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Connecticut Kansas Colony record book, 1856-1857

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of the

Kansas Company.


We, the undersigned, do hereby agree to unite in a Company for immigrating to Kansas in the month of March next, & to be governed by, & act upon the following principles.


The Company Shall consist of from twenty five to one hundred & fifty men, and when twenty five names are Subscribed to this document a meeting of the Subscribers Shall be called by C. B. Lines & H. A. Wilcox to organize the Company temporarily.


The business of the Company Shall be So managed as to give equal facilities & advantages, as far as possible, to all


[Page 2]


to all according to their circumstances.


A Majority vote Shall decide all questions in regard to the Companys affairs.  New Haven Ct. Feb. 18th 1856


1. Chas B. Lines     New Haven


2  H. A. Wilcox   Manhattan K. T.

3  Weston [Gerris]   New Haven

4  Timothy Read   Milford Ct.

    Rollin Moses   New Haven Ct

5  Daniel [XXXXX] Scranton   North Guilford Ct

6  John J [Walters]   Hamden, Conn

7  C. E. Pond and Lady   New Haven Conn

8  H W Tomlinson   New Haven Ct

9  Amos A Cottrell   Cheshire Conn

10  William Hartley Jr   New Haven Conn

11  Benjamin Street   East Haven Conn

12  E. Dwight Street “    “    “

13  Thomas C. P. Hyde   Bolton, Conn

14  [XXXXX]

15  Silas M Thomas   New Haven


[Page 3]


16  Joseph D. [Farren].  New Haven Ct.

17  Nathan Wm Oviatt   New Haven Ct.

18  Franklin H. Hart.  [XXXXX] Conn

19  Alfred J Huntington   Bozrad Conn

20  Julius F. Willard   West [Avon] Ct

21  Harvey O Rice.  West Hartford

22  Buel E Root   West Hartford

23  Walter Webb  Meriden

24  Luther H Root   Meriden

25  John Breckenridge   West Meriden

26  [XX]llen [XX] [Crane]   [XXXXX]

27  E. M. Woodford   West Avon

28   L. A. Parker   West Avon

29  Isaac North   Berlin

30  Joseph P. Root   New Hartford [Centre]

31  James H. Kellogg.   New Hartford Centre

32  Josiah M. Hubbard. Jr   Middletown

33  Edward N Penfield   Middletown, Con.

34  Harvey S. Hall   New Haven Ct.

35  Ezekiel Hall   West Meriden Ct

36  Wm A. Parmele   New Have Ct

37  [XXXXX]

38  Augustus S [Lankester]   Ellington Ct.


[Page 4]


39  Edward. C. Lines   New Haven Ct

40  Edwd. Church.   New Haven Ct.

41  Wm Mitchell Jr   Middletown

42  Charles [Inerell]   West [XXXXX]

43  Orange Burdwell   New Haven

44  James L Hull   New Haven – Blacks

45  [Henry] Kibbe [Pease]  Hartford Conn

46  [XXXXX]

47  Geo H Coe   New Haven Ct

48  R P Norcott   Portland Ct

50.  Andrew P Bailey   Middletown

51.  Charles F Beckley   Meriden Ct

52  H Ranney   Cromwell Ct

53  Hiram Elmer.  West Hartford)  Frenches Hotel N. Y.

54  Henry Barrett   Wethersfield Conn

49  Richd. W. Griswold by CBL  Guilford Ct

55  E. H. Penfield  “   “   Middletown Ct

56  Lemuel Tuttle   Bloomfield Ct

57  George H. Thomas   Berlin Ct

58  Henry Ocorr   Hartford Ct

59  M. C. Welch (per C.P.Hyde.)  Hartford

60  Edward N. [Crafmand]  Derby Conn

61  Levi W. Clark   Middletown

62  Hezekiah M [Helden] Jr.  Middle Haddam


[Page 5]


63-  Bryan C. Porter – pr T. H.

64-  George Wells   Hartford Ct

65-  Abel Allen by CBL Devereaux N Y

66.  Freeman Johnson by CBL.  Middletown Ct

67  Alfred C Oviatt  Milford Conn (pr T.R.

68  Isaac W Goldsmith  “    “  per T. R

69  Lewis Neale by CBL   West Winsted

70  Sherman A. Baldwin.  New Britain Conn

71  H D Bishop   Plymouth Conn

72  Ward Terry   Plymouth Conn

73  F. W. Ingham,   Middletown Conn (per Hyde

74  Harlow Isbell   Guildord

75  John W Wilcox   Milford

76  Terry [Cardwell]   Plymouth

77  Walter. S. Griswold   Guilford Conn

78  Ferris Seake   New Haven Conn

79  Elford J. Lines  New Haven Ct.

80  Isaac Yenn   [Orang]  Con

81  Chas. A Ford  New Haven Conn

82  Wm G McNary  New Hartford Conn

83  [Westin] W [XXXXX]   New Haven

84  Hiram Griggs

85  Saml. F. Kelsey   New Haven

86  S A Wilcox   New Hartford


[Page 6]


87  Wilfred Ford   New Haven

88  Geo Henry   Hartford Conn

89  Wm Henry   Woodstock Conn

90  W. C. Burgess.  New Haven


[Page 7]


New Haven, Conn.  March 7.  1856.


At a meeting called in pursuance of the foregoing call, in the hall of the Sons of Temperance, Street’s Building, an organization was effected by the choice of


{Walter Webb Esq – of Meriden, Chairman

{ Thomas C. P. Hyde – Bolton, Secretary


On motion of C. B. Lines, Esq – voted to appoint a Committee to draft a Constitution, or plan of agreement for the action of the Company.

On motion voted that this committee be appointed by the Chair, to report in the afternoon.  The Chair announced as this Committee-{Chas. B. Lines, Walter Webb, Thos. C. P. Hyde, Benj. Street, E. M. Woodford} to whom was added John J. Walter}


After general explanations, statements, & discussions, Adjourned to meet in the same place at 2 P.M.


[Page 8]


2 P.M.  Met pursuant to adjournment.  Inquiries were had, in regard to the occupation, age & gifts of the members.  It appeared that [to dim to read]


Mr. Chas. B. Lines from the Committee, reported a draft of a Constitution.  Accepted.


On motion the report was read by Mr. Lines, article by article for discussion.


Article 1 was adopted

Article 2 was adopted

Article 3 was adopted.

Article 4 was adopted


Article 4 was reconsidered for further discussion.

Article 4 was adopted.


Article 5 was adopted.

Article 6 was adopted.

Article 7 was adopted.

Article 8 was adopted.

Article 9 was adopted.


[Page 9]


Article 10 was adopted.

Article 11 was adopted.


For the Agreement, see page 13 & following. 


Voted to proceed to the election of officers.  On motion, Dr. J. P. Root. & E. M. Woodford were appointed Tellers.


On balloting.  Chas. B. Lines was chosen President

Thomas C. P. Hyde “    “     Secretary

Walter Webb  “      “    Treasurer


[Harry S. Hall

H. A. Wilcox

E. M. Woodford

J. P. Root

Benj. Street

John J. Walter} were [XXXXX] elected Directors.


Voted – that when we adjourn we adjourn to meet at the same place on Tuesday, Mar. 11. at 11 a.m.




Thomas C. P. Hyde



[Page 11]


New Haven March 11th 1856.


The Company met pursuant to adjournment and was called to order by the Chairman Mr. Webb, the secretary Mr. Hyde being absent C. E. Pond was chosen Secretary pro. tempore,


The Report of the last meeting was then read.  By request the Constitution was read by Mr. Lines.


The question was then asked, how any wives were expected to emigrate this spring?  The number was ascertained to be six


A letter was then read by Mr. Pye from John Woodruff Esq. of Washington in regard to Seeds, stating that he could not supply the Company at present, but would be glad to communicate with them heretofore various questions were asked and answered.


Voted – That the Company will leave


[Page 12]


New Haven on Wednesday morning March 26th; unless circumstances shall make a further delay necessary, in which case the Board of Directors shall fix the time and give seasonable notice to each member.


Adjourned to meet at same place 2. P. M.


2. P. M.  According to adjournment the Company convened and discussed at length the 6th Article of the Constitution, which discussion resulted in the following provision to said Article, viz:


Provided that it is understood and agreed that each person choosing a claim appraised at less than $2.00.00 & receiving a consideration therefor, shall improve the same or at his option select any other claim of unoccupied land within ten miles of the center of the Town Site.


Voted – That the Board of Directors be empowered to arrange matters in regard to Tickets, Freight &c.  Mr. Hyde returned and resumed his seat as Secretary.


[Page 13]




The undersigned having associated together for the purpose of emigrating to Kansas, agree to be bound and governed by the following articles of agreement,


1st  The Company shall be called the Connecticut Kansas Colony & consist of all who subscribe to these articles and comply with the conditions herein contained, the number not to exceed one hundred and fifty.


2nd  The officers of the Company shall consist of a President Secretary Treasurer and six others who together shall constitute a Board of Directors.  All to be chosen by Ballot at the first regular meeting of the Company, and to hold their office for six


[Page 14]


months and until others shall be chosen in their stead.


The President, Secretary & Treasurer shall perform the duties ordinarily assigned to those offices, and the Board of Directors shall have the entire control of the affairs of the association under the direction of the Company.


3rd  The President, or in his absence or disability, the Senior Director shall call meetings of the company whenever requested to do so by any ten of the members.


4th  It is understood and agreed that a Committee of five to be appointed by the Board of Directors shall proceed to the Territory, leaving New Haven as soon as possible after the 15th and before the [20th.]


[Page 15]


twentieth of March 1856 whose special business it shall be to traverse the most eligible portions of the territory and fix upon a location for the Company, it being understood that said Committee shall associate with them all such members as may find it practicable to leave in their company, and consult with them, in relation to the different localities, and whenever the Committee shall have decided upon a location it is then agreed that each member present shall temporarily [file XXXXX] one hundred and sixty acres of land and hold it until the remaining members of the Company shall arrive upon the ground.

5th  All persons who shall have subscribed to this Agreement or by letter indicated their wish to join in the enterprise, and


[Page 16]


shall have been approved by the board of Directors shall be entitled to a full and equal participation in all the privileges of the members of the Company provided he arrives upon the ground on or before the fifth day of April 1856, and any person arriving after that time may for good and sufficient reasons be admitted to full membership by vote of the Company.


Time extended to April 15 by vote-


6th.  On or before the fifth of May the board of Directors shall cause an apprizal of all the Separate quarter Sections of land that shall have been secured by the members of the company to be made and a report of the same to be presented at a meeting of the company, and when said apprizal shall have been


[Page 17]


approved by a Major vote, the choice of claims shall be sold at auction to the highest bidder, provided that the average price of all the choices shall be $200.00 and that each person selecting shall pay into the Treasury the amount his claim may be appraised over the average, or receive from the Treasurer the amount it may be appraised less.


For Amendment see page 12.


7th  It shall be the duty of the board of Directors to secure, as far as possible a survey of the land, based upon the probable boundaries ultimately to be fixed by the Government, and to agree upon a compensation for such services and any other necessary expenditures for the good of the Company, and lay an assessment upon the members for the payment of the same – provided no funds shall be in the treasury, from other sources.


[Page 18]


8th  It shall be the privilege of each member to withdraw from the Company at any time after arriving in the Territory, provided he wishes to locate in some other section.


9.  The Village property shall be distributed upon some plan similar to that proposed for the distribution of the claims; to be agreed upon by the Company.


10.  The Company shall be dissolved whenever a Town Government can be legally organized.


C. B. Lines

Henry W Tomlinson

William Hartley Jr

J. D. Farren

Geo H Coe


Nathan W Oviatt

Franklin H. Hart.


[Page 19]


Weston Ferris

Silas M Thomas

Luther H Root

Josiah M. Hubbard Jr  Middletown Conn

Rallon C Crane

Walter Webb

Wm Mitchell Jr  Middletown Conn

James L Hull

Edwd Church

Andres P Bailey  Middletown Ct

Orange Burdwell  New Haven Con

Rollin Moses  New Haven Conn

Amos A Cottrell

Isaac North  Berlin Ct.

R. P. Norcott

Benjamin Street  East Haven Ct

John J Walter  Hamden

Thos C. P. Hyde  Bolton

Charles F Beckley  Meriden Ct

Edward C. Lines

E. Dwight Street  East Haven Co.

Hiram Elmer  West Hartford.


[Page 20]


Henry Ocorr  Hartford Ct.

Timothy Read  Milford Conn.

Ira T Neal  Winsted

William A. Parmele  New Haven

Hezekiah M Welden Jr  Middle Haddam

Edward Gillette  New Haven

[Lemuel] Tuttle  Bloomfield Ct

George Wells  Hartford Ct

Alfred C Oviatt  Milford, Conn

Sherman A. Baldwin  New Britain Conn.

Perry Cadwell  Plymouth

John W Wilcox  Milford

Isaac W Goldsmith  Milford

W. S. Griswold  Guildord Conn

Isaac Yenn Orang  Conn

Ferris Sake  New Haven Conn

Hiram Griggs

Sam’l P Kelsoy  New Haven Ct.

