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"Lays of the Emigrants" lyrics

"Lays of the Emigrants" lyrics
Creator: Whittier, John Greenleaf, 1807-1892
Date: August 29, 1854
This item is subtitled, "as sung by the second party for Kanzas, on their departure from Boston." It contains words to two songs. The first of the songs was written by J. G. Whittier and named "The Kanzas Emigrants." The other song is T. B. H.'s "Song of the Kanzas Emigrants."

"Pap" Singleton songster

"Pap" Singleton songster
Creator: Hickman, Hester
Date: 1877
This pamphlet, sold by Benjamin "Pap" Singleton, the "Father of the Exodus," includes the lyrics for two songs advertising black Southerners' emigration to Kansas. The first song, "The Land that Gives Birth to Freedom," alludes to the hardships of life in Tennessee and the promise of a better life in Kansas. The second song, "Extending Our Voices to Heaven," is a farewell message to those left behind. Lyrics for these songs were written by Mrs. Hester Hickman with arrangement by A. D. DeFrantz. The pamphlet was originally included in the Benjamin Singleton scrapbook.

Prohibition reviewed.  Its marvelous success in Kansas.

Prohibition reviewed. Its marvelous success in Kansas.
Creator: Eldridge, J.L.
Date: October 12, 1887
An address delivered by J.L. Eldridge, of Topeka, Kansas, at the Baptist State Convention in Salina, Kansas. The speech focused on prohibition and it's continued success in Kansas.

Ten prohibition commandments

Ten prohibition commandments
Creator: Douglass Printer
Date: December 28, 1892
A list of ten commandments on prohibition read before the State Prohibition Conference at the courthouse in Topeka, Kansas, on December 28, 1892. On the back of this leaflet is a prohibition song by J.L. Eldridge titled "When We Sit Down to Dine."

"The Freeman's Song" and "The Kansas Emigrant Song" lyrics

"The Freeman's Song" and "The Kansas Emigrant Song" lyrics
Creator: Whittier, John Greenleaf, 1807-1892
Date: 1854
These printed lyric sheets provide the words to "The Freeman's Song," which conveyed an anti-slavery message and to "The Kansas Emigrant Song" about the need for free state emigrants to populate the West.

The mite:  Farmers' and Laborers' Union songs for national, state, county and subordinate unions

The mite: Farmers' and Laborers' Union songs for national, state, county and subordinate unions
Creator: Olmstead, Florence
Date: 1890s
This booklet of the Farmers' and Laborers' Union includes popular, politically-oriented songs sung by the Populist Party at rallies and social gatherings

The People's Uprising

The People's Uprising
Creator: Spirit of Kansas
Date: Between 1890 and 1892
This poem deals with activities in the Kansas Statehouse from a Farmer's Alliance (or Populist) perspective. A number of Kansas politicians are named in the poem which implies that the Farmer's Alliance had some success against the Republican "bosses" of Kansas. The flyer was printed by the Spirit of Kansas, Topeka, a weekly newspaper published in Topeka from 1884 through 1892 (previously published in Lawrence).

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