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KC Cost  2 Selling Child NED- BECK  HOLTON KAS JACKSON COUNTY   E. S.  Beck  boss typo and  printer.   all together with a whoop and a yell.  NED BECK__HOLTON. KA n


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Master E S  Beck    Holton Kansas   May 9, 1880   Book   B    Dairy Written in every day by Edward Scott Beck  Holton Jackson Co  Franklin  Town. Ship Kansas. U.S. A  World  Ohio Ave and 6 street   Holton has got 1550 pop.   Western Hemisphere.   Don’t forget the pub number =29  [XXXX]


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May 9 Sunday 


This morning I got up real late.  I took Clara up in the gallery at sunday school   Fred Browne eat dinner with us to day.  Ed Rose took Fred Scott Will and I a long walk down by the creek.  Mattie and some other girls took a walk, and got a lot of flowers.  Us children went up to Grand Mas to play, a while  Uncle Doctor took  Clara a ride in his new buggy.  Mamma was sick this evening with headache.


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They comenced  plastering to day and got one coat on the new rooms and the dining room.  Us children carried around all of the boards and got most of them stacked.  Papa got him a new hat at Jones’s and Mamma a parosol.  Mamma and I went down to Kings a while tonight.  Mrs. King sent Grand Ma four oranges and gave me one.  We all, but  Ida, slept in the parlor  and Ida in the Kitchen.


May 11th  Tuesday


I took some simple syrip up the store and  and from there went  to school.  The plasterer got a second coat on all rooms.  We are still torn up.


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I helped stir some lime for the white coat.  Will,  Clara  and I went up to  Grand Mas.  We went to bed early


May 12 Wednesday


This morning I got a sack of corn meal.  I took Uncle Addison's horse out to Mr. Seelys pasture and got a dime for it.  I took a good swinging before school.  We didnt do any thing much at noon only that we had a real good dinner.  I helped Ed Diebert haul some sand to night.  Will and I both got our hair shaved to night with a new patent scissors.


May 13 Thursday


Will and I stacked shingles before school.  We both took off our drawers this morning.  I got out rather


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late at noon.  All four of us children went to a meeting for boys and girls at the courthouse.  Harpers Young People came.  Mamma Mattie and Clara went up to Mrs Barries.


May 14 Friday


I and Will stacked nearly all of the rest of the shingles before school.  It was very hot to day.   There was a match game of Base Ball at the school house this afternoon.  I got excused at recess this afternoon and watched them play ball.  I played marble a lot to day.  Will and I played pass a good while tonight.  Fred Scott and I were riding Uncle Doctors


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horse and came near getting thrown off.  We are all of us going to Garrison Kansas on the excursion except Will Clara an may be Papa.


May 15 Saturday


This morning I got up late.  All four of us children cleaned up all around the yard.  Will and I went up to see if we could get a carriage for this evening to take a ride in but it was out and didn't get back so we are going to put the ride off till Monday.  Will and I filled up a tub of water to water the garden.  Will and I raked up some chips that were around in the wood pile, and then played ball.  Mamma  Clara


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I and Will went up town and got some bananas lemons and bolona sausage.  I took Grand Ma a banana and played a while with Bessie  Mamma went with Aunt Flora and Hand to the temperance meeting.


May 16  Sunday


We all got up very late this morning.  I get 5 cts for every time that I black papas boots and I made a nickle this morning.  All of us went to the sunday school.  We had lemonade for dinner and sardines.  All of our family but Willie and Clara went to a temperance meeting at the courthouse.  And then down to Grand Mas.


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this is the first  Sunday that  I  haven't  taken a walk for a long while.


May  17  Monday


I got up at half past nine this morning and milked.  Will and I went up to Jones to get some potatoes  Grand Pa said he would give me a fishing pole provided I would get twelve boys to buy them but I think the chanches are rather against me.  I commenced digging up and cleaning out the filth out of the waste pipe and finished at noon.  I got excused a little while before school let out and Papa got a carriage and took us all out to the cemetary to see Uncle Wallace's


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monument, and then we went out in the country and then home.  The Youths Companion came to night.  I watered part of the garden to night.