Sherman A Wilcox  New Hartford


[Page 21]


Jospeh P. Root  New Hartford Centre

E. M. Woodford  West Avon

Julius F Willard  West Avon

Harvey P. Rice  West Hartford

B E Root.  West Hartford

Henry Barrett  Wethersfield Ct

[Harlan] Isbell  Guilford Conn

Daniel F Scranton  Guilford Conn

Peter Eastman Jones  Wallingford Conn



[Page 22]


Roll of the Conn. Kansas Colony. July 18. 1856

1  Sherman A. Baldwin

2  Orange Burdwell

3  Henry Barrett

4  Hobart D. Bishop

5  W C. Burgess

6  Perry Cadwell

7  Levi W. Clark

8  George H. Coe

9  Amos A. Cottrell

10  H. W. Elmer

11  Isaac Fenn

12  C. A. Ford

13  Wilfrid Ford

14  J. H. Gould

15  W. S. Griswold

16  R. W. Griswold

17  H. S. Hall

18  F. H. Hart

19  Wm Hartley

20  J. W. Hubbard

21  A. J. Huntington

22  T. C. P. Hyde

23  F. W. Ingham

24  Harlow Isbell

25  Freeman Johnson

26  S. F. Kelsey

27  Ferris Lake

28  C. B. Lines

29  E. C. Lines

30  E. J. Lines

31  Wm Mitchell

32  Wm G. McNary

33  Rollin Moses

34  Ira T. Neale

35  Henry Ocorr

36  L. A. Parker

37  C. E. Pond

38  B. C. Porter

39  L. D. Porter

40  Timothy Read

41  B. E. Root

42  J. P. Root

43  D. F. Scranton

44  H. M. Selden

45  Benjamin Street

46  E. Dwight Street


[Page 23]


Roll of the Conn. Kansas Colony – July 18. 1856.


47  Ward Terry

48  George H. Thomas

49  Silas M. Thomas

50  H. W. Tomlinson

51  W. W. Tomlinson

52  Lemuel Tuttle

53  John J. Walter

54  J. F. Willard

55  Walter Webb

56  M. C. Welch

57  George Wells -

members admitted after arrival of the comp. at Wabaunsee

J. H. Nesbitt

J. M. Bisbey

H. Jones

H. Brisby

D. Bates

[XXX] Hill

Peter Sharai

D. B. Hiatt

H. P. Leonard


Persons having died at Wabaunsee marked d

Persons remaining at Wabaunsee March 1, 1879 – 23 years after leaving New Haven, marked [r]


[Page 25]


New Haven. Conn  March 11. 1856


The Conn. Kansas Colony met pursuant to adjournment, as recorded by the Secy-pro-Tem – on page 11.  After the adoption & signature of the foregoing articles of agreement, it was voted to ascertain as nearly as might be, how many of the Company would carry Tents.  On inquiry, it appeared that 13 tents were likely to be carried, and that 60 persons or more might probably be accommodated by them.  Voted – that the Directors make arrangements for a supply of provisions for 2 months.  The following articles from a memorandum by Mr. Lines were approved – namely


Flour. Meal. Rice. Crackers. Beans Potatoes Dried Apples Pork Smoked Beef – Smoked Ham.


Voted that the Board of Directors provide a supply of Tent Cloth, and of such other articles as may seem necessary.


[Page 26]


Voted – that the Board of Directors be requested to take such measures as they may judge expedient to secure at an early day, the erection of suitable buildings for a school house & Church, provided that in so doing they do not make the Company liable to expense.


Voted – that the Board of Directors may at their discretion require the Treasurer of the Company to give bonds for the faithful performance of his duties.


It was agreed to allow Mr. Rollin Crane for any extra expense incident to taking his tool chest with the first exploring party.


It was voted that the Directors should forthwith appoint the Committee of exploration, and confer freely with them on all matters concerning this enterprise.


Adjourned to meet on the plains of Kansas.


T. H. Secy


[Page 27]


New Haven. March 11. 1856


At a meeting of the Directors of the Conn. Kansas Colony – held pursuant to call, Mr. Lines in the Chair.


On motion, voted –

To appoint a Committee for the purpose of exploring certain portions of Kansas Territory, and selecting a suitable location for the settlement of the colony.


{H. A. Wilcox  H. S. Hall  J. J. Walter  Walter Webb}  were in succession appointed to constitute said Committee.


Voted that the Committee make their arrangements to go together, as soon as practicable.


Voted – to allow the Committee reasonable charges for expenses incurred on the journey, so far as they exceed the expenses to which the individuals of the Committee would have been liable had they gone with the Colony, & to make no compensation for the time occupied in the explanation.


Adjourned  T. C. P. Hyde. Secy.


[Page 29]


New Haven. March 19. 1856.


Directors of the Conn. Kansas Colony met pursuant to call.

Mr. Lines in the Chair.




C. B. Lines

H. A. Wilcox

H. S. Hall

J. J. Walter

Benj. Street

T. C. P. Hyde


Mr. Wilcox asked for instructions to guide the pioneer party in their movements & explorations.


The following items of suggestions were considered and approved.


The Delegation will proceed at once to explore the most eligible sites, & to take such means of [conveyance] as they judge best to accomplish the object.


They may procure a quantity of tent cloth on Company account if they judge it expedient.


If it seems best, they should each prempt a claim, subject to the Company’s disposal, on the probable center of operations, or whenever the land will

[Page 30]


be of the greatest value, or most exposed to preemption by persons not connected with the Colony.


It was concluded that we could buy ox wagons best at St. Louis & [teams near the Missouri line.]


The Directors invited Mr Barrett to state to them some facts in regard to the terms on which tickets to St Louis could be secured.  It was voted that before any arrangement be made, Mr. Wilcox communicate by telegraph with Mr. Arnold of Providence.


It was voted.  that if there were any difficulty in procuring rifles from Hartford, arrangements should be made, if feasible, for a supply of the Whitney [Minie] Rifles.


It was voted to request Mr. Russell & Mr. Twining to proceed to Hartford & [state] to the gentlemen who have control of the 50 rifles subscribed for them, our circumstances, & the arrangements we are willing to make – and to ascertain on what conditions the rifles can be secured for us.


Adjourned –


T. C. P. Hyde. Secy


[Page 31]


Comp. met at [Indiannapolis] [April] 4-56


Prest in the Chair – After some general remarks by the Prest and others in reference to the necessity of prudence & [continue] in our conversations & conduct while passing through the infected region of Missouri – it [was]


Voted.   That [XXXXXXXXXXXXX] be a committee to collect from the members an [XXXXX] of Ten Doll. each and expend the amount in St Louis for groceries and provisions for the benefit of the members of the company, in accordance with the plan heretofor [prepared] and also to collect a tax of five dollars from each member for general expense.  Voted that [Nesbit Hubbard & E D. Street be a committee to ascertain [from] the members the [XXXXXXXXXX] and arrange to purchase the same at wholesale prices.



[Page 32]


[Page too dim to read]


[Page 35]


On board the Steamer Clara –

Missouri River, April 7, 1856.


Directors of the Conn. Kansas Colony met pursuant to call of the President.  Mr. Lines in the chair.

Present.  {C. B. Lines, H. S. Hall, J. P. Root, E. M. Woodford, T.C.P. Hyde}


Mr. Lines proposed Mr J. H. Gould as a candidate for membership in the Company.  His credentials appearing satisfactory, his request for admission was aceeded to.


Mr. Lines read a statement in regard to Mr. Hull.  It was voted that unless objections should appear, the Secretary should be authorized to record his name on our arrival at our destination


It was voted to appoint a committee for the selection of [cattle] - & to assist those who might wish to purchase, so far as there should be occasion.


[Page 36]


Mr. T. H. Hart}

Josiah M. Hubbard}

Isaac Fenn} were designated to constitute such a committee.


The construction of the tent was discussed.  It was proposed to employ a part of the cloth in making a tent 30 x 60 ft. leaving it to be afterwards determined how the balance should be disposed of.


Adjourned – T. C. P. Hyde Secy-


[Page 37]


On board the Steamer Clara.

Missouri River, April 10. 1856


Directors of the Conn. Kansas Colony met pursuant to call.


Mr. Lines in the Chair.

Present {C. B. Lines}

{H. S. Hall}

{J. P. Root}

{E. M. Woodford}

{T. C. P. Hyde}


It was voted, to call a meeting of the Company, and propose the question whether a testimonial should be presented by the officers of the Company to the officers of the boat in acknowledgement of their courtesy & kindness during our passage from St. Louis.  Mr. Lines. Mr. Woodford & Mr Hyde, were designated as a committee to ascertain the names of the officers to whom the testimonial should be given, & prepare a set of resolutions to be presented to the Company for their action.


Adjourned -  T. C. P. Hyde.  Secy.


[Page 39]


On board the Steamer Clara.

Missouri River, April 10. 1856.


Conn. Kansas Colony met pursuant to call of the President.


After discussion voted – to present a Sharp’s Rifle to Flemming Calvert. Clerk of the Clara – also a Repeating Whitney Pistol. 7 shot. to Mr. Skinner, second clerk, and a testimonial in coin to the steward & his assistants, also to the chamber maid.


The President & Secretary of the Company were instructed to present these articles in the name of the Company and to leave in the hands of the Clerk a copy of the complimentary resolutions drafted by the President agreeably to appointment of the Directors, and approved & adopted by the Company –


Adjourned -  T. C. P. Hyde – Secy


The officers of the company in obedience to the instructions of the meeting, forthwith proceeded to the Clerk’s Bureau, and presented the Rifle, Pistol, and Twenty Seven Dollars in gold coins, which were recd with suitable acknowledgements




[Page 40]


Kansas City, Missouri


On the Levee April 10, 1856


On landing from the Steamer, Mr. Lines called the Company together on the levee, & after a few remarks, proposed three cheers for the Steamer Clara, which was given with hearty & vociferous ananimity.  He then proposed three for the Captain McKee and When the echoes had subsided a little, three for all hands. -  To Which the officers & crew of the boat made [XXXXX] responses, and the Company adjourned to the American Hotel.


T. C. P. Hyde – Secy


[Page 41]


Kansas City, Missouri.

American Hotel.  April 10. 1856.


Conn. Kanas Colony met in the parlor of the American Hotel pursuant to the call of the President.  The Secretary called the roll.


The President stated that the Kansas River was so low as to preclude the hope of our making further progress by water toward our destination, and that it was therefore necessary for us to take immediate measures to provide ox teams according to the advice just recd from our pioneer party.  The Secretary had a letter which the President had just recd from Mr. Wilcox.


The President made some explanations in regard to the probable character of our journey – and called on those who wished to provide themselves with cattle & wagons to make known their intentions.  It soon appeared that 9 wagons would be purchased and fitted out with 30 or 33 yoke of oxen.  The meeting adjourned to carry out the arrangements they had indicated.


T. C. P. Hyde. Secy


[Page 42]


The Members of the Company being occupied variously, in the purchase of teams and arrangement of their loads, were somewhat scattered for a few days by these employments and by the incidents of the road.  They arrived at Lawrence in different detachments between the 12th and 16th of April, all in good health and spirits.


On Tuesday evening, April 15, the citizens of Lawrence invited the members of the Conn-Kansas Colony to a reception meeting, which was fully attended.  Addresses of welcome were made by several citizens of the place, to which members of the C.K.C. made responses.  The whole passed off pleasantly, and contributed to promote the good feeling & inspire the courage & hopes of our party.


[Page 43]


The C.K.C. being detained at Lawrence in consequence of receiving no information from their pioneer party, the President, by advice of so many of the Directors as could be conferred with, dispatched H. S. Hall & E. M. Woodford as a Committee to explore a region of country highly recommended & lying upon Mission Creek, a few miles south of the Kansas River.


Another Committee, consisting of C. B. Lines, J. M. Hubbard, J. P. Root, & E. D. Street, also visited the locality of Centropolis, lying south of Lawrence & about 20 miles distant, - for the purpose of exploration.


[Page 44]


Lawrence, Kansas –

April 17. 1856 –


C. K. C.  met at call of the President in the upper chamber of a shake house.  Mr. Lines presiding.


The Committee of exploration from Centropolis reported, giving a favorable account of that locality, although divided in their opinion as to the expediency of proceeding in that direction.

Where upon a some what animated debate took place, and the meeting adjourned without taking any action, preferring to hear from the other Committees, & our pioneers.


Subsequent to the adjournment a portion of the Company organized an informal meeting, and after further discussion Voted – to request the Board of Directors to send a messenger to Topeka, to hasten the return of the other Committees.


Mr. Hartley was forthwith dispatched on that errand, in compliance with their request.


[Page 45]


Lawrence, Kansas.

April 18. 1856.


Conn. Kanas Colony met at call of the President.  Mr. Lines presiding.


Mr. Hall, from the Committee who had been sent to examine on Mission Creek made a statement showing that they did not find the particular locality to which they were sent, and therefore could only report imperfectly.  He had been near the place, however, and spoke highly of the soil & general character of the country, which general account was substantially confirmed by Mr. Walter.  Mr. Woodford said that he had for various reasons concluded that Mission Creek was not the best place for us, and that he had therefore taken the less interest in making a close examination of the site in question.  In passing, he spoke highly of a region of country in the vicinity of Big Springs. 


Mr. Walter spoke in much more favorable terms of some locations farther West at Mill Creek and Wabonsa. (Waubunsie.)


[Page 46]


C. K. C. Lawrence, Kansas  April 18. 1856.


He stated that there was at Waubunsie a good supply of timber – adequate for our present wants, and that we might find 100 to 150 good claims in that locality.


Mr. Hall referred to the opinion of some old settlers with whom he had conversed, to the effect that Waubunsie was the best site in Kansas.


Mr. Webb made statements in regard to Mill Creek & the vicinity


Mr. Walter answered various questions & entered into details on several points.

Mr. Webb made further statements & explanations.


Mr. Lines, from the Chair, made a brief & telling speech by way of summary – which was much applauded.


Mr. Hall made a few additional suggestions.


Mr. Lines then reported his own explorations at Centropolis, Where a Missouri Company claim some show of title, & have made certain propositions with a view of inducing us to come


[Page 47]


C.K.C. Lawrence Kansas – Apr. 18. 1856


there – Which propositions he explained.


Dr. Root also offered some statements and illustrations in regard to Centropolis, and the southern part of Kansas in general, speaking more highly of its fertility & beauty than of its healthfulness and promise of business prosperity.


Mr. H. D. Rice, having entered the room, was called on for the result of his observations at Waubunsie; and made various statements.


Mr. Lines gave notice that Ex. Gov. Reeder and Gov. Robinson would address the citizens of Lawrence in the evening.


An informal ballot was then taken, for the purpose of ascertaining the preferences of the Company for the different localities, which resulted in a decided preponderance in favor of a Westward movement.


