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Triangular bayonet

Triangular bayonet
Date: between 1855 and 1863
This steel bayonet for a U.S. Rifle-Musket, model 1855-1870 was found at Gettysburg during the Civil War by Theodore F. Garver, a soldier with the 26th Pennsylvania Militia, Company A. This regiment met an advance body of Confederate skirmishers near Gettysburg a few days before the famous battle, and was forced to retreat towards Harrisburg. Part of the regiment, including young Garver, was captured by the enemy and held prisoner until shortly after the battle, when they escaped and rejoined their command. Following the war, Garver moved to Topeka where he served as a judge and member of the local Board of Education.

Triangular bayonet

Triangular bayonet
Date: between 1855 and 1870
Steel bayonet for U.S. rifle-musket model 1855-1870. This steel bayonet was transferred to the Kansas Historical Society from the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) headquarters, located in Memorial Hall in downtown Topeka, Kansas, from 1914 until the early 1960s. The GAR eventually passed out of existence along with the last Union army veteran, and the objects from its museum were absorbed into the collections of the Kansas Historical Society.

Triangular bayonet and scabbard

Triangular bayonet and scabbard
Creator: Collins & Company
Date: between 1855 and 1865
This steel bayonet for a U.S. rifle-musket model 1855-1870 with 25/32" socket bore and L-pattern mortise was manufactured by Collins & Company of Collinsville, Connecticut. The donor's father, Elisha William Viers, who was mustered in as a Corporal with the 38th Ohio Infantry, may have used it during the Civil War. The 38th's record includes service in Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, and finally Sherman's March to the Sea. Viers moved his family to Jewell County, Kansas, ca. 1890.

Triangular bayonet and scabbard

Triangular bayonet and scabbard
Date: between 1855 and 1865
Alfred Larzelere used this steel bayonet for a U.S. rifle-musket model 1855-1870 during the Civil War. The bayonet has a 25/32" bore socket and L pattern mortise. Larzelere's military service commenced with the 10th Kansas Infantry where he served as Regimental Quartermaster. In 1862 he transferred to the 3rd Indian Home Guards, where he was 1st Lieutenant and Regimental Quartermaster. Three American Indian regiments were actively engaged in federal service during the war, fighting mostly in Indian Territory and Arkansas; they were almost entirely recruited in Kansas from the refugee Seminole and Creek tribes. White men served as the officers for these regiments.

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