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AT & SF Railway paperweight

AT & SF Railway paperweight
Date: between 1870 and 1900
In the 1870's and 1880's Great Britain made large investments in the Santa Fe Railroad. Lion paperweights, including this one, were made in England and distributed to Santa Fe Railroad stations, offices, and personnel. The lion is a symbol of Great Britain.

I.M. Yost Milling Company paperweight

I.M. Yost Milling Company paperweight
Date: between 1878 and 1895
Glass paperweight advertising the I.M. Yost Milling Company of Hays City, Kansas. Isaac M. Yost (1848-1944) assumed operations of the mill in Hays City in 1878. Over the course of its operations the mill was destroyed by fire and rebuilt three separate times. Yost's company also eventually had elevators in Victoria, Toulon, Ellis, Oglallahm and Collyer. In October of 1907 they also assumed operation of the Wilson Mill, Elevator, and Coal yards. Sometime around 1908 Yost sold his interests in his milling company to J.K. Mullen of the Colorado Milling & Elevator Company, and by 1910 the business was renamed the Hays City Flour Mills. In addition to his milling business, Yost was instrumental in the establishment of the cement plant and company town of Yocemento. Hays City was renamed simply Hays in 1895.

Millennium paperweight

Millennium paperweight
Creator: Walker Group
Date: between 1999 and 2000
This water globe depicts what many feared would happen during the millennium--a computer crashing. Tiny, plastic 2s and Os float in the water when the globe is shaken.

Moundridge Milling Company paperweight

Moundridge Milling Company paperweight
Creator: Moundridge Milling Company
Date: between 1890 and 1910
Glass paperweight advertising the Moundridge Milling Company in Moundridge, Kansas. The Moundbridge Milling Company first opened November 1, 1877. They continued operations at least through 1946.

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