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Albin Kasper Longren's photograph album

Albin Kasper Longren's photograph album
Date: 1912-1921
This photograph album documents a number of airplanes (biplanes)designed, built and flown by Albin Kasper Longren. He built and flew Topeka's first aircraft on September 2, 1911. At two different times, Longren tried to establish an airplane factory in Topeka, Kansas. His second factory was in an abandoned woolen mill in Oakland, a neighborhood in Topeka, Kansas. The album contains photographs of the exterior and interior of this factory and numerous views of planes and plane parts. Longren's planes were well received, but his business failed because he had difficulty manufacturing numbers of planes. There are two images of a plane parked at the entrance to Gage Park in Topeka. Longren did exhibition flying at county fairs and other events in the region under the name Longren Aviators Exhibition Flyers. The album also has images of biplanes at Coffeyville, Anthony, Stockton, and other locations in Kansas as well as at least one image taken in the following states: Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Texas. Longren built a plane the was purchased by Phillip Billard, a Topeka aviator, and there are images of this plane in the album.

Amelia Earhart and Laura Ingalls

Amelia Earhart and Laura Ingalls
Date: August 19, 1935
This photograph shows Amelia Earhart Putnam and Laura Houghtaling Ingalls, descending from a TWA "Sky Chief" airplane that stopped briefly at the municipal airport in Wichita, Kansas. The two female aviators were headed for Los Angeles, California.

Boeing B-47 Stratojet

Boeing B-47 Stratojet
Date: Unknown
A view of a B-47 Stratojet subsonic jet bomber built by the Boeing Aircraft Company in Wichita, Kansas.

Lear Jet, Wichita, Kansas

Lear Jet, Wichita, Kansas
Date: 1960
An aerial view of the large Lear Jet factory plant in Wichita, Kansas. Also visible are jets and automobiles parked outside of the factory.

Longren's biplane

Longren's biplane
Date: Between 1910 and 1920
Albin K. Longren's biplane

Philip Billard

Philip Billard
Date: Between 1914 and 1918
An informal portrait of pilot Philip Billard, 1891-1918, and a biplane. A native of Topeka, Kansas, Billard (born Louis Philip Billard) was well known in the Topeka area for his flying skills in the early days of aviation. When the U. S. entered World War I, Billard volunteered for service in the United States Army as a pilot. He was stationed in France, and assigned the dangerous duty of test pilot. On July 24, 1918, Philip Billard was killed when the DeHaviland 4 aircraft he was testing crashed. In 1938, his older brother, Robert T. Billard, donated Philip's own Longren No. 5 biplane to the Kansas State Historical Society. The biplane had been built by Topeka-based aircraft manufacturer, Albin K. Longren, and stored in the Billard family's garage for two decades following Philip's death. In 1940, the Philip Billard Airport in Topeka, Kansas, was dedicated to his memory.

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