It was then voted by acclamation that we go West.  The meeting broke up with demonstrations of enthusiasm, & the members of the Company joined the citizens of Lawrence in doing the honors of welcome & attention 


[Page 48]


C.K.C. Lawrence, Kansas  April 18. 1856.


to Senator Reeder and Gov. Robinson, in common with the members also of various other companies from different localities.  The occasion passed very pleasantly – and all the more so to us, because our President made so effective and valuable a contribution to the interest of the public meeting in the Hotel, by his eloquent & appropriate remarks.


The Conn. Kansas Colony, in accordance with the foregoing vote, left Lawrence the next morning – Saturday, April 19, & proceeded on their way toward the setting sun.  Their Sabbath was passed in camp near the residence of Mr. Shields, from Illinois, on the California road, at whose house they held two religious services – the morning being occupied by an extemporaneous discourse from Mr. Hyde, and the afternoon by a general conference and prayer meeting, in which much interest was manifested by the neighboring settlers as well as by the members of the Company.


[Page 49]


On the prairie, near Mr Shields.

Sabbath on April 20. 1856.


Conn. Kansas Colony met at special call.  Mr. Lines, presiding, stated that the object of the meeting was to consider & determine in regard to our future movements.  He explained some of the objections, which appeared against going to Waubunsie, and gave an account of the persons claiming to hold a Town Site in that locality, and of the propositions they had made to our Committee of Exploration.  He also [advised] to some other plans which had been suggested for our action.   


Mr. Webb. from the pioneer party, made a statement of his own action and views.


Voted to send another Com- to make further inquiry in reference to that locality.


Pending the nomination of the Com- for this purpose, Mr. Burdwell proposed that we send a Committee also to Mission Creek, to make more thorough examination of


[Page 50]


C.K.C. Shields prairie. April 20. 1856


that locality, & to meet us and report at some point in our march.


Meantime, a nomination having been [proposed], Mr. Lines. Dr. Read, J. M. Hubbard Ed. Chast, J. H. Gould were appointed the Com. to visit Waubunsie.


Voted – that this Com – (if four of them agree) have power to act for the Company, & to conclude an arrangement with the present claimants at Waubunsie, if they see cause so to do.


Voted – that if the Com. judge it expedient for us to locate at Waubunsie, they forthwith secure claims to the best advantage.


Voted – to move our camp tomorrow morning to the location of J. P. Likens.




The Company accordingly moved their camp at an early hour on Monday – proceeding West.  The Com. appointed to visit Waubunsie having reached “Likens,” and being there disappointed in regard to horses for their farther conveyance, postponed temporarily the accomplishment of


[Page 51]


their object, and arranged with Mr. Lines & Mr. Webb to visit in the mean time the locality at Mission Creek, heretofore referred to.  They afterwards proceeded as per vote following.


April 23. 1856.


Camp at the Waubunsie road crossing on Blacksmith Creek.


C.K.C. met at call of the President on the slope of a bluff-  Mr. Lines presiding from a large rock.


Mr. Lines, from Committee, gave a favorable account of the locality he had examined on Mission Creek.


Mr. Webb made statements of similar purport.


Col. Henry, and another gentleman from the locality in question, presented their statements & suggestions to the Company.


Mr. Webb gave some account of certain matters at Waubunsie, & of the proposals which have come to us from the Town Site Association then through Mr. Nesbitt, [Sup]


[Page 52]


C.K.C.  Blacksmith Creek, April 23. 1856.


Dr. Read proposed that we move our camp to the site supposed most eligible on Mission Creek.


Voted – That the Com. appointed to visit Waubunsie proceed immediately to that place, and that the Company [XXXXX] their camp, to the Mission Creek locality, there to await reports form said Committee.


Adj -  H.


The Com. in accordance with this vote, at once proceeded to Waubunsie & the Company pitched their tents the second night in the neighborhood of Col. Henry’s location, on Mission Creek – where they passed some very pleasant days in studying the attractions and capabilities of a very desirable region of country from which Col. Henry had said, if they once saw it, it would be impossible to get them away.


[Page 53]


Camp on Mission Creek.

April 25. 1856.


C.K.C. met at call of the President to hear report of Com. from Waubunsie. 


Mr. Lines presiding.


Mr. Hubbard expressed a very high opinion of Waubunsie as a location for agricultural purposes.


Mr. Gould held similar views.

Mr. B. Street, from the Pioneer party, having returned with the Com. was very strongly in favor of locating there.  Dr. Read concurred in the most favorable opinions of the previous speakers, and thought he did not know any place which could offer the combination of more of the elements of prosperity.


Mr Lines entered into an account of the arrangements which could be made with the previous settlers there, whose proposals he thought on the whole satisfactory.


Mr. Rice objected to going there.  After full & free expression of opinion & discussion of matters connected with the


[Page 54]


C.K.C. Mission Creek.  April 25. 1856.


final decision – it was with much enthusiasm


Voted to take up our line of march for Waubunsie.  Mr. Rice alone dissenting.


The meeting adjourned with three rounds & hearty cheers for our chosen home.


The teams were immediately put in motion, and the Company held on their way.  Col. Henry looking on with profound surprise and disgust, and prophesying that half of us would come back within 3 weeks.


During the journey of the Company from Mission Creek they encountered a [severe] & protracted storm of rain & wind, which occasioned great inconvenience & some delay.  A portion of the party was encamped for the Sabbath on Mill Creek, & another portion on Mulberry Creek.


All arrived at their destination in good health & spirit Monday, the 28th.




[Page 55]


Waubunsie, Kansas 11.15 A.M.

April 28, 1856.


Conn. Kanas Co. came to a halt in the timber which fringes Antelope Creek, at call of the President, to hold council.


Voted – to move the teams to a camp ground near Mr. Leonard’s.


Voted – that the Board of Directors make the needful arrangements for bringing up our provisions and freight from Kansas City.


Mr. Lines stated that there was accessible cotton wood timber in front of the town site, and suggested that a party of 20 or 30 be [formed] as soon as practicable, to secure timber for building.


Adj. to move the teams.




[Page 56]


Dir. C.K.C.


In Camp near Mr. Leonard’s –

April 28. 1856.


Directors of the Conn. Kansas Colony met at call of the president, Mr. Lines presiding.


Voted to send back 4 teams at once to Kansas City.


Mr. Walter & Mr. Street were appointed to engage them


Voted – that Mr. Webb go as agent of the Company to Kansas City & if need be to St Louis, to have our coming freight shipped to Leavenworth, if that stop promised any advantage – and to ascertain & advise us in regard to future shipments.


Voted to appoint Dr. Root & Mr Hyde to provide for the making of the tent.


Adj.  H


[Page 57]


Camp at Mr. Leonard’s.

May 1. 1856


Directors C.K.C. at call of the Pres. Mr Lines presiding.


Mr. Walter & Mr. B. Street presented an account of sundry items in all $402. 15.


Voted – to accept the same.


Voted – to request Mr. Walter & Mr. Street to dispose to the best advantage of the horses. wagon. & harness. now in their hands. belonging to the Company and account to the Treasurer for the proceeds.


Voted – to recommend to the Company the appointment of Mr. Lines. Dr Root. Mr Walters J. M. Hubbard, Mr Mitchell, as appraisers, to set a value on each claim, as soon as possible, in pursuance of the plan embodied in the original agreement of the Company.


After discussion of the [tenure] of the town site –


Voted – to suggest to the Company that they should reserve 40 acres on the southern [border], and distribute it in equal


[Page 58]


Div. C.K.C. Waubunsie, May 1. 1856


portions among the 5 preemptors holding the town site: and that an invitation be given for all who please to volunteer to preempt on this condition – with the understanding that the Company may elect five from those who volunteer, for this purpose.


Voted – to call a meeting of the Company forth with.


Adj.  H.


Waubunsie, Kansas.

May 1. 1856.


Conn. Kansas Colony at call of Directors Mr. Lines presiding.  34 answered at roll call.


Voted  to approve the selection of appraisers made by the Directors.


Mr. Lines stated the conclusions reached by the Directors in regard to the tenure of the town site.


Mr. Hall moved


That five persons be appointed to enter upon and occupy the town site and to preempt it at the Land Office at the


[Page 59]


proper time – provided that no law shall be found by which it can be secured by the officers of the Assoc. or town as a town site, in which case it shall be secured by said officers as trustees. – These persons so appointed to preempt shall receive Fifteen acres each. in the South East corner of the town site.   After discussion, this motion was laid on the table.


Dr. Read moved that the money due on appraised claims should be payable when the land comes into market.


Dr. Root moved as an amendment that the proceeds of the bidding be also payable at that time.


Dr. Read withdrew his motion.  No action was taken, but the opinion was expressed decidedly by several speakers, that the payment of both should be immediate – which appeared to the Secretary to be the general sense of the meeting.


Voted -  that no person taking a


[Page 60]


claim valued below par shall draw his bonus until in the judgment of at least two of the appraisers. he shall have expended half the amount of said bonus in improvements.


The matter of a large tent as heretofore proposed, was discussed, no action taken on it.


Adj. till 8.A.M. tomorrow




[Page 61]


Camp near Mr. Leonard’s.

May 5. 1856.


C.K.C. according to adjournment.  Mr. Lines presiding, stated - that the day fixed by our original agreement for the distribution of our claims had come, & that it was to be considered whether we would extend the time in view of the extraordinary and unexpected delays to which we had been subjected.  He stated the progress of the appraisal.


On motion of Mr Hall – it was


Voted – that we fix the time for the distribution of claims at 9 o clock. Wed. morn May 7., and that when we adj it be to that time.


Voted – to appoint Dr. Root. Mr. Lines & Mr. Mitchell a Committee to negotiate with the members of the former Waubunsie Town Site Assoc.


Voted – to appoint Messrs Hall, Pond, & Isbell, a Committee to determine the location of the large tent on the town site.


Adj. –




[Page 62]


Camp near Mr. Leonard’s.

May 7. 1856


C.K.C. met according to adjournment.  Mr. Lines presiding.


Mr. Hall’s motion providing for the preemption of the town site was taken from the table.


Mr. Hubbard moved to amend by striking out 8 acres and inserting 20 acres.


The amendment was lost.


Mr. Hall moved to substitute 15 acres.


The amendment was carried, and the motion thus amended prevailed.


Messrs. M. C. Webb. G. H. Coe. Perry Cadwell, Freeman Johnson, & T.C.P. Hyde. were elected preemptors under the foregoing vote, to hold the several parts of the town site.  Mr. M.C. Welch was elected Treasurer in place of Walter Webb.


On motion of Mr. Hubbard. it was


Voted – that the lots priced above [par] be sold singly & those below by choice.


Mr. Gould called for a repeat of the pecuniary concerns of the Company.


[Page 63]


C.K.C. Waubunsie, May 7.


Mr. Lines made some explanations & promised that the means should speedily be in the hands of the new Treasurer for making a more complete [statement]


Mr. Wm Mitchell was elected a member of the Board of Directors, in place of H. A. Wilcox.


Mr. Lines, from the Committee appointed to confer with the members of the former Town Site Association, made a report to the effect that the Assoc. as such, took no definite action in regard to the position of our Compnay, and that the individuals heretofore connected with that Assoc. would act singly, if at all, in regard to becoming connected with ours.  Report accepted.


Mr. Lines, from the appraisal Committee made a statement of all the claims on which assessments had been made, with the amount thereof, and designated also those marked at par.  The report was accepted and adopted.


Voted – that those persons who intend to bid on claims below par, and who [XXXXX] more time to examine them, signify it by show of hands.


Five responded to this invitation.


[Page 64]


C.K.C. May 7. 1856 Waubunsie.


Voted – that when we adjourn it be from 5 ½ P.M. this day, to 10 a.m. tomorrow, for the  purpose of giving time to deliberate & make further examination.


Voted – that we elect an auctioneer and proceed with the sale of claims.


Dr. Root, being elected, forthwith mounted a wagon – and entered in an animated effective manner, on his duties.


8 claims were sold, the premium on which amounted in all to $390.00 and the bonus bid to $126.50 making a total as proceeds $516.50


All of which may be found recorded in the books of the Treasurer.  The meeting then adj.




May 8. 1856.  C.K.C. met pursuant to adjournment.  Dr. Root being auctioneer, and proceeded with the sale of claims, until that business was completed.  The amt. realized was much larger than was anticipated, and is matter of record on the Treasurer’s books. 


It was gratifying to observe the good feeling during the sale, & satisfaction manifested with the results.


[Page 65]


Wabunsie, Kansas. May 9. 1856.


Directors C.K.C. met at call of Prest.  Voted to allow $20 – for the distribution of the Company’s stock of Groceries.


Mr. Hyde was elected agent on ballot 4:2:1.


Voted – to nominate C. B. Lines, J. P. Root, J.J. Walter, M.C. Welch, T. C. P. Hyde. as a Committee to plan and provide for the laying out of the town site.

Voted – to request Mr Nesbitt to act with this Committee.


Voted – that M. C. Welch & Mr. Mitchell be a Committee to examine any pecuniary accounts which may be presented against the Company.


Voted – to call a meeting of the C.K.C. at the location of the large tent on the Town Site, at 9 A.M. tomorrow.


Voted – to recommend that the balance of the tent cloth be made into a tent & that H. S. Hall & Mr Mitchell be a Com – for this purpose.


Adj.  T. H.


[Page 66]


Waubunsie. Kansas. May 10. 1856


C. K. C. met at call of the Directors.  Mr. Lines, presiding, stated that the Directors had named a Committee consisting Messrs. Lines, Root, Walters, Welch, Hyde – for the arrangement of matters concerning the town site.  The recommendation of the Directors was passed into a vote of the C.K.C.  J. M. Hubbard was added to the Com.  Mr. Nesbitt, having been previously requested to act with the Com – was admitted as a member of the Company.


Voted – to notify the members of the [former] town site assoc. to apply for admission to our Company within two weeks if at all.