May 18 Tuesday


I went up to Grand Pa's store and he gave me a pole and told me to get as many boys as I could to buy some.  I only got three or four.  I traded lines with Bessie at noon.  We are not going to have any school to morrow.  Aunt Sophia came down to night.  We fixed up a good deal to night.


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May 19  Wednesday


This is the excursion day.  We all had to get up early this morning and it looked like rain but it cleared off and was a beautiful day.  Ed Rose went with us.  I and Ed both took our fishing poles.  Our family rode in one of the coaches going up to Garrison.  Will and Clara both staid at home and Papa bought them some bananas oranges and candy.  We got there at ten minutes before eleven o clock.  We eat dinner with Uncle Addison and Mr Lowell.  After dinner I went down to fish but didn't have any luck so I gave my line to Mattie and went


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up the river a piece to play.  They had a boat on the river.  I got a lot of shells along the bank.  There are the prettyest hills I ever saw one being 300 feet high.  Garrison has only a few houses in it as it is only a few months old.  Mattie broke my hook off and lost it.  We started back at 15 minutes past 4 o clock.  We all rode back in a cattle car and it was very comfortable.  We passed the regular train when we was going up, at Soldier City and coming back met it at Havensville.  We eat supper on the train about 6 o 'clock.  I bought a good deal of lemonage ice cream


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and such during the day.  Mr Lowell Papa and Uncle Addison bought 30 cts worth of lemonade to drink for supper.  We got back real early, or at 30 m  past eight.  I put my fishing pole on top of the cars coming back and lost it I suppose some one stole it.


May 20 Thursday.


I went up and got some plaster paris for Mr. Smithers put the white coat on the dining room.  We had school again to day and I went.  They made $195.00 clear at the Excursion and had a success ficencialy.  It rained some this afternoon.  Mamma left the bird cage door open and Prince flew out doors and we had to look all over for it but couldnt find


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 it.  Ida went down to Mr Pridey's to stay all night.


May 21 Friday


When Ida came home from Mr. Pridey's she found Prince on the grape vines;  we were all happy when she found him.  Mr Smithers finished up the job of the white coat to day.  Grand Pa is building him a big addition to his store room.  Grand Ma is having the neuralgia in the common form in the right side of her face but not very bad as her old Kind is entirly well.  Mamma went to a social at Mr Kings this evening


May 22 Saturday


This morning Mamma cleaned up a little.  I hoed the


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garden on the corn peas and potatoes.  After I got done my work in the garden Papa let Will Fred and me go goose berrying we saw two snakes and got a good many I and Will got enough to make sauce for dinner.  After dinner four of us boys went out strawberrying and staid all of the afternoon but didnt get very many.  I went up town twice to night.  Grand Ma is better to day and walked out in the yard the first time she has been out of the house for eight months.


May 23  Sunday


I got up early this morning and milked.  It commenced


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raining and hailing and it stormed like everything for about 30 m.  But it cleared off real. nice so I went to Sunday School.  It blowed the worst Kind for all day.  I read in my Youths Companion this afternoon.  I took Clara out to a new race track to get my fish line that I left there yesterday.  Ida went out home this morning and came back to night.


May 24 Monday


I helped Ida wash a while before school  We started in to percentage today.  A man was here painting in the new room.  My


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Youths Companion came to night the Story of a Dogs Mission was finished in this paper.  Papa brought me a paper that was published in 1728  I dont Know where he got it.  Fred C and I were flying his Kite to night.


May 25 Tuesday


Nothing much happened before school about half past nine it commenced raining and rained hard all morning it is the best rain we have had for a long while.  My teacher sent me after her shawl and umbrella and I got my coat.  Today I and Will hunted aggets a lot this evening and found a lot of them


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I got a sack of corn meal.  It looked  very bad and lightened a lot to night


May 26 Wednesday


When I woke up this morning I found it had rained worse last night than the day before.  A colored woman came to help clean house.  They cleaned the new room and the two other up stair rooms beside the hall.  There are only four scholars in our class at school.  Some of us boys built a dam at the ditch.  After I got home I fixed up the books and papers in our book case.  Will and I slept up in our room to night, it is the first night for about two weeks.  Ida slept in the


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new room, but Mamma didn't have time to fix Mattie and Clara's bed so they slept down in the parlor on a sofa.


