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Map of the new islands which are called the islands of the West or of the Indies

Map of the new islands which are called the islands of the West or of the Indies
Creator: Munster, Sebastian, 1489-1552
Date: Between A.D. 1552 and A.D. 1568

Meridian Highway International

Meridian Highway International
Creator: Nicholson, John Charles, 1862-1942
Date: March 7, 1928
This letter and accompanying map promote the use and expansion of the International Meridian Highway that began in Winnipeg, Canada, and ended in Mexico City, Mexico. The road follows the 6th Principal Meridian through the Great Plains area of the United States and is officially called U.S. Highway 81. The letter and map provide an update on road construction and indicate which sections of the road were paved, gravel, or earth. The letter argues that this highway should be designated the official segment of the Pan American Highway through the United States, and that the highway should be extended all the way to Argentina in South America. John C. Nicholson was president of the Meridian Highway Association with offices in Newton, Kansas.

Nebraska and Kansas

Nebraska and Kansas
Creator: J. H. Colton & Co.
Date: 1854
This map of the Nebraska and Kansas territories by J. H. Colton shows forts, villages, missions, Indian lands, and various routes including the northern, central and southern routes of the Pacific Railroad; the Oregon route; the Santa Fe route; Cook's wagon route; Conde & Bartlet's route; and the route to Fort Smith. The map also includes an inset of parts of North, Central and South America; and the territory acquired from Mexico through the Gadsen Purchase. Woodcut illustrations include Indians, wolves, bear, deer, beaver, buffalo hunting, and settlers with wagon. The Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854) provided that each territory would decide whether or not to allow slavery through the constitution under which it would enter the union. In Kansas, this approach to managing the expansion of slavery (know as "popular sovereignty") precipitated a battle between proslavery and antislavery forces known as "Bleeding Kansas." This map is provided through a co-operative project between the Lecompton Historical Society and the Kansas Historical Society. Partial funding was provided by the Ross and Margaret Wulfkuhle Charitable Trust and the Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area. Copies of this map are available for viewing at both the Kansas Historical Society and Lecompton Historical Society.

Perry Wyning Henman' s photograph album

Perry Wyning Henman' s photograph album
Date: Between 1948 and 1975
This is an album containing photographs of Mobil Oil employees and annuitants. There are a few images of refineries and a Jessup & Sloan gasoline truck. Many of the photographs were taken in Venezuela and Kansas. The photograph album belonged to Perry Wyning Henman, who was an employee of Mobil Oil.

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