroplane stabilizing mechanism
Date: November 11, 1919
This patent drawing and description depicts and describes Frank Dove's Aeroplance Stabilizing Mechanism. Dove, a resident of Topeka, Kansas, who worked with Albin Longren, applied for the patent on February 6, 1918, and the patent itself was issued on November 11, 1919. Dove's mechanism provided increased control and helped stabilize airplanes in flight.


Date: April 10, 1922-June 16, 1925
The patent, #1,541,976, depicts and describes Albin Longren's method of Fuselage construction circa 1922. Longren's goal was to construct an airplane body that was not only lightweight, but also durable in order to withstand the stresses related to powered flight. As illustrated in the drawing and described in the text of the patent, Longren's method of constructing a sturdier fuselage relies upon the use of ribbing along the entire length of the fuselage to provide increased rigidity and durability.

Gerat Henry Hollenberg collection

Gerat Henry Hollenberg collection
Date: 1860-1894
Gerat Henry Hollenberg built and operated the Hollenberg Pony Express Station in Hanover in Washington County, Kansas. He was also known as the founder of Washington County, Kansas and the city of Hanover. William Kalhoefer, along with August Jaedicke, were the first to settle in Hanover, Kansas. This collection includes papers of Gerat Henry Hollenberg, William Kolhoefer, the St. Joseph and Denver City Railroad, and the St. Joseph, Hanover, and Southwestern Railroad. The bulk of the collection consists of warranty, quit claim, and sheriff deeds involved Hollenberg and land acquisitions in Washington County. Some properties are in Marshall County. The related correspondence documents the early history of the county and its cities, including topics primarily relating to laws and organization. The papers of William Kalhoefer include his marriage license, naturalization papers, bank deposit records, and election certificates for various positions in which he served. These positions included the mayor of Hanover, notary public, township treasurer, and other positions. The railroad records include right-of-way documents and related correspondence.


Creator: Kansas. Governor (1865-1868 : Crawford)
Date: 1865-1868
These letters, spanning 1865 to 1868, are from government officials, companies, and other individuals regarding land to Kansas Governor Samuel Crawford. They wrote about illegal cutting of lumber along a railroad line, boundary lines, patents, claims, and requesting information.

Lands, Agricultural College

Lands, Agricultural College
Creator: Kansas. Governor (1877-1879: Anthony)
Date: 1877
A letter on September 11, 877, from the law office of Clough and Wheat, encloses a bond executed by Isaac T. Goodman on August 20, 1869, for the conveyance of certain lands. A letter on September 19, 1877, from Clough and W. McNeill Clough, requests copies of the Governor's printed patent for Agricultural College Lands. A letter on November 6, 1877, from T. W. Russell, gives his report on an injustice that was done to him and two or three of his friends concerning purchased lands. A letter on December 3, 1877, from T. W. Russell, notifies Governor Anthony that he has not received from Washington County the $425.76 paid in May of 1876 and has sent to M. Achenbach the tax bill.

Lucio Bini 's Electroconvulsive therapy records

Lucio Bini 's Electroconvulsive therapy records
Creator: Bini, Lucio, 1908-1964
Date: circa 1935-1964 (bulk 1930s-1940s)
Lucio Bini's papers, largely, consist of incoming handwritten and typed correspondence; blueprints and related documentation for electro-convulsive therapy (ECT) equipment. They also include product information for selling equipment, records related to international patents, research notes from early experiments on animals (dogs), and from tracking early patients undergoing electroshock therapy. Newspaper clippings, photographs (both in color and black and white), and other miscellaneous materials are available. Correspondents include Lothar Kalinowsky and other professional colleagues, as well as some patients. The second box of materials are all xeroxed photocopies from Bini's materials and is not well organized. The materials also include correspondence related to the acquisition of Bini's papers by the Menninger Foundation.

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