May 27  Thursday


Will and I went up town this morning to get some potatoes and oatmeal.  I went up Grand Mas a while before school  A boy gave me three or four agats to day at school.  The colored woman that came yesterday came to work here. They got the bedroom and sitting room cleaned.  I am in a base ball club.  They have got a new hearse here and had the first corpse in it to day.  Harpers Young People came.


May 28  Friday


I went up town this morning


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get a broom some fly brick to tell Bob Moore to come down and fix our telaphone wire and tell Mr Wheeler not to send us our ice as we had plenty.  I went in the Colored part of  the town with Fred.  That woman didnt come to day.  Mamma cleaned the front rooms cleaned out.  My teacher let me out early to night.  Fred Browne tried to fly my kite but there wasnt enough wind.  I went out hunting agates to night.  Mamma went to a festival.


May 29  Saturday


When I got up it was raining.  Will and I hunt Whitie through the rain, as she got out


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last night but we couldnt find her.  I drew a map of South America this morning and us children played a while.  I went up to Grand Ma's and staid all day till about  2 0 clock  This afternoon I and Will went out to play ball.  We went down to the creek and the water is about six or eight feet deep.  There is a little raft up town in a new celler and the celler  is full of water I had a ride on the raft.  Mamma took Clara up town and Ida took Mattie  down to Prideys, so Will and I are all by ourselfs.


May 30 Sunday


Will and I picked a lot of peas for dinner.  I blacked


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Papas boots and got 5 cents for it.  None of us went to Sunday School but Mattie and I  Papa went to church.  This is the anniversary of the Sunday School establishment.  They had a meeting this afternoon, Mattie went.  All of the rest of us but Mattie took a long walk.  It looked much like rain this evening.  Mattie and I went to the Presbyterian church to a concert to night.


May 31 Monday


Will and I went uptown to get some things for dinner. This is the last week of school.  They are not going to have a picnic.  This evening I staid and swung a while  


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after school.   Fred Browne helped me fly my kite but we couldn't get it very far up.  The Youths Companion came to night.  We got a lot of goose berrys. Cora Pridy came down to night.


June 1 Tuesday


I got up at about ten minutes before five this morning.  This is the first day of June and Summer both.  It has been a warm day.  I went down to a colored womans house to see if she couldn't work for Aunt Flora  I was up to the school swings a while before the first bell rang.  Grand Ma came down to Aunt Floras to stay all day.  Mamma Will and I went down to Kings to night


June 2 Wednesday


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Nothing much happened this morning.  At school we are reading in the U.S. History.  I play ball most of the time at school.  Mamma borrowed Aunt  Floras washing machine and washed the bed cloths.  Ed Diebert flyed my kite this evening after school.  I stopped at the swings after school.  I pulled weeds a while.  I and Will went agate hunting and found a few.  We had ice cream for dinner and lemonade for supper.  Papa is going to Leavenworth tomorrow to get the dispatch of who was nominated for President as this is the day the nomination comes off.


June 3 Thursday


Papa went down to Leavenworth    


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this morning.  This is the next to last day of school.  I wrote an Essay to day to read in Grammer class.  Mamma went out calling with Auntie Hand and they made twenty calls.  I copied 135 words for the teacher to give to Mr Roop to examine us in tomorrow.  I played ball a while after school.  I went up to Kings after my coat as I had left it there the other evening.