Voted – to admit Mr. Hyatt on his payment of seventy five Dollars ($75.00) to the Treasurer.


Voted – to sell the balance of the tent cloth at auction – one piece at a time.


Voted – that when we adjourn it be until Monday. May 12. at 6 P.M.


[Page 67]


Waubunsie, Kansas. May 12. 1856


C.K.C. met pursuant to adjournment, Mr. Lines presiding.


Town Site Committee reported in part. 


Voted – that Mr. Nesbitt & Dr. Root be a Committee to ascertain if any arrangements can be made to secure from Mr. Swain and Mr. Farnsworth a strip of land from their claims 40 rods in width, according to their engagement with the former W. Town Site Assoc.


Voted – that the two principal streets be each 100 feet wide, - one from North to South & the other from East to West.  All the other streets to be 80 feet wide.  Each square to be 600 feet each way.  The Public Square or Park to embrace four of said squares with the streets which may intersect them.


Adj. to meet at 8 A.M. tomorrow.


T. H.


[Page 68]


Waubunsie, Kansas. May 13. 1856.


C.K.C. met according to adjournment, Mr. Lines presiding.


Mr. Nesbitt, from the special Committee appointed yesterday, reported that Mr. [Swain] and Mr. Farnsworth did not seem likely to fulfil with us their engagement with the former Town Site Assoc – or to make any concession in regard to their land adjacent to the Town Site line.


Secretary had minutes of previous action in regard to Town Site.


Voted – that one square be reserved for furnishing sites and providing buildings for schools.  Mr. Welch [moves]


Voted – to reserve one square for Church sites.  Mr. Welch [moves]


Voted – to reserve one square for public buildings.  Dr. Root  [moves]


Voted – that the survey of the town site commence with 210 feet margin on the West and South sides.


Voted – to call the wide street running from North to South Elm St. and the one running from


[Page 69]


East to West  Main St.


Mr. Hall, from Special Committee on building, reported against building a log house, and recommended that we make the tent answer for the present.  Accepted.


Voted to proceed with the sale of the balance of tent cloth, according to previous vote & notice.


Dr. Root, being apt. auctioneer, sold sundry quantities – which were charged in the Treasurer’s account.


After the sale, the Sec. read some memoranda of the doings of the Town Site Committee.


Voted to proceed with the sale of the town site.

Adj.    H.


[Page 70]


Waubunsie, Kansas.  May 14. 1856.


C.K.C. met at call of the President to hear dispatches.  Mr. Lines, presiding, read a dispatch brought by Mr. Dudley from Topeka to the effect that an armed mob of Slave State men was besieging Lawrence and threatening all other Free State settlements in the Territory with violence, and calling on us for aid.  After discussion of various plans, it was voted to pass the preamble & resolution – following, namely


Whereas Information has reached this Company to the effect that certain disturbances exist in the vicinity of Lawrence. growing out of existing differences between the Pro Slavery & Free State men, and whereas if the reports we hear should prove true, some of the members of our Company, now in that region with their teams may be involved in difficulty – Therefore Resolved that we dispatch Mr. Mitchell. Dr. Root. & Mr. Nesbitt for the purpose of ascertaining the facts in the case; of providing for the protection


[Page 71]


of our teams if need be, & of taking such further action as they may judge best in the premises – and to report to us as early as possible:  their necessary expenses to be defrayed by the Company.


Voted – to meet for further deliberation in five days unless we hear from the Committee mean while.


Voted – to meet and organize a military company at 3 P.M.


Adj.  H.


The military company formed in pursuance of the foregoing vote showed remarkable readiness at drill & promise of efficiency in service.  They took the name of the Prairie Guards, elected Wm Mitchell their first Captain, and were duly enrolled as Company H. of the Free Kansas Militia, the officers receiving commissions from C. W. [Topliff] – Adjutant General etc.


[Page 72]


Waubunsie, Kansas. May 19. 1856


Directors C.K.C. met at call of the Pres – Mr. Lines. in the Chair, stated that Mr. Nesbitt had returned & reported Dr. Root and Mr. Mitchell detained by the sentries of a Georgian camp near Lawrence.


Voted to call a meeting of the C.K.C. tomorrow at 8 A. M.


Voted – to allow Mr. Hall ($5.00) Five Dollars, for his expenses as Committee of Exploration.


Voted – to pay Mr. Hart’s bill of freight for sundry articles belonging to the Company, from Kansas City the amt. $42.02. 


Voted – to pay Wm Hartley $25.00 on account for services rendered in surveying.


Voted – to pay J. J. Walter $50.00 on acct.


Adj. – H


[Page 73]


Waubunsie, Kansas.  May 20. 1856.


C.K.C. met at call of Directors.  Mr. Lines stated the intelligence received in regard to Dr. Root & Mr. Mitchell, and called for suggestions propositions or inquiry.


Voted – to send J. J. Walter, J. H. Gould, & Henry Ocorr, as a Committee to communicate, if possible, with the authorities in command, in regard to Dr. Root & Mr. Mitchell, & to provide if need be, further safety.  The expenses of this Com. to be borne by the Company.


Voted – to employ Mr. Nesbitt for two days to look after our missing horses.


Voted – to give the preemptors of the Town Site 15 acres each, exclusive of streets running through their land.


Mr. Hubbard stated the difficulty of making the division so as to include precisely 15 acres for each.  Where upon, at his motion, it was


Voted to authorize the surveyors to lay off such an amount, not exceeding 17 acres to any one portion, as will make square work, according to a sketch shown by him.


Adj.  T. H.


[Page 74]


Waubunsie, Kansas.  May 22. 1856.


C.K.C. met at call of the President.  Mr. Lines, presiding, stated what had been learned from Col. Dickey of Topeka, in regard to our Committee, lately sent to inquire after Dr. Root & Capt. Mitchell.


Col. Dickey’s request, from the Com – of safety at Topeka, for our aid & co-operation in forming an armed force, to act as a mounted Vigilance police to secure the road from Topeka to Lawrence and Kansas City was also presented.


The advantage of the project and various methods of contributing to it, were discussed.


Voted – to adjourn till half past one, to notify distant members (& some to make [XXXXXX].)




C.K.C. met pursuant to adjournment.  Mr. Lines presiding.


The Company declined giving permission to any member to lend his Co. rifle to the Citizens of Topeka, as by them requested.


[Page 75]


C.K.C. Waubunsie, May 22. 1856.


Voted to authorize the Board of Directors to employ Scout & Expresses at the Expense of the Company – When in their judgment it shall be needful for the common safety or welfare.


Voted – that regular meeting of the Co- be held until further notice, at 5 P.M. every Tuesday & Friday, for the transaction of business.


Elected J. M. Hubbard for a Director in place of H. A. Wilcox.


Voted – to give the Directors authority to sell the large store, provided that in doing so they make no sacrifice on the cost of it to the Company.


Voted – to authorize the Directors to provide for the digging of a well if they see cause.


Voted – to request the Directors to provide for Divine Service on each Sabbath when no other service is held in the vicinity.


Mr. Lines, in answer to a call for information, made a detailed statement of the relations of H. A. Wilcox to this Company.  No action was taken.


Adj.  H.


[Page 76]


Waubunsie, Kansas. May 23. 1856.


C. K. C. met according to vote.  Mr. Lines presiding.


Mr. Ocorr, from the Committee of inquiry in reference to the Intention of Capt Mitchell & Dr. Root, made a statement of the results of his observation.  He described the proceedings of the Sheriff & party who had abated the F.S. Hotel, printing offices.  Gov. Robinson’s house & the personal property of the [XXXXX], with some other nuisances, at Lawrence.  He gave many particulars illustrating the action taken on both sides, & showing the law abiding temper of the Lawrence people, and the reckless & wanton barbarity of the mob.  But he had not seen Capt. Mitchell or Dr. Root, & could give no satisfactory account of the special object of his mission.  His interview with Col. Sumner was entirely fruitless.


Voted – thanks to the Com. for their efforts in furtherance of the object for which they were sent.


 Voted – to make a fly for the tent.


Voted – to sell the remaining potatoes at auction.  Hart took 3 bushels, at $2.87 ½:  Walter the balance at $3.00


Adj.  H.


[Page 77]


Waubunsie, Kansas.  May 23. 1856.


Directors C.K.C. met at call of the President.  Mr. Lines presiding.


Voted – that the Treasurer credit Mr. Lines with the Street’s [order], as cash.


Voted – to credit Mr. Hubbard for his advance of $47 on Grocery account.


Voted – to Credit Mr. Hyde $233.07 for draft given W. Webb.


Took account from J. J. Walter of funds advanced for sundry purposes; in all $503.00


Voted to appoint Mr. Hall & Hubbard as a Committee to locate the well.


Adj.  H.


[Page 78]



Waubunsie, Kansas May 26. 1856


C.K.C. met at call of the president.  Mr. Lines, presiding, opened the meeting with a warm expression of gratitude to our Heavenly Protector, whose superintending providence had been so signally manifested to us in many recent events.


After a warmly expressed & appropriate prayer by the President.


Capt. Mitchell from the Exploring Committee took the stand amid much cheering & enthusiasm.  He proceeded with an extremely interesting account of the doings & sufferings of the Committee, & summed up the results of their observations on the road and in the Ruffian Camp where they had been prisoners.


Dr. Root followed in like manner. 


Report accepted - & thanks voted.


Voted – to extend the time for the members of the former Town Site Assoc – to indicate their wish to join us. one week.


Mr. Lines presented a statement of his pecuniary accounts with the Company – which was accepted.


Adj.  H.


[Page 79]


Waubunsie, Kansas. May 26. 1856.


Directors C.K.C. met at call of the President.  Mr. Lines presiding.


Voted – that the Grocery agent close his accounts within 3 days.


Adj. for half an hour.


Met pursuant to adjournment.


Voted – that the Treasurer assist in examining completing and closing the Grocery acct.


Voted to send a representative East for the purpose of securing aid to further the interests of the Company.


Ballotted without effecting a choice.


Voted to postpone the subject.


Adj. to meet at 5 P.M.


Met according to adjournment.


Mr. Hubbard moved to refer the question of sending a delegate East to the Comp – at [the] next regular meeting.


Mr. Hall seconded this.


Mr. Welch moved to amend by laying the matter over to an adjourned meeting of this Board.


Mr. Hubbard amended his own motion, so


[Page 80]


Dir. C.K.C. Waubunsie, May 26. 1856


as to provide for a postponement of the subject until Thursday next at 1 P.M.


Voted – to bring the financial difficulties in regard to the well before the Comp – at their next meeting.


Adj.  H.


Waubunsie, Kansas.  May 26. 1856.

Directors C.K.C. at call of President.


Present – C. B. Lines, H. S. Hall, W. Mitchell, Benj. Street, J. P. Root, J. J. Walter, M. C. Welch, T.C.P. Hyde.


Voted – to reconsider the vote heretofore passed, for sending an agent East.


Discussed the hardware & grocery accounts of the company - & laid them over.


Voted – to appoint a committee to arrange with Mr. Thomas & Mr. Clarke in regard to the amt. of their bills for services rendered on the large tent and, if equitable, secure a deduction.


Voted – that those members of the company who hold no grocery orders be allowed to purchase for cash, at the same prices as are charged


[Page 81]


to those who hold orders.


Voted – to sell to members of the Company [promiscuously] at the rates heretofore fixed – until June 9.  Then at a fair advance to members of the Company till June 16. And from that time, at a suitable selling price, to all who may wish to purchase, until they are disposed of.


Voted  that a Com. be raised to designate the reservations heretofore agreed on, & the locality of the public park, & to present these matters for the action of the Company, & also to divide the remaining portions into 75 parcels as nearly as practicable equal, both in quantity & value.


Voted  to recommend to the Comp – to appropriate $30 – for securing a well, & to nominate a com. to secure an additional sum by subscriptions & to take the whole matter in charge.


Voted – to recommend the reserve of 2 squares in stead of one, for purpose of Education.


Adj.  H.


[Page 82]


Waubunsie Kansas. May 30. 1856.


C.K.C. met at the regular time.  Mr. Lines presiding.


Mr. Lines, from the Directors, stated & explained the plan they recommended for dividing the disposable part of the Town Site into 75 parcels or shares, [XXXXX] apt. of a Com. to this end.  He made various explanations in regard to the proposed reserves.


Voted – that a square of 600 feet each way be appropriated for general educational purposes, in addition to the heretofore so reserved.


Voted to divide the town site into (70) seventy parcels or shares.


Voted to adopt the place of distribution suggested by the Directors – namely


That a selection of lots for each parcel be so made that the value & size of these parcels may be as nearly equal as possible and that these parcels be numbered & slips of paper with corresponding numbers be put in a box & drawn at random by the persons


[Page 83]


entitled to hold shares in the town site, so that the number drawn by any person shall designate the slip containing the map numbers of his lots – which slip he may receive in exchange for the number first drawn.


Voted – to appoint C. B. Lines, J. H. Gould, L. A. Parker, H. Isbell, J. P. Root, - a com- to carry this plan into effect.


(Mr. J. H. Nesbitt was added June 6.)


Voted to empower this Com. to decide which way the lots shall front.


Voted to approve the action of the Directors in refunding the money advanced by Mr. Parker, Mr. Hubbard, & Mr. Lines, at St Louis, for goods purchased on general account.


Voted – to appropriate $30- for a well & appoint Harlow Isbell, G. H. Coe. & G. H. Thomas a committee to secure the building of it.


Voted to admit J. M. Bisbey as a member of the Company – on the terms heretofore proposed, as already agreed to by Mr. Nesbitt & Mr. Hyatt.


Voted to comply with the request of Rev. H. Jones for permission to address the meeting.


[Page 84]


C.K.C. May 30. 1856


Mr. Jones having occupied some two hours, more or less, in complaints & accusations.


Mr. Lines made brief explanations in regard to certain matters alleged by Mr. Jones, as facts, denying his accusations & defending the Co.


Mr. Jones desired to be heard further.


