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Writ of arrest for Andrew Reeder and Charles Robinson

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United States of America

Territory of Kansas          sct.

                                To the Marshal of the United States for said

Territory, Greeting.

You are hereby commanded to arrest Andrew H. Reeder, Charles Robinson,

James H, Lane, George W. Brown, Samual W. Wood, George W. Daitzler [Deitzler,]

George W. Smith and Gais (sic. Gaius) Jenkins, if they shall be found within the

District of said Territory of Kansas and have them before the 1st District Court

first Judicial District of the Territory aforesaid now sitting at Lecompton for

the County of Douglas if the said court shall be then in Session, and if not then,

before the said Court at said Lecompton sitting as aforesaid on the 2nd Monday

of September next ensuing the date -hereof, to answer an indictment by the Grand

Jury of the said Territory for the body of Douglas County aforesaid, for high

treason in levying war against the United States, contrary to the form of the

Statute in such case made and provided in such ease and also against the

peace and dignity of the said United States of America.

Hereof fail not at your peril and have you then and there this warrant with the

manner of its execution.   Witness the honorable Samuel D. Lecompte Judge of our

said Court this the 14th day of April.  Anno Domoni  Eighteen Hundred and Fifty Six.

Issued this 20th day of May A. D. 1856.

D. Scott Boyle



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Served the written warrant on George W# Brown and have him now in my custody.

May 20th, 1856.  I.  B. Donalson.  U. S.

“Filed May 31, May 1856”

1 hereby certify that I have served the written writ on Charles Robinson, by

reading the same to him now in my custody in the city of Leavenworth and

Territory of Kansas, May 25th, A. D., 1856.            I. B. Donaldson by

                                                                                                H. D. McMakin

                                                                                                Depty U. S. M.


Served the written warrant Tory- Depty on George W. Smith and Gais Jenkins, and

have them now in my custody guarded by U. S. Troops.


May 21st, 1856

I. B.  Donaldson

U. S. Marshal


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The Grand Jury sitting for “adjourned”  Term of the 1st District Court in and for the County of

Douglas in the Territory of Kansas, beg leave to report to the Honorable Court that from evidence laid

before them showing that the newspaper known as the Herald of Freedom published at the town of

Lawrence has from time to time issued publications of a most inflamatory and seditious character

denying the legality of the Territorial authorities, and advising and “commanding”  forcible resistance to

the same, demoralizing the popular mind and rendering life and property unsafe even to the extent of

advising assasination as a last resort# Also that the paper known as the “Kansas Free State” had been

similarly engaged and had recently reported the resolutions of a public meeting in Johnson County in

this Territory in which resistance to the Territorial law even to blood had been agreed upon and

respectively  recommend [sic] their abatement as nuisances also that we are satisfied that the building

known as the "Free State Hotel” in Lawrence had been constructed with the view to military occupation

and defense. Regularly parrapeted  [sic. parapeted]and port holed for the use of cannon and small arms

and could only have been assigned as a strong hold of resistance to law thusly endangering the public

safety—and encouraging rebellion and sedition in this county and respectfully recommend that steps be

taken whereby said nuisance may be removed.

Owen C.  Stewart



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