June 4 Friday


This morning I started to school.  I brought my books home at noon.  Aunt Florence eat dinner at our house.  We had new potatoes for dinner the first time we have had this summer.  Our room had a picnic after dinner and went out to the southeast timber.  I went in swimming but the water


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wasn't deep enough to swim any.  We picked straw berrys and played drop the handkerchief.  We got home about half past five.  None of the rest of the schools went but ours.  Mattie took Clara and I was going to take her in my room after recess but I went to the picnic.  Papa got home this evening.  No one is nominated for President yet.  I went up to Grand Mas after supper


June 5 Saturday


This morning Papa said I could stay in the store and help work if I wanted to.  I didn't do much in the store but went to the depot 4 times to get dispatchs from Chicago..  There has been no one nominated for


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President.  There has been 8 dispatches recieved at Holton.  I went once with Will and Fred twist with Will and once with Fred T Browne.  I played ball a while this after noon.  Mrs Reed was down to our house to supper and we had lemonade and ice cream.  Most every body are sure that Grant and Blane will both get beat.


June 6 Sunday


I didn't go to Sunday school, because my head ached so.  About the time the people began to go to church I got well.  This has been a real nice the wind having kept rather still.  Papa Mamma Will and I took a walk out to the University.  They havent commenced building


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yet as we havnt enough money to pay for it as it will cost about $20000.00.  It is said that the University if built according to the plans and  spesifications it will be the finest west of the Missouri River.  We had lemonade for supper.


June 7 Monday


This morning it was raining and blowing real bad.  I wrote a letter to Mamie Damall.  Papa went out with a mare to [XXXX] money for the University, he will be gone till tomorrow evening. I worked in the store all day today.  I went to the depot 2 times but no one is elected yet.  It cleared off and was a nice day.


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June 8 Tuesday


  I got up pretty early and went down to the depot after breakfast to see the excursion from Valley Falls to Garrison.  There was a big croud went from the Falls but not many from Holton.  George Cra[XXX] came down from Blue Rapids.  He used to live here in Holton.  He eat supper at our house.  Garfield was elected President of the United States to day and Gen Aurthor of new York for Vice Pres.


June 9 Wednesday


This morning I cut weeds for a while, after I finished cutting weeds I started to make me a store.  I just got the counter on and the frame mad by noon.


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This after noon I went up to Grand Ma's to get some sacks and boards to make an awning on the store.  I made a nice awning and put gunea sacks around under the counter.  Mr King's family and Grand Ma and Auntie Hand and Bessie and Grand Pa.


June 10 Thursday


This morning Will and I got up early and I made one shelf in my store before breakfast.  About 9:00 oclock [XXXX]  Grand Ma came down in Uncle Doctors buggy and after little Mrs King came with Fred K and Tom and Bess.  We played in my store a while.  We had ice cream and lemonade for dinner.  After dinner I and Will


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Fred Browne Fred King and [XXXX] all went swimming I can  pretty near swim.  After supper I went up to see the new base ball grounds. Grand Ma walked up home by herself.


June 11 Friday


I fixed up my store this morning and played some  After dinner I went down to the ball grounds to play on them.  After that I went uptown and went and looked at them build Mr   Drakes building.  I and Will came down from town and I hoed the beans and [XXXX].  After Supper Mattie Will Clara Sadie Fred and I all took the wagon up to Mrs  Adamsons a while.   [XXXX] Adamson has a show


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and Will and I are in it.


June 12 Saturday


This morning Will and I hoed two rows of sweet potatoes.  After we got done hoeing the potatoes we went to Mrs Adamsons to practice for the show.  After dinner Papa said we couldnt go to Adamsons to play.  We hoed two more rows this afternoon.  Will and I went out to the swimming hole but we didnt go in.  When we came back from there we played up town a while   Mamma got us each a nice straw hat.  After supper Mattie and all of us children played ball


June 13 Sunday


We got up pretty early this morning.  All of us children


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went to Sunday School but Will. The new windows to the church have come they are painted nice and have weights on them.  We had new chickens for dinner yesterday and to day both.  Ida went to Mr Pridys and staid all day.  All of us children took a walk over to the University site.  Florence is going to Indiana tomorrow and stay a long while.


June 14 Monday


This morning I Will and Mattie fixed a water fall in the trough to carry the waste water away and when Papa came down he made us take it down Papa Will and I worked at the


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pig pen as we are going to get a hog.  After dinner Will and I hoed the sweet potatoes and the water and musk melon vines.  The Youth companion came to night.  After supper all of us took a ride and rode out on the Topeka road.  We rode about eight or ten miles.


