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Calf Creek Dart Points from the Grouse Creek Site, 14CO120

Calf Creek Dart Points from the Grouse Creek Site, 14CO120
Date: 4800-4200 BCE
These seven Calf Creek dart points were collected from an Archaic camp site in Cowley County and donated to the Kansas Historical Society in 2013. The site was associated with both Calf Creek (a distinctive dart point that is generally found in eastern Kansas and states to the east and south during the late Paleoindian Period) and Munkers Creek (a stone tool technology restricted primarily to the Flint Hills from 4000 to 3800 BCE). The top row shows (from left to right) a nearly complete dart of an unknown chert type, a modified Calf Creek dart point mad of Woodford chert from Oklahoma, and a dart stem made of Wreford chert from Kansas and Oklahoma. The middle row shows two Calf Creek points made of Ozark cherts. The bottom row (from left to right) shows a modified dart point made of Alibates flint, a silicified or agatized dolomite from the Canadian River valley in the Texas panhandle, and a Calf Creek point made of Foraker chert, a type of chert found often in northeast Kansas.

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