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50th anniversary of Kansas

50th anniversary of Kansas
Date: 1911
This postcard shows the ornate work of the Fetter pillow honoring the Fiftieth Anniversary of statehood in Kansas.

9th & 10th Cavalry 116th Anniversary

9th & 10th Cavalry 116th Anniversary
Date: 1986
Two men and a woman are shown sitting at a table in evening dress at the 9th & 10th Cavalry's 116th Anniversary banquet in Wichita, Kansas. The man seated at the far right is identified as Charles Scott.

Adolph Duever farm near Bremen, Kansas

Adolph Duever farm near Bremen, Kansas
Creator: Hawkins, Omar F. (Omar Finlay), 1890-1967
Date: March 27, 1929
This is a view of people and dairy cattle on the Adolph Duever farm near Bremen, Kansas. A man and woman are each posed with cows, and a second woman is in the center of the photograph with a dog. Also visible are a milking machine, part of the barn, and dairy cows in a fenced corral to the right of the barn.

Agnes Johnston

Agnes Johnston
Date: Between 1850s and 1900s
This is a sleeved tintype portrait of Agnes Johnston (1855-1885), wife of John McCrum. She was a sister of William Agnew Johnston. She moved with her husband John from East Oxford Township, Oxford County, Ontario, Canada to Minneapolis, Kansas. She died in Minneapolis in 1885 shortly after giving birth to their son Johnston McCrum. The baby died a few days after his mother.

A joyful Easter

A joyful Easter
Date: Between 1900 and 1914
This German printed postcard wishes "A Joyful Easter" as a young boy dressed in a sailor's uniform sits on a wooden cage holding a baby chick. Brightly colored eggs and chickens are visible in the foreground.

Albin K. Longren

Albin K. Longren
Date: Between 1910 and 1915
A portrait of Albin K. Longren, who in 1911, constructed and flew his first pusher-type biplane, dubbed the Topeka I. That flight earned him the distinction of being the first to manufacture within Kansas a successfully-flown aircraft. This was the beginning of a lifelong career in aviation for Longren. As an aviator, he barnstormed throughout the Midwest, making a total of 1,372 exhibition flights from 1911 - 1914 without a major mishap. Longren channeled his income from barnstorming into his more serious interest of aircraft design and construction in his Topeka factory.

A man holding a milking machine

A man holding a milking machine
Date: Between 1910 and 1950
This is a photograph showing a man holding a milking machine in Allen County, Kansas.

Amasa Akers

Amasa Akers
Date: 1912
An informal portrait of Amasa Akers, father of Dorothy Alice Akers Jones, in Topeka, Kansas.

An appeal for help in behalf of the colored refugees in Kansas

An appeal for help in behalf of the colored refugees in Kansas
Creator: Rust, Horatio Nelson, 1828-1906
Date: January 22, 1881
This flyer, distributed by the Southern Refugee Relief Association of Chicago, Illinois, describes the dire situation of the African-American refugees relocated in Kansas. The secretary of this association, Horatio N. Rust, had taken this opportunity to pass along information relayed to him by Elizabeth Comstock, an aid worker in Topeka. Comstock was thankful for the donations of food and other goods, but asked for more assistance in feeding, clothing, and sheltering these refugees. The flyer also includes short excerpts of letters by agents of the refugee association who had direct knowledge of the emigrants' situation.

Arthur Bird Hittle photographs

Arthur Bird Hittle photographs
Date: 1882-1953
This series of photographs includes an individual photograph of Arthur Bird Hittle as a baby and young adult, a portrait of him with his wife Rosalie Hittle, and an image of him with three other men in uniform. Arthur Bird Hittle is the brother of Anna Hittle Rings.

Arthur Campbell Jewelry Store, Topeka, Kansas

Arthur Campbell Jewelry Store, Topeka, Kansas
Date: Between 1890 and 1920
This is a photograph of the Arthur Campbell Jewelry Store in Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas. It shows the interior with a man sitting behind the counter.

Articles wanted for an outfit of fifty volunteers

Articles wanted for an outfit of fifty volunteers
Date: ca. January 1857
Among the articles itemized in this "Memorandum of articles wanted as an outfit for fifty volunteers to serve under my [John Brown?] direction during the Kansas war" are wagons, horses, blankets, frying pans, etc., at an estimated cost of $1,774.

Ase-tite, Comanche, in Indian Territory

Ase-tite, Comanche, in Indian Territory
Creator: Bliss, W. P.
Date: Between 1875 and 1877
This cabinet card of Ase-tite, a Comanche, was made in Indian Territory in the late 1870s by William P. Bliss. Bliss was a photographer in the 1860s, 1870s and perhaps 1880s who is known to have worked in Kansas, Indian Territory, and New Mexico. Following his discharge from the Army, Bliss opened a photographic business in Topeka in 1864 or 1865. By 1870, he had moved his family to the Wichita area, where he both farmed and worked as a photographer. From there, he went to Indian Territory, first to the Cheyenne Agency at Darlington in late 1874 or early 1875, and soon thereafter to Fort Sill. By 1878 or 1879 Bliss had moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. This cabinet card was an early donation to the Historical Society. Its accession date of March 29, 1878, means the photograph was likely made in the 1875-1877 period. The cabinet card carries no photographer's imprint, but the accession information attributes it to Bliss, as do two other known examples of the same image.

Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railroad schedule of prices for watch repairs

Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railroad schedule of prices for watch repairs
Creator: Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad Company
Date: August 1, 1919
A poster by the United States Railroad Administration for the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad's Time Service Department detailing a schedule of prices for watch repairs. Various parts are listed including mainspring, balance wheel, cap and roller jewel, click spring and fourth wheel pinion to name a few. There were various prices for cleaning, case repairing, demagnetizing and others.

Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Super Chief at Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal

Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Super Chief at Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal
Creator: Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway Company
Date: March 20, 1952
Photograph of a passenger exiting from an ATSF Super Chief train at the Los Angeles, California Union Passenger Terminal.

Automobile in Snow

Automobile in Snow
Date: January 17, 1915
These four black and white photographs show an automobile stranded on a snowy road between Peabody and Newton, Kansas.


Creator: Lawrence Studio
Date: Between 1900s and 1920s
This photograph from a glass plate negative shows F. Doane dressed up as a ballerina dancer.

Band, Cimarron, Kansas

Band, Cimarron, Kansas
Date: 1940
This photograph shows a Cimarron, Kansas, band. People in the photograph are identified as Don Moore, director, and Lawrence Owens, playing the clarinet.

Band members, Rossville, Kansas

Band members, Rossville, Kansas
Date: Between 1879 and 1900
This is a photograph of Rossville's City Band. The band started in 1879 and played Saturday night concerts as well as played for the horse races held in St. Marys, Kansas. Members pictured (left to right) standing are William Kirkpatrick, Mr. Orris, Sam Wilt, W. Worthington, Ferg Jamieson, Harry Jamieson, Stewart Jamieson, Walter Jamieson, Joe Franklin, and Joseph Calvin Bradley; sitting are Frank Gabbey, unidentified, Albert Gabbey, unidentified, John Wilt, Ed McAdams, and Frank Binns. This photograph is provided through a pilot project to host unique cultural heritage materials from local libraries on Kansas Memory and was accomplished by mutual agreement between the Northeast Kansas Library System, the Rossville Community Library, and the Kansas Historical Society.

Barbershop singers in Topeka, Kansas

Barbershop singers in Topeka, Kansas
Creator: Schrock, John Edward
Date: Between 1980 and 1985
These two photographs show barbershop singers serenading a customer in an onstage performance. The barbershop singers are young boys.

Baseball team and others at Winchester, Kansas

Baseball team and others at Winchester, Kansas
Date: Between 1890 and 1899
This photograph shows members of the Winchester baseball team along with others, sitting on the steps of an unidentified building.

Baseball team, Lucerne, Kansas

Baseball team, Lucerne, Kansas
Date: Between 1905 and 1906
This photograph shows the Lucerne, Kansas, men's baseball team, about 1906: Bert Duncan, Leote Poneth, Ira Shoemaker, Lash Wilcox, Bert Green, Jim Brewster, Roy Peugh, and two other players not identified.

Baseball team members at Winchester, Kansas

Baseball team members at Winchester, Kansas
Date: Between 1895 and 1897
This is a studio portrait showing four members of the Winchester baseball team, including Luther "Dummy" Taylor. Taylor is seated on the left; the other three players are unidentified. Taylor is known to have played with the Winchester team during at least portions of the 1895-97 seasons. Luther Taylor was a major league pitcher from 1900 through 1908. All but four of his 274 major league pitching appearances were with the New York Giants. He compiled a 116-106 win-loss record as a major leaguer, with an ERA of 2.75. Upon leaving the Giants, Taylor played for several years in the minor leagues. Taylor, who was deaf, was born in Oskaloosa in 1875 and attended the Kansas School for the Deaf in his youth, graduating in 1895. Following the end of his professional baseball career in 1915, he became a coach and instructor at the Kansas School for the Deaf, where he remained until 1923. He then accepted similar posts working first for the Iowa School for the Deaf, and then the Illinois School for the Deaf. Luther Taylor is in the Kansas Baseball Hall of Fame and the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame. He died in 1958, and is buried in Baldwin City.

Baseball teams from Iola and Uniontown, Kansas

Baseball teams from Iola and Uniontown, Kansas
Date: Between 1905 and 1915
This is a photograph of the Iola and Uniontown baseball teams.

Bennett C. Riley

Bennett C. Riley
Date: 1880s
This photograph shows a portrait of Bennett Riley that was probably commissioned by his family in the 1880s. Riley died June 9, 1853. The portrait has resided at the U.S. Cavalry Museum at Fort Riley, Kansas, since about 1903. Bennett Riley, after whom Fort Riley was named, had a long and prestigious career in the U. S. military. Born in Virginia in 1787, he entered the army in 1813. In 1829 he commanded the first military escort on the Santa Fe Trail. In that same year, he succeeded Colonel Henry Leavenworth as commander of Fort Leavenworth. In 1847 he became a brigadier general. He also served during the Mexican War and, in 1848, he served as the last territorial governor of California, where he helped create their state constitution.

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