June 15 Tueday


This morning I got up and hoed some potatoes after breakfast.  Will and I got all of the sweet potatoes done to day.  All of our family are going down to Mr Kings to stay all day tomorrow.  I made 5 cts this morning going to the depot to get a telegram and Will made 10 cts carrying


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in wood.  I am going to pass bills Saturday and get 25 cts for that and when we get 85 cts we are going to get a bow and arrow.  This evening we played train and worked some


June 16 Wednesday


I got up at five oclock this morning. and milked early.  After breakfast I took a dispatch to the depot for Uncle Addison.  A little after nine Will and I started to Mr Kings, and all of the rest of them came pretty soon.  The first thing we done was to play ball a while.  We played around till noon and had a splendid dinner.  I rode on the velocipede a good deal


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They brought Grand Ma down in a buggy.  We had a splendid time and came home a little after six.  After supper Papa played ball with us a while and lost Will's ball.  We worked building a railroad track by taking the hoe and hoeing a long time.


June 17 Thursday


This morning as Auntie Hand was cleaning house Grand Ma came down to our house to stay all day.  Papa gave Will another ball this morning.  We had beans for dinner the first we have had them yet this season  This afternoon I hoed the water melons.  The train didnt come in today as a bridge went down   We played


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this evening


June 18 Friday


We worked some in the garden this morning.  This after noon Papa took Fred Will and I out swimming.  To night we had the scocial here we had ice cream and cake and they passed it around.  I helped them pass the things.  There was a big crowd here, and they stayed till eleven o clock


June 19 Saturday    


I helped carry a lot of the things that we borrowed back to their places.  I finished hoeing the potatoes this morning.  After noon I carried around the bills and got 25 cts for it  I got a bow and 2 arrows for sixty cents which was cheap.  Ida Will and


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I cleaned off the place behind the wood house for a shooting gallery and Papa is going to put up a good target.  I am writing this early as I am going out to Ed Rose's to stay over Sunday


June 20 Sunday


I got at Ed's home about 11:00 oclock last night.  I got up this morning pretty late.  Us boys were around eating cherrys and apples.  About 10:00 oclock we all went over to a basket picnic by the Campbellites.  I had a lot of fun playing  We started back at 5:20.  Eds brother gave me a half New Foundland and a half Shepherd.  Ed brought a lot of apples home.  My dog will sleep in the play-


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house.  Mattie went to church this evening.


June 21 Monday


This morning when I got up I went out and let Leo out of the playhouse he barked all night nearly.  I made a Kennel for him this morning.  We first called him Jocko and quit it because it was a monkeys name.  We then called him Leo and stoped that because it was to hard to say.  Then we got Rover and I think we will keep it.  Will and I played ball some.  Fred Scott Will and I staid up to Grand Mas all of the afternoon.  Mattie Clara and Bessie made some marmalade and preserves but they wasnt worth much


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June 22 Tuesday


I got up early and milked  After breakfast Willie went up to Grand Mas to stay a while.  This after noon Fred Scott Will and I went out to the creek and sand bank to hunt agates.  after supper Mamma took all of us children out riding out west a way and all around town   I took seidlitz powder for my hives.  They are going to celebrate the Fourth of July here and are going to climb the slippery pole and have the greased pig and many other kinds of races.


June 23 Wednesday


This morning I started to hoeing the potatoes but


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was sick so I couldnt work much.  I went up town and helped distribute letters.  Uncle Frank has a fine rifle and he let me shoot it this morning in Jone's celler where there was a target.  I come pretty close to the centre.  This afternoon I made a door to my dogs Kennel  He is growing fast.  Will and Mattie went to Mrs Hills to the collars as we get them ironed there.


June 24 Thursday


This morning I took some vegetables down to Mr Spencers and staid a while.  Will went down there


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afterwards and staid till after dinner  It rained some this afternoon  Will went up to Grand Ma's so he was out all day visiting.  Papa and Mamma went out to Mr Nichols to a wedding in a carriage  All of us children went in Haydens lot playing after supper.  Uncle Frank made me an arrow.