Voted – to allow him to address us again Tuesday evening next.


Adj.  H.


Wabunsie, June 3. 1856


C.K.C.  met at the regular time.  Mr. Lines made a statement in regard to the expediency of placing the Park so as to include a portion of the ravine, and of being influenced by this circumstance in placing the assignments of land for the preemptors of the town site.


The subject was laid on the table.


The Rev. H. Jones presented himself, and proceeded to address the meeting by permission for nearly 2 hours in reiteration, continuation, and illustration of what he had previously


[Page 99]


Pages 85-98 defaced by a blunder of the Secretary.


offered.  Mr. Lines, Mr. Hyatt & some others made additional remarks.  No action taken.


The subject of the assignments to the preemptors of the town site was taken up.


The Com. on the town site reported their recommendation that the Park be so located as to include a portion of the ravine.


The report was accepted.


Voted – to move the Park, according to the recommendation of the Com. and the diagram presented.


Voted  That the portion of land assigned to the preemptors of the town site be located, one in the South East angle, and the others immediately adjacent to it on each side – two on the North and two on the West.


Adj.  H.


[Page 100]


Waubunsie, Kansas. June 6. 1856.


C.K.C. met at the usual time.  Mr. Lines presiding.


Records of the last meeting read & corrected.


Mr. Nesbitt was added to the Town Site Committee.


Voted  That the public reservations which are comprised in squares, according to votes heretofore passed, be reserved in parcels, in all comprising about the same area as is now comprised in the reserved squares, and that they be drawn for in the same manner as the shares of individuals.


Voted to appoint E. C. Lines & M.C. Welch a committee to provide a suitable American Flag.


Voted  that until further notice, the meeting on Tuesday, be omitted, & that the Company meet regularly on every Friday, at Five oclock. P.M.


Adj.  H.


[Page 101]


On account of the absence of the President, some officers & members of the Company the meetings which would regularly have been held on June 13, June 20, & June 27 were omitted.


Waubunsie June 30. 1856.


C.K.C. met at call of the President.  Mr. Lines presiding.


The Secretary being tardy, Mr. Welch was elected Secretary pro tem.


Mr. Welch in behalf of the preemptors of the town site, stated their wish to appear again to the Company in respect to the previous action of the Company, their last action having located a part of the [XXXXX] on the South Side of the Town Site, while a former vote, as some believed, had placed them all on the East.  It was then


Voted  that all the portions assigned to the preemptors be on the East side of the town site, beginning at the South East Corner.


[Page 102]


A Circular was then read, from the Council Chamber at Topeka, inviting the Free State Men of Kansas to attend a Mass Convention on the 3rd of July – and to arrange for a Convention of Delegates on the 2nd.


It was moved to send delegates to represent our Colony in that Convention.


Pending this motion, Mr. Welch, by permission, read certain resolutions, which were laid on the table.


Voted – to send Capt. Mitchell, Mr. Lines & Mr. Welch as delegates to represent our Colony in that Convention to be holders at Topeka, and to pay their necessary expenses from the funds of the Company.


Voted – to take from the table the resolutions offered by Mr. Welch.


After discussion and modification they were adopted in part, in form following namely –


Whereas Circulars have been received by members of this Colony extending a general invitation to us to attend a Mass Convention at Topeka, on the 3rd


[Page 103]


of July, and also proposing that a convention of Delegates from each locality in the Territory meet the day previous, to arrange for the Mass Convention.


Therefore Resolved  That we regard the assembling of a convention of delegates from all parts of the Territory at the present time as of great importance to the effective and harmonious action of the Free State Men, and the general good of the Territory.


2.  Resolved  That while we should seriously deprecate any attempt on the part of the State Organization to enact laws and enforce them before any definitive action on the part of the General Government, we see no objection to a meeting and adjournment with a respectful resolution to proceed no further until the question of our admission into the Union has received the final action of Congress.


3.  Resolved  That whenever final action shall have been had by Congress in [reference] to the admission of the state into the Union, & to the abuses which the


[Page 104]


Territory has been subjected to, we shall approve the immediate calling of a general Convention of Delegates from all parts of the Territory, upon some just ratio of representatives, to consider and decide upon such measures as the [exigencies] of the case shall then require.


Adj.  H.


Mr. Lines did not attend the Convention.  The other July gentlemen declined to present any bill for expenses.


J. C. W.


[Page 106]


Waubunsie, July 7. 1856.


Directors C.K.C. at call of Pres -  Mr. Lines presiding.


Present – Mr. Lines, Mr. Welch, Capt. Mitchell, Mr. Street, Mr. Hubbard & Hyde.  Mr. Welch laid before the Directors sundry bills against the Treasury. 


Two from Mr. Hyde, for expenses incurred in presenting a testimonial to the officers of the Steamer Clara, on the Missouri River, were thrown out; one for cash advanced – the other for a pistol furnished. One from Mr. Fenn for services of his cattle in bringing up freight from Kansas City, was remanded.  The others were left on file with the Treasurer.


Voted – to hold an auction on Saturday at two oclock P.M. to dispose of sundry articles remaining on hand with the Grocery agent, and to give all due notice of the same.


Voted  to pay $25.00 each to J. J. Walter & J. M. Hubbard, on account.


Adj.  H. 


[Page 107]


Waubunsie, Kansas. July 11. 1856.


C.K.C. met at the usual time.  Mr. Lines presiding.


Voted – to adjourn until tomorrow Saturday, July 12. 2 P.M.


Waubunsie, Kan. July 12. 1856


C.K.C. met according to adjournment.  Mr. Lines presiding.


J. M. [Bisbey] was appointed to act on the Town Site Committee, (in place of Dr. Root.) for the distribution of lots.


Voted – That in the sale of the goods now to be put up at auction, any claims held against the Company may be tendered as cash in payment for goods taken.


Voted – That the C.K.Colony give to the owners of the Steam Mill now erecting, the portion of the town site lying east of the ravine, near the landing – the same being an entire block of small lots bounded on the East by Orange street 150 feet, more or less, on the North by [Commerce] Street,


[Page 108]


816 feet, more or less on the South by River Street

816 feet, more or less – and on the West by


Mr. Lines, being appointed auctioneer – proceeded to sell sundry articles, as heretofore agreed.


After concluding the sale,


Voted that the parcels of land in the town site, allotted to members of our C.K.C. be drawn for only by the individuals entitled personally to hold them, and that no proxies be permitted.


Voted – to allow till Monday P.M. July 14, to settle & close the accounts arising from the auction.


Adj.  H.


[Page 109]


Waubunsie, Kansas.  July 12. 1856.


Dir. C.K.C. at call of the President.  Mr. Lines presiding.


Voted – to pay Thirty Dollars ($30) on account for the building of the well.


Adj. – H.


Waubunsie Kansas. July 16. 1856


Directors C.K.C. at call of the Pres. – Mr. Lines presiding.


Present – Mr. Lines, Capt. Mitchell, Mr. Street, Mr. Welch, Mr. Hubbard, & Hyde.  Mr. Lines, from the Town Site com – reported progress.


Voted  That we recommend to the C.K.C. that the reservations for Churches & public buildings be reduced to six lots each, and that the six lots heretofore appropriated to Churches be devoted to general educational purposes.


Voted – to place the horses belonging to the Company under the charge of Silas M. Thomas.


Adj. until July 17, at 7 ½ P.M.




[Page 110]


Waubunsie, Kansas. July 17. 1856.


Directors C.K.C. met according to adjournment.  Mr. Lines presiding.


Present, C. B. Lines, B. Street, M.C. Welch, J. M. Hubbard, T.C.P. Hyde.


 Mr. Welch offered a statement of the pecuniary liabilities & resources of the Company.


Voted that we recommend the assessment of a tax of ($5.00) Five Dollars on each member.


Mr. Lines presented certain resolutions relative to the tenure of the town site lots, which after discussion and modification were recommended to the C.K.C.


Voted – to recommend the appointment of a Building Committee, to take such measures as may seem feasible for securing the erection of a school house.


Mr. Welch was appt. to present to the C.K.C. the resolutions in regard to the tenure of the town site lots.


Adj.  H.


[Page 111]


Waubunsie Kansas. July 18. 1856.


C.K.C. at the usual time.  Mr. Lines, presiding, made a statement of certain expenses from the Treasurer’s account.


Mr. Selden moved to lay a Tax of ($5.00) Five Dollars on each member of the Company.


The ayes & noes being taken, there were found 26 ayes, and 16 noes, and the motion was carried.


Mr. Lines, from the Committee for distribution of the town site lots, reported.


The report was accepted.


Voted to adopt the plan of distribution suggested by the Committee.  (See page 82.83.)


Voted that the reserve of land for Churches & for public buildings be reduced to six lots each, instead of twelve, as heretofore voted.


Voted to appropriate for general educational purposes, the six lots now withdrawn from the appropriation for Churches.


[Page 112]


Mr. Lines, from the Board of Directors, had certain resolutions providing for the method of distributing & securing the lots constituting the share of each member of the Company, in the town site.


The resolutions were adopted, as follows:


Whereas the original object of this Company in preempting land for a town site was in part to secure to the members of the Company who remain and become residents in the vicinity, the pecuniary advantages resulting from the enterprise -  Therefore


Voted  That the Division of lots recommended that the division of lots recommended by the Committee be approved & adopted, & the distribution of the parcels be made in accordance there with, subject to the following terms & conditions


1st  All the parcels into which the Town Site has been divided, as represented by a map in the possession of the Treasurer, and attested by the Com.


[Page 113]


except the reservations, shall be numbered and registered, under the supervision of the Committee, in a book kept for that purpose by the Treasurer of the Company; and corresponding numbers shall be prepared & placed in a box, to be drawn from by the members.


2nd.  Each regular member of the Company, who shall have paid his assessments, and at the time of the drawing resides among us, shall be authorized to draw one parcel, which when drawn shall be duly entered and described in the Treasurer’s book, and a certificate furnished of the same, but it will not be competent for any member to draw by any other member than himself.


3rd  Absent members of the Company, & all others prevented in any way from drawing, at the time first designated may have an opportunity on application to the President, and by consent of the board of Directors, at any time previous to the first day of July. 1857, and the Company, for good and sufficient reason,


[Page 114]


may extend the privilege to original members beyond that period, but no person can claim it as a right.  No special drawing shall take place except at a meeting of the Board of Directors, a record of the same being made at the time.


 4th.  The Company convey no title to the lots by virtue of the certificates given to the members, but only a guarantee to secure to each member the parcel drawn by him.  Whenever a title shall be obtained from the Government by the preemptors; but this guarantee cannot extend to any member who shall have abandoned the Company prior to that time.  The parcels drawn by such persons of necessity [revert] to the Company, to be disposed of as they shall judge best. 


5th.  Any member wishing to convey to them his right to ultimate possession of any part or all of the parcel of lots held by him, has full right to do so, but the Company cannot be held responsible by virtue of such conveyance to secure to the purchasers


[Page 115]


a good title to the same in the event of the withdrawal from the Company of the original owner: and in all such cases the purchasers must rely solely upon the ability and good faith of the person of whom the purchase is made, to [perfect] his title When the time arrives, although the Company may at their discretion assume such responsibility upon such terms & conditions as they may judge fair and equitable for the protection of any purchaser, provided he or she be an actual resident among us, at the time when the land is acquired from the Government.


6th.  In the event of the death of any resident member of the Company before a full title has been secured, to the lots held by him, the Company will be bound as far as practicable to secure all such rights to the legal heir, administrators, or executors of the deceased.


[Page 116]  


7th.  All transfers of lots must be recorded upon the books of the Company, kept by the Treasurer for that purpose, and a certificate issued to the purchaser within five days of the date -- & no claim based upon any sale which has not been so recorded will be recognized by the Company.  The Treasurer shall be entitled to a fee of ten cents for every such record or certificate.


8th  The certificate to be issued to the members drawing lots shall be in the following form  namely –


This is to certify that A. B. has this day drawn parcel no _____ of the Town Site of the “Conn. Kansas Colony.” Containing lost No. ______ and that he is duly entitled to hold and improve or dispose of the same according to the rules & regulations of the Company. 




(Date   )                                 Treasurer


[Page 117]


After the adoption of the foregoing rules – it was


Voted – that M.C. Welch, J. M. Bisby, Wm Mitchell, Harlow Isbell, & Wm G McNary be a Committee to select a site for a school house, fix upon a plan for a building, and report as soon as may be.


Voted – That the Board of Directors be requested to inquire & report as soon as may be, on the practicability & Expediency of selling the large tent.


Voted – to proceed with the drawing of the Town Site lots.


Thirty Eight members of the Company there upon drew numbers from the box (Whereof the Treasurer took due record.) and entered at once on geographical inquiries with much diligence and gratifying success.


It was Voted – to instruct the Committee on school house to report at the next regular meeting.


Voted to appoint J. M. Hubbard,


[Page 118]


C. B. Lines, & J. H. Gould a Committee to confer with the members of the former Waubunsie Town Site Association, and report if any satisfactory arrangement can be made with them on the basis of the action already had by our Company, or if otherwise, on what basis if any.


Adj.  H.


Waubunsie, Kansas, July 25, 1856.


C. K. C. met at the usual time.  Mr. Lines presiding.


Mr. Welch from the Committee on school house reported, recommending the lot numbered on this map 168 – as a site – concrete as the material, and that in the judgment of the Committee it is expedient, on account of uncertainty as to the amount of funds which may be available, to delay until we can hear from certain friends at the East.  Mr. Welch made particular statements


[Page 119]


and explanations on several points.  The Report was accepted.


Mr. Welch, in pursuance of a vote of the Prairie Guards, presented certain rules relative to the use of fire arms, substantially agreeing with rules adopted by the Guards for their own use, & solicited some action of the Colony on the matter.


Whereupon, after discussion, there was adopted – as follows, namely


1.  No members of the Colony shall at any time fire a Rifle or Pistol from any point or in any direction, on the Town Site except as the Colony shall hereafter direct and permit.


