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Creator: National Publishing Company
Date: 1892
Markings on the title page indicate this large family bible was given to the Third Presbyterian Church of Topeka by Catherine Brosamer Briar in memory of her mother, Mary M. Brosamer. The bible was published during the temperance movement of the 1890s and contains a blank page printed with an alcohol abstinence pledge. Mary Brosamer, who was born in Germany in 1876 and immigrated to the United States, most likely used the book. She eventually arrived in Kansas where she resided with her husband George Brosamer and children until her death in 1947.

Carry Nation's bible

Carry Nation's bible
Creator: Oxford University Press
Date: 1908
Inscribed black leather Bible that belonged to Carry A. Nation, a devout Christian and nationally recognized temperance advocate. The Scottish Home-Workers Association presented this Bible to Nation on December 23, 1908, while she traveled through Great Britain on a speaking tour. Nation, a resident of Medicine Lodge, Kansas, was internationally known for attacking drinking establishments with a hatchet to discourage drinking. Nation was frequently jailed for her acts of vandalism. The inscription in this Bible reads, "Scottish Home-workers Association. Presented to Mrs. Carry Nation at the opening of the first annual Home-workers Exhibition in Glasgow. For services rendered in the interests of Home Industry." On the back pages, Nation made penciled notes regarding certain passages that reference infidels, woman, the curse of wealth, and the Republican Party. Callie Moore, Nation's niece and protégé, accompanied Nation on the British speaking tour and later owned this Bible.

Carry Nation's bible

Carry Nation's bible
Creator: American Bible Society
Date: 1903
Inscribed black leather Bible once owned by Carry A. Nation, a devout Christian and nationally recognized temperance advocate. Nation gave this Bible to her nephew, Joseph Moore. Nation, a resident of Medicine Lodge, Kansas, was known to enter establishments that served alcohol illegally and attack the bar with a hatchet to discourage drinking. She was frequently jailed for vandalism. The Bible's inscription reads, "To my dear nephew Joe from Aunt Carry A. Nation. Remember dear who gave you this in other days to come. When she who penned there lives sleeps in her narrow home. This is the way of life, walk in it."

Maude Mitchell and Josephine Willig, Wabaunsee, Kansas

Maude Mitchell and Josephine Willig, Wabaunsee, Kansas
Date: 1957
Photograph of Maude Josephine Mitchell holding a rifle and Josephine Willig Brown holding a bible. This picture was taken in the Mitchell home in Wabaunsee, Kansas. At one time these articles were on display in the Wabaunsee County Courthouse but were removed to the Menninger Museum in Topeka. The rifle is now on display at the Wabaunsee County Historical Society Museum in Alma, Kansas. Captain William Mitchell's Bible, the only known copy of an original "Beecher Bible" is in the archives of the Mabee Library at Washburn University. A similar photograph taken at the same time accompanied an article published in the Kansas City Times on August 21, 1957. The caption read, "Descendants of founders of Wabaunsee pose here with a Sharps rifle and a Bible carried by the first settlers. They are Mrs. Josephine Willig Brown (left), granddaughter of John Willig, and Miss Maude Mitchell, now 80. They were photographed in the log cabin built by Miss Mitchell's father, which once sheltered runaway slaves. Miss Mitchell's present home was built around the cabin." Maude Josephine Mitchell died on October 15, 1957, not long after this photograph was taken.

Reenactor's New Testament from the Mine Creek Civil War Battlefield, 14LN337

Reenactor's New Testament from the Mine Creek Civil War Battlefield, 14LN337
Date: 1989
This pocket New Testament was recovered from the Mine Creek Civil War Battlefield in Linn County during a 1990 survey by Kansas Historical Society archeologists. In 1989, the 125th anniversary of the battle, reenactors camped at the site, and this pocket bible was left behind. Inside its front cover is the inscription, "To my beloved husband on the occasion of 15 years of marriage. November 1989." At the Mine Creek site, on October 25, 1864, Union and Confederate forces fought one of the largest cavalry battles in the Civil War.

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