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Francis Tomes and Sons to Thaddeus Hyatt, receipts

Francis Tomes and Sons to Thaddeus Hyatt, receipts
Date: August 22, 1856 - August 23, 1856
These two receipts, from Francis Tomes and Sons, New York, detail supplies acquired to benefit the free state cause. They include the prices of Bowie knives, Colt pistols, and other pieces pertaining to the use of firearms.

Free State Militia Companies: Personnel and Armaments

Free State Militia Companies: Personnel and Armaments
Date: November and December, 1855
This document lists general information about militia recruited by free state leaders during the Wakarusa War, which was conducted from November 27 through December 12, 1855. These troops gathered to defend Lawrence against an estimated 2000 Missourians. Details on the number of commissioned officers, non-commissioned officers and rank and file are provided for Companies A through I, Horse Company No. 1, and the headquarters company. The documents also listed the weapons available ("Sharpe's Rifles," "Other Arms," and "Cartridges"). A total of 349 men were recruited, equipped with 156 Sharpe's rifles, 169 other weapons, and 6807 cartridges. James H. Lane served as the brigadier general, and William Y. Roberts was the adjutant general. Colonels were Lyman Allen, M. A. Hunt, and C, K. Holliday. Majors were Jno. A. Wakefield, David Dodge, J. M Mitchell, Geo. W. Smith, Sr., Milton C. Dickey, and men with the last names of Thomas, Tuton, Sampson, and Yates. George W. Smith, Jr. was the Sergeant Major, A. H. Malory, Quartermaster; Jno. G. Crocker, Quartermaster Sergeant; Mr. Hunt, Commisary; and Dr. S. B. Prentiss and Dr. Foles, surgeons.

Percussion Cap from Constitution Hall, 14DO321

Percussion Cap from Constitution Hall, 14DO321
Date: 1820-1870
This percussion cap was recovered during excavations at Constitution Hall in Lecompton. These caps were used for powder ignition in muzzleloading and early breechloading guns. By the 1860s and 1870s advances in cartridge design made percussion caps obsolete. Constitution Hall was named a National Historical Landmark for its role in the 1857 Lecompton Constitution and is also listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The building was constructed in 1855 and functioned in a variety of different roles.

Roster and Equipment, 19th Kansas Cavalry, Company D

Roster and Equipment, 19th Kansas Cavalry, Company D
Date: 1869
This table lists the equipment issued to soldiers of the 19th Kansas Cavalry, Company D, from Douglas County, Kansas. It includes the soldier's name, their firearms, and their cavalry supplies (saddle, bridle, etc.), in addition to other belongings such as blankets, swords, and belts.

Sharps' Rifle Manufacturing Company, Advertisement

Sharps' Rifle Manufacturing Company, Advertisement
Creator: Sharps' Rifle Manufacturing Company
Date: Circa 1855
C. Sharps' Patent Breech-Loading and Self-Priming Rifle, Carbine, Shot Gun, and Pistol, Manufactured and sold by Sharps' Rifle Manufacturing Company, at Hartford, Connecticut. This advertisement explained how the rifle was loaded and primed. It included testimonials from various users. The flyer also included one drawing of the rifle and an illustration for making and loading shot cartridges.

Spencer Cartridge from Fort Wallace, 14WC303

Spencer Cartridge from Fort Wallace, 14WC303
Date: 1866-1882
This 50-56 caliber Spencer cartridge, manufactured by the Sage Ammunition Works of Middleton, Connecticut, was found near the guardhouse at Fort Wallace in Wallace County. Excavations took place at the fort in 1997 by archeologists from the Kansas Historical Society.

Thomas Wentworth Higginson

Thomas Wentworth Higginson
Creator: Notman Photo Co.
Thomas Wentworth Higginson was an ardent Northern abolitionist. He also served as an agent for the Massachusetts Kansas Aid Committee, procuring rifles, powder, cartridges and other materials for free state settlers in Kansas. He was from Worcester, Massachusetts, but he made a trip to Kansas in 1856.

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