2.  All Target Shooting, or shooting at a mark, shall be toward the bluff, at a point which the Company shall provide.


[Page 120]


3.  There shall be no firing except between the hours of sunrise and sunset.


4.  No member shall at any time fire a Rifle, Pistol, or Shot-Gun, from any point within twenty feet, or under cover of any Tent, Building, or Wagon.


5.  No member shall leave his Rifle loaded.


6.  All members owning Shot-Guns are requested to keep them where the Company will consider it safe.


7.  No member shall point either Rifle, Gun, or Pistol at any other person.


8.  No member shall make or fill a cartridge by candle light, except in case of emergency, and by permission of some officer of this Co.


9. The firing of one or more Guns on the Town Site after sunset is considered a signal of distress, & the firing of three guns in quick succession in parts distant from the Town Site shall be also so considered.


[Page 121]


C.K.C. July 25. 1856


After the adoption of the foregoing sub. Sherman A. Baldwin was elected a Director of the C.K.C. in place of H. S. Hall.


Mr. Hyde resigned his post as Secretary


A vote of thanks was passed.  C. E. Pond was elected Secretary – on the fourth ballot, having 16 out of 26 votes.  Mr. Lines, from the Committee heretofore appointed to confer with the members of the former Waubunsie Town Site Assoc. reported a statement of the doings of the Committee, & the proposals of the persons with whom they had been in conference, to pay $30.00 each for admission.


The report was accepted.


Mr. Lines from the Board of Directors, presented certain resolutions referring to the matter foregoing, which was adopted - (Mr Gould only objecting.) in form following – namely –


Voted – That while we regard our former proposition to the gentlemen

[Page 122]


connected with the former Town Site Association as in every respect just and equal, we nevertheless, for the sake of harmony & the general prosperity of the Community cheerfully concede to the propositions now made by them.


Voted – that Harvey Jones – Leonard, Hill, Harry Bisbey, Peter Shaver, and Bates [XXXXX] & they are hereby admitted members of this company, having thereby full & equal privileges with all other members, and being liable to all responsibilities incident thereto.


Voted – That the persons named in the previous vote, together with J. M. Bisbey and Hyatt – previously admitted to the Company – or any one or more of them, be authorized to draw a parcel of Lots in the Town Site, in accordance with the rules heretofore adopted, Whenever they shall each have paid into the Treasury the sum of Thirty Dollars,


[Page 123]


or executed and delivered their notes to the Treasurer of the company for a like sum, payable ninety days from this date, __ Provided that the payment of said note may be postponed to any time not beyond the first of June 1857, in which case interest at the rate of ten per cent will be required from & after its maturity.


Mr. Lines, from the Town Site Committee, reported the following resolution – which was adopted – namely –


Voted  That in all cases where obvious mistakes have occurred in the distribution of Lots in the Town Site, the Committee having that matter in charge be authorized to correct the same, subject to the approbation of the Board of Directors.


Mr. Lines, from the Town Site Committee, reported certain additional resolutions which were adopted – as follows – namely –


Voted – That all regular members of the Company who have not previously


[Page 124]


C.K.C. July 25. 1856


drawn their lots in the Town Site be authorized to draw their shares at the present time, or at any future time, within the rules already adopted.


Voted – That Certificates guaranteeing to members the lots drawn by them, shall be issued only to such persons as shall have previously paid all their dues to the Company.


Voted – That so much of the rules adopted at our last meeting, as required the payment of assessments previous to drawing for Lots, and so much as authorized the issuing of certificated without compliance with the requisitions contained in the previous vote, be, and they are hereby – rescinded.


Mr. Lines, from the Board of Directors, offered a resolution, to provide for the appointment of Rifle Inspectors, - which was adopted – as follows – namely –


Whereas it has come to the knowledge of the Board of Directors that


[Page 125]


the Rifles belonging to the Company are in some instances so much neglected as to cause serious injury – Therefore


Voted – That the Board of Directors by authorized to appoint some persons as agent for the Company, whose duty it shall be to inspect all the Rifles belonging to the Company during the first ten days of each month, and report to them the condition of each one, who shall have power to take such action in references to the matter, as they shall judge best, subject to the approbation of the Company.  It shall further be the special duty of said agent, wherever any member is about to leave the Territory, either temporarily or permanently, to take charge of his rifle, and secure its safe keeping in good condition – for all which services the Board of Directors are hereby authorized to allow such reasonable compensation as they shall judge proper.


Adj.  H.


[Page 129]


Waubonsa July 28. 1856.

Directors met according to adjournment.


Voted to approve and sanction the vote of the Company to make certain changes in regard to town lots.


Voted – to appoint Capt. Mitchell Rifle Inspector.


Voted.  That in the absence of Mr. Cadwell, one of the preempters of the Town Site; Mr. Lines be authorized to confer with Mr. Nesbit in regard to filling the vacancy and report at the next meeting of the Company.


Voted – That the Town Site Committee be requested to select four lots, which should be a fair average & that the Directors recommend the Company to give the same to John Isbell.


Voted – To recommend to the Company to sell the large tent to the highest bidder on certain conditions.


[Page 130]


Directors met Aug. 1st, 1856


Dr. Read & Mr. Bates drew shares in Town Site.


Voted – to approve certain changes in Town Site made previous to Aug 1st 1856.


The Board reccommend to the Company to give John Isbel five lots in the Town Site.


Company convened Aug. 1st 1856  The following votes being recommended by the Board of Directors were adopted,


Preamble – Whereas certain members of this Company leaving the colony have improperly & against the rules taken away Rifles belonging to the company, Therefore


Voted – That C. B. Lines be a committee


[Page 131]


to take immediate measures to secure the prompt return of all such Rifles to the Company.


Voted – that in the absence of all regularly organized government in our community and to the end that we may preserve peace and good order among us, it is the duty of every member as a good citizen in fulfilment of the obligation he voluntarily assumed on joining the company, scrupulously to regard all the rules & regulations that may from time to time be adopted for the common good and protection of the Colony, or if unwilling to do so withdraw from us at once.


Voted.  That Lots. No. 336, 378, 441, 273, & 61 be and they are hereby donated and transferred to John Isbel in consideration of his uniform good conduct as a member of our community from


[Page 132]


the time of our arrival in the Territory to be held by him under the regulations adopted for the members of the company,


Voted that the large tent belonging to company be immediately sold at auction to the highest bidder provided that the purchaser may continue to occupy the lot on which it now stands until the first of December next for the purpose of keeping the Tent thereon and provided that the Tent shall not in any case be removed no less than three months without the consent of the company, and that during the time it shall remain upon the ground it shall be at the service of the Company for all public meetings they may wish to convene free of expense, while in all other respects it shall be in absolute control of the purchaser.


Voted.  That in consequence of the


[Page 133]


withdrawal from the territory of Mr. Perry Cadwell, one of the Preemptors of the Town Site, the Board of Directors be requested to arrange with Mr. J. H. Nesbit to take his place immediately and that they also report to the Company at their next meeting whether the Town Site has been properly secured by the persons agreed with for that purpose.


Voted – that in the event of any change of lines as fixed by our company defining and determining the boundaries of the Town Site by the government survey those persons holding lots upon the borders that may be affected thereby shall be protected from loss by a purchase on the part of the Company if practicable of the land thus taken, or if such purchase cannot be made they shall then be fairly provided for in other unappropriated land in the Town Site, but all other lots and streets shall remain


[Page 134]


undisturbed by any such change of lines, provided that in the event of any change of the eastern boundary the preemptors of the Town Site shall be located as now upon the eastern line wherever that line may be, any holder of lots who shall be affected by any change of the location of the Preemptor’s claim shall be protected from damage as herein before provided.


Voted – That the Board of Directors be requested to cause such changes in the fronting of lots as they shall judge will improve the same also that they cause streets to be laid out across the center of each square both ways twenty-five feet wide.


Voted – that the streets in the Town Site be named as follows.  The short street on the bank of the River to be called Front Street.  The next short street west Water St.


[Page 135]


and the next Commerce Street, the next most northern Street running east & west to be called River Street, the next south Sumner Street, next Main Street, next Park Street, next Chapel Street, next Trumbull Street, next Meadow Street, next Oak Street.  The most western Street running north and south to be Orange Street, next Beecher Street, next Elm Street, next Ravine Street, next Prairie Street, next Washington Street, and the next Freemont Street.


Voted that the Ravines in the Town Site be placed under the supervision of the Board of Directors and that it shall be necessary to obtain their consent before any tree or shrubry can be removed therefrom.


Voted – that the President & Secretary


[Page 136]


have power to give Certificates of membership to members of the Com. and that the fee for such Certificates be five dollars.


Aug. 6 . 1856.


Directors met according to adjournment.


Voted – That Mr. Parker be appointed to look after twelve Chains belonging to the Company.


Mr. [Lawins] Bill for timber for tent frame & Mr Mitchell’s Bill for expenses during this Delegation to Lawrence were approved.


For Company Meeting of Aug 5th See next page


[Page 137]


Company Meeting Aug. 5th.


In the absence of the Secretary M. C. Welch was chosen secretary pro tem.


The unfinished business of the last meeting was taken up


 Capt. Mitchell was chosen auctioneer for the sale of the tent. 


Voted To sell the tent and the fly, separately, and to sell the fly all together.  J. W. Hubbard bought the tent for twenty dollars, and [Orange] Bardwell the fly for ten dollars and fifty cents.


The Prest. then read the following resolution – the consideration of which had been postponed from the last meeting


(For introductory resolution see minutes of last meeting p. 131)


Resolved  That any member who shall hereafter wilfully disregard any such rules, shall be deemed deserving of the censure of the company, which may be voted at any regular meeting, and placed upon record; and if any member after having been thus censured, shall persist in his disregard of the rules, and consequent contempt of the company, he shall be liable to expulsion – provided, that in all cases of offences, the offending member shall be furnished with a copy of the charges against him, and shall be fully heard in his defence. –  And provided further, that no person shall be expelled but by a vote of two thirds of the members present – all the members in the Colony


[Page 138]


at the time having been duly notified of the pending of the question at the meeting where action is proposed, and no such action shall be had unless such notice shall have been given.”


Mr. Gould admitted the company had a right to fine members, but could not see how their property could be confiscated.  He averred it was contrary to the mode of punishment in our country – we should conform our action to the status of an established government –


It was responded that the members hold their lots on certain conditions, and if they failed to comply with these they themselves were the confiscators of their property – Furthermore, it was said, we have no civil government over us – we have no courts we can carry our complaints to – The question then is:  Shall we have no government, or shall we in the absence of legal penalties and legal tribunals, impose such penalties as are in our power


Mr Gould proposed (“moved”) to amend by providing that expelled members retain their interest in the town site Amendment lost – It was then voted to take the vote by yeas and nays  The following is the vote: -


Yeas Messrs. Coe, W. S. Griswold, R. W. Griswold, Hart, Hubbard, Hyde, Ingham, Johnson, C. B. Lines, E. B. Lines, E. J. Lines, Mitchell, Read, Seldin, E.D.Street, S. M. Thomas,


[Page 139]


Welch, J. M. Bisby, H. Bisby


Nays  Messrs. Clark, Elmer, Gould, Hartly, Huntington and Parker.


Mr Welch moved to reconsider the vote changing the name of Maple to Bucher Street – motion adopted.


Mr W. stated he sympathized with the feelings of the gentleman who moved to make this change – He respected Mr. Buchers Character, and the many excellent qualities of his heart – He respected his views on matters of public policy and the public welfare – and were there nothing further to be said respecting Mr. B’s position he should have no objection.  But there was much to be censured in Mr. B’s manner of presenting his views to an audience.  Mr. Bucher has come to be a synonym for bold impulsiveness that acts without reverence and without sound judgment.  He feared the calling a street after the gentleman would be considered an evidence that we are like him in this respect, and an endorsement of this feature of his character.  He therefore moved to drop the name and restore the original one.  It was not voted to restore the original one.  But Mr Seldin moved that the street be called Plymouth Street in Commemoration of the first settlers of New England and founders of the Plymouth Colony.  Motion adopted.


Mr. Gould fancied that this action was a repudi-


[Page 140]


ation of Mr. Bucher, and in order to maintain his own views of consistency, moved to send back to Mr. B. the 25 rifles and 25 Bibles, he was instrumental in furnishing us with.  Motion rejected.


Voted  That so much of the vote passed at the last meeting of the Company, in reference to the laying out of new streets, as provided that they be 25 feet wide be considered, and that they be thirty feet wide instead of twenty five.


Voted, that in order to preserve uniformity in the arrangement of the Town Site, the lots in the various squares through which the afore named streets are to be laid, be reduced in size equally, so that each and all of said lots shall be two hundred and eighty five feet deep and ninety five feet front


Voted that the following names be adopted for the streets to be laid out, in accordance with the foregoing vote:


Myrtle, Walnut, Maple, Laurel, Pine, Chestnut, Cedar, Cherry, Olive, Spring, Vine, Putnam, Winter, Spruce, Deer, Garden, Locust.


Voted that the Directors and Town Site Committee be empowered to assign the names to the several streets


It was moved that the Directors in Connection


[Page 141]


with the Town Site Committee, have authority to exchange ravine lots for others in case all the holders agree.  It was proposed to amend by striking out the proviso securing the argeement of all – Amendment carried – Motion adopted.


The consent of all has been obtained


The Prest. made a statement of the manner the Town Site was held by the five preemptors.


Voted to adjourn till the Directors shall see fit to call a meeting. 


Directors Meeting Aug 8th.


The Secretary being absent M. C. Welch was appointed Secty. pro. tem.


Voted to assign the names to the small streets in the following order:


1st Street North of South line, Cherry, 2d Spring, 3d. Maple, 4th Pine, 5th. Laurel, 6th Vine, 7th. Deer. 8th Spruce, 9th Winter


1st Street West of East line, Myrtle, 2d. Chestnut, 3d. Walnut, 4th Cedar, 5th. Locust, 6th Olive, 7th Putnam


Voted to empower Mr Hubbard, to sell to Dr Root, the horse now in his possession, for one hundred and twenty five dollars, and charge twenty five dollars, for the use of him.