June 25 Friday


I had to get up early to let Rover out of his kennel and went back to bed and had to get up and see what a man wanted.  Then I went to bed and staid there till I got up for good.  Nothing


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much happened this morning but that found the ball Papa gave me.  This afternoon Will and I spent our time up to the store setting out the fire crackers that I left last summer.  Papa Will and I played ball a while after supper.  We had fine and hard rain this morning and afternoon both.  Us children went up to Grand Mas this evening


June26 Saturday


this morning Will, Mattie Clara and I all picked peas and beans for dinner.  After we got that done Will and I took all of our old iron up to Mr Ebys to sell and we only got 17 cts  for it


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all which wasnt worth very much more than taking it up there.  I went up town this morning after selling the iron and helped work in the "Recorder" office.  We had a splendid dinner to day.  This after noon I helped carry Fourth of July bills [XXXx] as they are going to celebrate here in grand style on next Saturday the third of July.  I went down to the grounds to see them play ball.  I seen Sam Grau Laura and Mr. Rose, Ed's brothers, sister and father this evening.  This evening we played ball and built an engine out of a box and barrel   


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June 27 Sunday


This morning Fred Will and I played at the engine a while before breakfast.  All of us children went to Sunday School but none of children staid for church.  Mamma and Papa went to church and it was Quarterly Meeting at the Methodist Church.  This afternoon I read and took two short walks.  There was a funeral of little Walter Tousey who died of measels which went to his brain and lungs.  There is a concert at the Presbyterian church but I couldnt go on account of it raining  None of us went to church.  It was a little cool to day.


June 28 Monday


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This morning I got up early and went up town to get steak for breakfast. at five o clock.  After breakfast turned the washing machine a long time.  I went up to the printing office and helped them there.  This after noon I and Will went out to the Campbell University.  They have commenced diging the cellar.  My Youth companion came  It has interesting story in it.


June 29 Tuesday


I slept late this morning.  After I eat breakfast I hoed a lot of beans and musk melons.  Then I went up town


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and helped Fred Browne wash bottles and we didn't get done till long after dinner.  Fred Scott and I made an elavator up to Grand Pas store out of a block and tickle and a box and rope.  Will staid up to Grand Ma's all day and eat his dinner and supper there.  I took Mattie and Clara a ride on our elevator.


1880 June 30  Wednesday


This morning we boys played ball a long while   We had some chicken for dinner.  This afternoon Will Fred and I went up to the school house and took a ride on some wagons.  Bessie and Mattie skated a long while on the


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roler skates.  When I first commienced my dairy Jan 1 Uncle Frank promised to give me the "Illustrated Aunul" a $1.75 book if I wrote in it six months so I will get it to morrow.


July 1  Thursday


I went up town this morning and staid till noon  Uncle Frank gave me my book, it has lots of nice pieces.  This after noon I went up to play base ball after I quit that I helped Grand Pa clean out a valley between two buildings and got a dime for it.  To night Mr. Ed Jones sent up two big sky rockets.  I am selling out my old


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stock of  fire works and flags at cost.  Drusie Welling came up to day from her school.


July 2  Friday


This morning when I got up I found it pouring down  I went up to get some stake for breakfast.  I and Will worked in the store this morning but didnt sell a fire cracker or work.  In the after noon we helped wash the dishes as Drucie and Ida are both gone.  Ida went down to her home to attend the celebration and Drucie went to Valley Falls, they both went on the cars.  I went out to the grounds and helped


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fix up.  It cleared off nicely about noon.  To night Mamma  Mattie Clara and all of us were up town to see the fire works as they shot some off at [XXXX] and the resturant.  I sold about $2.00 worth.  Will and I got a package of fire crackers.


