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Beaded and Quill Worked Pipe Bag

Beaded and Quill Worked Pipe Bag
Date: 1880-1900
Though its origins are not know, this beaded pipe bag has a design similar to those favored by the Lakota Sioux. It was donated in 2006 to the Kansas Historical Society. The bag is made of leather with a leather fringe along the bottom. It is decorated with red, blue, yellow, green, white and gold beads, in addition to porcupine quills dyed red, white, purple, turquoise and yellow.

Siouan Pipestone Pipe

Siouan Pipestone Pipe
Date: 1850-1890
Owned at one time by the donor's relative, S. S. Benedict, Indian Agent, this pipe was said to be Siouan in origin and to have specifically belonged to Sitting Bull. Sitting Bull (1831 - 1890) was a Hunkpapa Lakota (Sioux) holy man. The pipestone pipe was donated to the Kansas Historical Society in 1957. The soft, fine-grained material of the pipestone enabled the carver to shape and smooth the pipe and drill holes for the bowl and stem. Traces of dottle (tobacco residue) remain within the bowl and on the rim.

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