[Page 142]


Voted to employ Mr. Hartley to stake out the lots on the Town Site and the new streets according to vote of the Company.


Company Meeting Nov. 10th.


The Acting President by request of ten members of the Company – according to Art. 3d of the Constitution – called a meeting which convened in front of Mr Coe’s tent on this day.


Mr Hubbard in the Chair.  [F.] H. Hart was chosen secretary pro tem.


Voted that the horse belonging to the company be sold at auction, for paper on six months credit to be approved by the board of Directors


Voted that the horse be sold immediately after the meeting adjourn.


Voted, that the Company present to Dr. Buttman four city lots the selection of which be left discretionary with the Directors.


Voted. That Dr. Buttman be allowed to place his shingle machine on the Park until April first.


Voted to adjourn till next Tuesday at 2 Oclock P.M.


[Page 143]


The horse was sold to Walter Griswold for seventy nine (79) dollars –


(The horse was last seen a day or two previous to the sale near Antelope Creek.  Up to the time of making this record Feby 12th. 57. no trace of him has been discovered)


Company Meeting Nov. 17th.


No record of this meeting has been furnished the present secretary.  He is informed however that no business was transacted except that it was voted that the harness of the horse go with the horse to Mr. Griswold.


Directors Meeting Nov. 24th.


Present Messrs. Root, Walter, Hubbard, and Welch.


Voted that Mr. Hart become a preemptor of the town site in the room of Mr. Johnson, deceased.


Voted to remind Mr. Nesbitt of his engagement to put up a house on the Town Site  M C Welch Secty


Directors Meeting December –


Present.  Messrs.  Walter Mitchell and Welch.


Voted to appropriate two hundred dollars to Messrs.  Walter & Hart (as a loan) for the purpose of setting up the Saw Mill procured from the Emigrant Aid Society.


[Page 144]


Mr. Walter Griswold making application for twenty five dollars to aid in finishing his house, it was


Voted to loan him twenty dollars with interest at six per cent, for a time not exceeding six months.


Voted to make an appropriation of twenty Dolls. in the form of a loan, to S. M. Thomas.


Memoranda furnished by M. C. Welch


Directors Meeting, Jany. 13th. 1857.


Present Messrs Root, Walter and Welch.


Mr Welch was appointed Secty pro.tem.


Bill of Hill and Hartly for teaming from Lawrence $28.00.  Voted to pay it deducting ten dollars ($10) from Hartleys for money received to buy clothing before he thought of going down, but which he was not obliged to use for that purpose, as he got what he wanted at the Committees Rooms in Lawrence:  -- And also decucting four dollars ($4) from Hill’s acct for coat.


Voted it not to be best to grant petition of Messrs Thomas & Co. for payment of Wm. Hartleys board for seven weeks on the ground that it would not be good policy to establish the precedent.


Voted to call a Company meeting to consider certain questions proposed by C. B. Lines Esq.


[Page 145]


Voted to recommend the Company to appoint a committee to select a claim for public burial.


Company Meeting Jany. 16th. 1857.


Mr. J. J. Walter in the chair – Mr Welch appointed Secretary pro tem.


The Secretary stated the question proposed by Mr. Lines – Whether the Company would recognize transfers of interest in the Town Site, from persons who leave the Company to such as will come and settle among us.  It was


Voted to adhere to the former policy of the Company


The letter of Mr. Lines was read respecting his efforts to secure a minister.  The gentlemen in question is Rev. Geo. Thacher of Menden Ct.  Mr Lines asks whether the Company will give Mr. T. a “call” in case most or all his salary be secured at the East.


Mr. Hartly moved that Mr Lines be requested to use his influence to secure the coming of Mr. Thacher.


The Secretary stated that he supposed what was wanted was a pledge from the Company that Mr. T. would be settled here in case he should come – and he hoped the company generally would express themselves on this point


Mr. Mitchell would be glad to see the thing done


[Page 146]


but didn’t see how the company could do it.


Mr. Bisbey said there were many not members of the company, who nevertheless were interested, and would be glad to have a voice in the matter.


Dr. Reed moved that the Secretary call a meeting of the Citizens one week from date to consider the question.


The Secretary thought the question one that neither the company nor the citizens were prepared to decide – He [deprecated] the calling of meetings from which no result could be expected – he thought the expression of opinion in this meeting might be taken as a reflection of the probable sentiment of the community & hoped it would not be pressed.  The motion was withdrawn  


Voted that the chair appoint a committee of three to select a claim not already occupied, for the purposes of burial.


Voted that the chair be one of that Committee


Voted to remind the Directors of the propriety of seeing to the security of the fractions of the Town Site


Meeting Adjourned


(Signed) M. C. Welch Sec pro tem.


[Page 149]


Company Meeting Jany –


The Secretary being absent H. M. Selden was chosen Secty pro tem.


Voted that the Co. give to Hart & Walter lots No.    for placing thereon a saw mill, guaranteeing to the Mill the lot on which the mill stands, in case it should eventuall change hands – Provided arrangements can be made [with] the holders of the lots


Voted that the Directors be appointed a Com. to make arrangements with the holders of the lots.  Voted that half the value of the Co. horse be paid to any one finding and returning him.  Adjourned.  H. M. Selden


Directors Meeting Jany 27th.


Mr Walter in the Chair


Voted that Mr. Hartleys petition to have reconsidering the action of the previous meeting respecting his bill, could not be granted


Voted to sanction the use the Treasurer intended to put the $200.00 to that were given for building a church Namely, to employ it in the loan voted to Messrs Walter and Hart for setting up the saw mill


Company Meeting, Jany. 27th.


J. J. Walter acting Prest. In the Chair


Geo H. Coe was chosen Secretary pro tem.


Minutes of the previous meeting told and accepted.


Voted that a committee be appointed to confer


[Page 150]


with Gen. Pomeroy concerning the erection of a Hotel.


Voted that the Committee consist of three.


Voted that this Committee be instructed to advise with Mr. Pomeroy concerning the expediency (and expense) of laying a “float” on our Town Site.


Voted that W. S. Griswold, Rev. Harvey Jones and T. Hart comprise this committee.


Voted that the Committee be instructed to negotiate with Gen. Pomeroy for the erection of a Hotel, for the consideration of not more than forty (40) lots of an average value, with those that have already been drawn.


Voted that the Committee be instructed to use their efforts to prevent the sale of intoxicating drinks in the Hotel.


Voted that the expenses of this Committee be paid by the Company.


Voted to elect a Secretary – (Mr Pond being absent and not likely to return for some time)


Harvey Jones was duly elected


Voted that all persons now absent having drawn their lots, who are not here on or before the first day of July next, shall forfeit their right and title to the same


Voted that in view of the ministerial services of Rev H. Jones among us, we make him a present of his note held by the Com.


Voted that M. C. Welch be requested to aid the Secretary just


[Page 151]


elected in recording the past transactions of the Company.


Directors Meeting Jany 27th – After Company Meeting Present Messrs. Walter, Welch, Mitchel and Jones.


Voted to appropriate sixteen dollars to pay freight on Dr. Read’s household goods.


Voted to borrow sixteen dollars form the relief fund to pay the expenses of Messrs. Hart & W. Griswold of the Committee appointed by the Company to Confer with Gen. Pomeroy


Directors Meeting Feby. 21st. at H Jones’  Present Messrs Walter, Welch, Mitchell & Jones.


Voted to have the name of Miss Dutton erased from the rifle obtained from J. C. Farren, according to her request.


Voted to build a temporary building for religious meetings and other purposes in accordance with the suggestion of Mr Lines – said building to cost not more than 300 dollars.


Voted that Mr. Walter be authorized to receive proposals for building such church, and report to the Committee


Voted that the building above named be put upon lot No. 389 (Main St.)


Voted that fifty dollars more be loaned to Messrs Walter and Hart to aid in putting up Saw Mill


[Page 152]


Company Meeting March 2d.


J. J. Walter in the Chair.  The Secretary being absent F. H. Hart was chosen Secty pro.tem.


Moved that we enter the two fractions and the North East quarter section of the town site.  Laid on the table.


Voted that the Secretary inform all absent members of the Co. that unless they return, before next July, they sacrifice their interest in the town site.


Voted that a committee of three be appointed to take into consideration the building of a bridge across the ravine –


J. H. Gould, J. M. Hubbard, and F. H. Hart were appointed that committee – The Com. to report at the next meeting


Voted that when we adjourn, we adjourn to meet at this place (P.O) on Sat. P.M. at four O clock.




Company Meeting March 7th.


Co. met at P.O.  J. J. Walter in the Chair.


Voted that F. H. Hart and M. C. Welch be a committee to make such arrangements as they may deem necessary to secure temporarily the N. E. Quarter Section of the town site


Voted that we adjourn to meet in this place on Saturday the 21st Inst. at 3 Oclock P.M.


[Page 153]


Director’s Meeting at G. H. Coe’s tent March 7th


Present Messrs, Walter, Welch, Hubbard and Jones.


Voted to authorize J. H. Gould to visit Lawrence, and see the Agent of the Emigrant Aid Society in regard to the “float” proposed to be laid upon the town site by Gen. Pomeroy; and in case such float cannot be secured, to negotiate for one if possible with some one else.  It was further voted that Mr. Gould be instructed to endeavor to obtain from the Agent of the Aid Soc. a definite reply to the proposal made them, for putting up a hotel on the town site.


Voted that J. H. Gould and H. Jones be authorized to offer a reward of twenty five dollars, and use whatever other means they may deem expedient, for the recovery of the 150 dollars stolen from the treasurer of the Company on Sunday last.


Voted that M. C. Welch and J. J. Walter be authorized to superintend the erection of the temporary church building determined upon at the meeting of Feby 21st. – and that they obtain subscriptions in labor and lumber to aid in building the same.




[Page 154]


Company Meeting at P. O. 5 O’C. P.M. March 21.


J. J. Walter in the Chair.  The minutes of the last meeting read and approved.


The report of the committee appointed at the last meeting being called for, Mr F. H. Hart made a verbal report, which was accepted.


Mr. Gould reported in regard to certain matters in regard to which he was instructed by the Board of Directors to obtain information (See record of 7th Inst)


Voted that we select for entry at the land office the two [fractions] on the river and the N. W. Quarter Section – and if possible one half of the S.W. Qr. Section of the present town site.


Voted that a committee of three be appointed to attend to the surveying, plotting &c. of the above town site – and also to secure the requisite information as to entering it at the Land Office – and report to the Company.  Messers Nesbitt, Welch and Gould were appointed that Committee.


Voted that that Capt Mitchel and J. H. Gould be a committee to wait on B. [Shara]; and warn him not to cut any more timber in the ravine.


Voted, that Messrs Hart & Welch be a committee to select one of the reserve lots from which any person


[Page 155]


building on the town site shall be permitted to get stone without charge.


Voted that E. C. Lines, and G. H. Coe be a committee to learn the facts in regard to the Company rifle in charge of Mr Fenn, and to secure its return to the Company if it has passed out of it.


Voted that F. H. Hart & E. C. Lines be authorized to obtain such rifles as they see fit, from members of the Co. for the use of the Prairie Guards, to be kept by them subject to the order of the Company.


Adjourned –


Directors Meeting March 31st, 1857.


J. J. Walter in the Chair.  The Secretary being absent J. M. Hubbard was chosen Secty. pro tem.


The request of A. N. Allen for a lot in the Town Site in consideration of erecting a stone building, and maintaining a store in Waubaunsee discussed


Voted to refer the matter to the Company at their next meeting.


Voted that Mr Hubbard be requested to confer with Mr. Allen and procure from him a definite proposal to lay before the Company.


[Page 156]


Voted that Mr. Welch be requested to procure payment of Dr. Butmans debt to the Benevolent fund in timber, or to procure security therefor on his shingle machine.


Bill of L. W. Clark for freight allowed


Voted to appropriate five dollars of money now in the treasury in payment of Hubbards bill.


Voted to call a meeting of the Company on Saturday April 4th, at 4 O.C.P.M.  Adjourned.  Hubbard Secty


Company Meeting. Tues. Apl. 21st at the P.O. Mr. B. Street presiding


Messrs Nesbitt & Welch from the Committee appointed to information in regard to entering our Town Site at the Land Office, reported that from what information they had been able to obtain it was unsafe to enter through the Probate Judge – But that they expected soon full and reliable information.


Messrs. Hart & Walter made statements lending to Confirm the opinion of the Committee


Voted that we reconsider the vote of last Selecting the Town Site.


It was then moved by Mr. Pond that we select the Western fraction, the N. W. Qr Section and one half of the S.W. Qr. Section.


After considerable discussion it was resolved to defer action on the subject until the arrival of the Prest. and other absent members who are expected soon  Adjourned.


[Page 157]


Directors Meeting at Mr Welch’s May 12th. 1857.


Prest. Lines in the Chair.  Street, Mitchel, Welch, Hubbard, & Jones.  The manner of securing the Town Site being under consideration, it was


Voted, that in the opinion of the Board of Directors we should renounce the method of holding the Town Site originally adopted.


Voted that we recommend to the Company to appoint a committee to file a declaration at the Land Office that we have selected and intend to secure under the pre-emption law, the Qr Section of Town  Range  and the  Qr Section of the Town & range above named as a Town Site – And also that this committee be authorized to advertise the same in some of the papers in the Territory.


Arrangements with the former preemptors under consideration it was,


Voted that we appoint a committee to confer with Messrs Coe and Hart and arrange with them to take their compensation for holding town claims, in a certain number of lots or quantity of land on the South end of the Town site & that the Com. report to the next Company Meeting


Messrs Mitchel Hubbard & Jones were appointed that committee


[Page 158]


Voted, that a Committee of three be appointed by nomination to report to the next company meeting a plan for the re-division of the Town site


Messrs Hubbard, Lines & Welch were chosen that Com.


Voted that we recommend to the company to pas a resolution to secure from loss in the re-division of the town site, all persons who have built upon the Town Site


Voted to call a company meeting on the Town site on Monday the 18th Inst. at 2 O.C.P.M.


Adjourned to meet at this place at 12 O.C.M. on the 18th


Directors Meeting at Mr. Welch’s 12.  O’C. May 18th.


Prest. Lines in the Chair – Present Messrs, Street, Walter Welch, Mitchel, Hubbard, Baldwin, Jones.


The Committee appointed at the last meeting to present a plan for the re-division of the Town Site reported.  The plan reported was considered and modified, and it was unanimously resolved to recommend it to the Company for adoption.


Voted that we recommend to the Company to compensate Messrs, Hart & Coe for holding town site by granting them extra shares in the Town Site (This being the report of the com. appointed at the last meeting.)  The average of the opinion of the members of the Board being that somewhat less than an “interest” to be a fair compensation.  Adjourned.


[Page 159]


Company Meeting at Allen & Lines store building


May 18th 1857. At 2 O.C.P.M.


C. B. Lines presiding


Prest. Lines explained to the Company the plan of the Town Site as reported & recommended by the Board of Directors, Mr. L. also made some explanations and statements in regard to what he done in the matter of the proposal to the Emigrant Aid Society to build a Hotel at this place – and also in regard to the effort to secure a float.


Voted, that we select the N.W. & S.W. quarter sections of the former town site as that which we purpose to secure under the pre-emption law.


Voted, that we adopt the plan for the Town Site reported by the Board of Directors


Voted that the Town Site be divided into shares of three lots each


Voted that each member of the Company receive six shares in the Town Site.  The remaining shares to be retained under the control of the Company.


Voted that six shares in the Town Site be granted to Geo. H. Coe, and six to F. H. Hart, [for valuable services rendered] (in consideration of their holding the Town Site for the Company) - - - Messrs Coe & Hart, expressed themselves entirely satisfied with this arrangement.


[Page 160]


Voted that a committee of three be appointed to make arrangements for, and superintend the survey of the Town Site according to the plan adopted.


Messrs. C. B. Lines, J. M. Hubbard, and J. H. Gould were named this committee.


Voted that the drawing of shares take place to day


Voted that F. H. Hart and C. E. Pond be appointed a committee to make arrangements for drawing.


Voted that a committee of three be appointed by the chair to prepare a form of a Certificate of the ownership of shares, and report regulations for the transfer of shares – and also to report a plan for the sale of a limited number of shares on liberal terms to persons not now members of the Company making improvements on the Town site, and to actual settlers in the vicinity


M. C. Welch, J. H. Gould and E. Dwight Street were appointed that Committee.


Voted that a committee of three be appointed to confer with persons who have built on the Town Site, and make arrangements with them to compensate them for injury by the re-survey of the Town Site


Messrs. Mitchel, Jones, and Nesbit, Com.


Voted that Mr Welch be authorized to locate the new temporary school & church building, where he shall judge best.


[Page 161]


Voted that a building committee of five be appointed by nomination, and that they be instructed to report a plan and select a site for a new school house


Messrs. C. B. Lines, Jones, Welch, Parker, and E. D. Street were chosen that Committee.


The Treasurers report was presented and accepted.


Voted that an appropriation not exceeding twenty five dollars be made, and a committee be appointed to grade and improve the crossing of the East ravine.


Mitchel, Gould, Hubbard, Com.


The Com. appointed to make arrangements for drawing shares reported the arrangements completed, and the members of the company present – thirty six in number – proceeded to draw their shares – Mr Welch by vote of the Company drawing for the heirs of the late Freeman Johnson


(A record of the numbers drawn will be found on the Treasurers book.)


Voted that any absent member be permitted to draw in the presence of the Board of Directors. –and that in the mean time the remaining numbers be left in the care of the Treasurer.


Voted to proceed to the Election of Officers


Mr C. E. Pond & F. H. Hart were appointed tellers.


[Page 162]


The following persons were declared Elected:


Dr. J. P. Root President

H. Jones Secretary.

M. C. Welch Treasurer

Wm. Mitchel 1st Director

J. J. Walter 2d “
J. M. Hubbard 3d “

J. H. Gould 4th “

F. H. Hart 5th “

Benj. Street 6th “




Directors Meeting Tuesday [XXXXX] June 2d at P.O.


Present Messrs Welch, Hubbard, Gould, Hart & Jones.


M. C. Welch was chosen Chairman (The prest. of the Co. not having arrived).


Voted, that, in order to give opportunity to those who have not drawn, to draw their lots, when we adjourn to meet in the room over the store tomorrow Evening at 7 ½ O.C.


The appointment of a committee to classify the lots being under consideration it was


Voted that a committee of seven be appointed for this purpose – Hubbard only objecting


The following Committee was appointed by nomination


[Page 163]


by H. M. Selden, J. H. Nesbitt, C. B. Lines, H. Jones, Geo. H. Coe, Danl. B. Hiatt and


Voted that we instruct the Committee on Classification and recommend to the Company to reserve the two following lots for a road-viz.


Voted that we recommend to the company that the lots on which buildings stand be reserved to the persons owning the buildings, and that the Classifying Com be instructed to select second and third Class, so as to form shares with the lots built upon – Also that the lot on which the well shall fall be reserved


Voted that the above committee be authorized to select reservations for school, church and other purposes and report to the Company.


Voted that the Treasurer be authorized to transfer his account of the bal. of the relief fund to the general accounts of the Company, and also that notes held by him for money loaned from this fund be so transferred


Voted that the Treasurer be authorized to loan to Silas M. Thomas and C. B. Lines two hundred dollars at ten per cent interest


Voted, the Treasurer be instructed to reserve twelve dollars from Relief fund to refund freight on relief goods, pre-paid by


[Page 164]


an individual in the East


Voted, to recommend to the Company to give to John Isbell and Dr. Butman two shares each in the Town Site, as an equivalent for the interest formerly voted them.


Voted that the Treasurer be instructed to pay the bal. of John Willeys bill for digging the well.




Directors Meeting at the P. O. June 3d.


M. C. Welch presiding  J. M. Hubbard Secty pro. tem.


Mr. Geo. H. Hill, Mr W. Hartly and Mr G. Wells drew shares in Town Site - - per record of No’s see treasury book – Adjourned. J. M. H.


Directors Meeting at Mr. Welch’s June 15th at 2 O.C.


Present Messrs. Welch, Root, Hubbard, Mitchel Gould Hart and Jones.  Prest. Root presiding.


Mr. Bates being present it was voted that he be permitted to draw his shares in the Town –

(drew 313. & 125.  See treasurers book)


On request of Mr. Bates, it was voted that the Treasurer be instructed to extend the time of his note till November 1st.


Voted that we recommend to the Company to authorize and instruct the president to offer a


[Page 165]


bonus of not more than fifteen shares in the Town Site to any individual or Company who shall put up an additional saw mill of not less than forty horse power upon the Town Site – such mill to be in successful operation by October first 1857.


Voted that we recommend to the Company to instruct the President to offer one share in the Town to any person or persons who shall have a good shingle mill in successful operation by September 1st.


Voted that we recommend to the Company to instruct the President to offer a bonus of six shares in the Town to any person or persons who shall erect and have ready for Occupancy by Oct. 1st. a hotel on the Town costing not less than two thousand dollars.


Voted that Mr. Hart in connection with Messrs Welch & Walter Com. on the temporary church building, be instructed to send at once to Leavenworth for pine lumber to finish the building –


Voted that a Com. of three be appointed to prepare and report to the next meeting of the Company a plan for the reorganization of the Company or organizing a new one, by which the Town site shall be legally secured & controlled.


Dr. J. P. Root, C. B. Lines, J. H. H. Gould this Com.


Voted to authorize the Treasurer at his discretion to loan


[Page 166]


to C.E. Pond a small amount of money if he shall deem it expedient 


Voted to call a Company Meeting at the store building to-morrow afternoon at 4 O.C. P.M.


Voted that Mr. Hubbard be instructed to recommend to the Company at the next meeting some further action in regard to taking stone from the bluff on the Town Site




Company Meeting at the store building

4 O.C.P.M. Tues. June 16th.


President Root in the Chair.


Voted in accordance with the recommendation of the board of Directors, that the president be instructed to secure if practicable a saw mill of not less than forty horse power, to be in successful operation by Oct. 1st. – as a bonus for which he may offer not more than fifteen shares in the Town Site.


Voted that the President be instructed to offer one share in the town site as an inducement to any one who will put into successful operation a good shingle mill by September 1st.


Voted, that the President be authorized to offer any bonus of six shares in the Town Site for the erection


[Page 167]


of a hotel upon the Town site, which shall cost not less than two thousand dollars, and which shall be ready for occupancy by Oct. 1st.


Voted that stone taken from the bluff on the town site be taken from the streets and not from the lots.


Voted to allow Dr. Butman two shares in the Town site (as an equivalent for the four lots formerly voted him)


Voted to grant John Isbell three shares in the Town Site (as equivalent to the five lots formerly granted him)


Voted that a committee of five be appointed to classify the lots.  Messrs H. M. Selden, Geo. H. Coe, Walter Griswold, H. Jones, and Silas M. Thomas were named that Com.


Voted that the committee on classification be instructed to make reservations, for school church & other purposes.


Voted that the lot in the S.E. corner of the Town Site and the one next north of it be reserved (in the hands of the Company) for a road.


Voted, that the lot on which the mill stands be reserved and also that those on which persons have built be reserved to those who have built upon them, and that the classifying committee be instructed to select second and third class lots, so as to form shares with those built upon.  The following were designated as those thus reserved viz. one each to H. Isbell, F. H. Hart, C. B. Lines & W Griswold and two to Geo. H. Coe.


[Page 168]


The committee on the survey of the Town site reported that they had selected a block of four squares on the south qr. section of the town site bounded east and north by the two one hundred feet streets; and one block of two squares on the north qr. section, lying north of Main St. and extending north along the the north & south one hundred feet street 670 feet.


Voted that we approve the selection of the Committee.


Voted the Committee on temporary church building be instructed to select a lot on the Town Site and locate the building upon it, Welch Walter, Hart


Voted that F. H. Hart in connection with the Committee on church building be instructed to send to Leavenworth for pine lumber to finish the church.


The Committee appointed to improve the road across the ravine, reported that they had expended about twenty dollars upon it, and that it was now in a passable state.  Report accepted.


Voted that the president be instructed to obtain information in regard to securing by entry at the land office the fraction north of the town site.


The Committee appointed by the Company May 16th, to prepare a form of Certificate &c – reported through Mr. Gould – Report accepted


[Page 169]


Voted, to allow C. B. Lines, & T.C.P. Hyde six lots on the south end of the town site – viz the six next in order west of the lots in the corner reserved for road, on which to set their saw mill – on condition that they receive such lots (as an equivalent for those formerly voted them near the river,) – and on condition that the mill be in full operation by August first.


Voted that when we adjourn we adjourn to meet at this place tomorrow afternoon at two O.Clock


Voted that a Committee of three be appointed to present a plan & basis for the organization of a company for legally securing and controlling the Town Site


H. Jones, C. B. Lines, J. P. Root appointed that Committee




Company Meeting at the stone building Wed. June 17th.  Dr. J. P. Root presiding.


A letter from Ira L. Neal was read, complaining of the action of the Co. in relation to his former interest in Town Site.


Voted that the com. on temporary church building be instructed to procure a door, and also white paint for painting the building.


The Com. appointed yesterday reported a plan for the formation of a Co. to enter and control the Town Site.


Voted that we now take a recess for half an hour


[Page 170]


3 O.C. P.M. The Company was again called to order by Prest Root.


Voted that all interest in and control over the Town Site of Wabonsee, be and is hereby transferred from the Kansas Conn. Colony to the “Wabonsee Company”


Mesr C. B. Lines made a verbal report to the meeting of the amt. of money collected by him for school, Church, building, and for other purposes, and of the present where such funds were deposited –


After remarks from Messrs Root, Leonard and Jones the following was presented by Mr Geo. H. Coe and passed with only three votes in the negative – Viz. Messrs Hyde, Scranton and Cotterel:


Whereas Mr. C. B. Lines has for the best interest of the Kansas Conn. Colony, labored arduously and long – and Whereas he has by his strenuous endeavors accomplished much for our good – and Whereas we are satisfied of his faithfulness to our best interests, Thereupon Resolved that we tender Mr Lines our sincere thanks for the efficient manner in which he has represented the interests of the Conn. Kansas Colony in the East –




[Page 171]


At a meeting of the Conn. Kan. Col. On June 24 1857, the following preamble and votes were passed.


Whereas in completing our arrangement for securing the town site, it has become necessary to organize a new Company which must necessarily possess entire control of every matter pertaining to the town site, and inasmuch as the new company is competent to transact all business heretofore devolved upon the Conn. Kan. Col. Therefore


Voted that the Treasurer of the Conn. Kan. Col. be instructed to pay over to the Treasurer of the “Wabaunsee Company” all the funds in his hands, and assign all claims, with the necessary stipulations in regard to the use to which the funds are applicable, in order to secure a faithful appropriation of the same to the object, for which they were originally collected provided that the Board of Trustees of the New Company shall agree to pay all just claims now existing against the Conn. Kan. Colony.


Voted That as there is no longer any necessity for the continued existence of the organization, it be & is hereby resolved and that the Secretary be requested to hand over the books, papers, and other property of the Conn. Kan. Col. in his possession, to the Secretary of the Wabaunsee


[Page 172]


Company, and the Board of Trustees of the Wabaunsee Co. are fully authorized to take possession & control of all property of every description now belonging to the Conn. Kan. Colony.


Voted To dissolve & adjourn sine die.


Now first copied, this 7th Day of Apr. 1858, into the Records of the Conn. Kan. Colony, from the original record among the papers of the Wabaunsee Co.  M. C. Welch

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