July 3 Saturday


This morning  Mattie Will and I got up about five o clock and immedialty proceded to fire off fire cracker.  We shot nearly half of  them off before breakfast.  I helped Mamma do up the dishes and then went up town. It commenced raining


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this morning and didnt stop un till about an hour or two before dinner.  So it spoiled all the fun of having a picnic.  I shot all of my crackers before noon.  I staid in [XXXX]store all morning but didn't sell much.  Some base ball clubs but I didnt go out.  The Plug Uglies marched around this after noon.  They put the oxen on a wagon and hauled them around the square giving a piece with a slice of bread to each person, it was real good.  I sold about a dollars worth of fire works.  I bought some soda water and fuju paste and got treated to apples peanuts and candy.  To night I and Papa


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and Mamma went to a concert given by the Oaks brothers.  It was just splendid.


July 4  Sunday


This morning we got up real late and the cow were gone in the herd.  I was a little sick to day so I couldn't go to Sunday School.  We had to borrow some milk, and cream at Grand Ma's.  This afternoon Papa took us all a walk out to the University  they have got the basement dug put and ready to lay the walls.  To night Mamma and Papa went to church.  The Oakes Bros band played a while this evening.


July 5  Monday


This morning I went up


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and got some stake for breakfast.  I picked the beans for dinner.  Ida came home about 11:00 A.M.  They had a real good celebration  Fred Browne made me a target.  I went down to the depot for Uncle Addison this after noon.  This evening there was a man eat supper at our house.  My Youths Companion came.  They are going to have a picnic out to the grove Wednesday.  I shot off 3 fire Roman Candles.


July 6 Tuesday


I got up pretty late.  Right after breakfast I went to work in the garden and hoed and hauled a half a dozzen wagon loads of  pursley to the hogs.  I went up


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to Mr Kings to see Bess and Fred and Will went with me.  This after noon they came down to our house and after I had done a good deal of hoeing went out to play base ball.  Mattie went up to Mrs. Barnes this after noon  Mamma went to Kings to night.  We had a big lot of fire works that we shot.


July 7  Wednesday


Mattie milked for me this morning as I milked for her so I didn't get up till pretty late.  I worked an hour and a half in the garden.  About ten we started for the picnic and it looked some like rain.  We all rode out in Uncle Doctor's buggy. Besides us Kings Uncle Doctor and Addison and


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more people.  This morning us boys went out swimming.  about half past eleven  it commenced raining and we all run for a house close by and staid there about an hour;  then it cleared off and we went up and got our dinners and spread them our and eat a splendid dinner.  After dinner I rode in on Press Kings Jack and got my ball and we had a game of single nine.  We came back home about five in a wagon.  It cleared off and was a splendid day.  To night we shot off a few more fire works.


July 8 Thursday


Uncle Frank left this morning for Leavenworth


[Page 56]


on a pleasure trip.  He will stay till tomorrow evening.  So I will have to stay in the store.  We didn't do much to day.  Mamma moved the table in the old dining room as it got so hot.  It is the warmest day we had this summer by a long ways.  This evening I helped distribute the mail Stamp and distribute the morning mail.


July 9  Friday


After breakfast I went up to the store to unlock the safe and take some apples up to Missis Dibble.  I worked in the printing office all day helping get out the Premeum list to the next fair.  Uncle Frank


[Page 57]


came home to night and I eat supper with him at Grand Pa's.  I got my hair cut


July 10  Saturday


I commenced setting type this morning or rather learning as I had forgotten some of the boxes, but I knew them all by this afternoon.  Will and I got 50 lbs of ice at Wheelers to make ice cream with.  I saw Bruce Rose Eds brother and he came down home with me.  There was an election of delegates to the state convention to day


July 11 Sunday


This morning I didnt go to Sunday School because my feet were sore.  After Sunday School was out I went over to stay and tend to Sadie while Aunt Flora went to


[Page 58]


church I eat dinner at home we had roasting ears and peas, chicken and gravy.  It was the first roasting ears we have had this summer.  We staid around the house most of the after noon.  Papa got some steros views this after noon at the store.  Mamma or Papa neither went to church.


July 12  Monday


I helped Mamma wash dishes before I went uptown.  When I went up I commenced folding papers ready for publication but I couldnt do that good so another fellow took my place and I took his of setting type. I set two sticks full.  This after noon I went up to Grand


[Page 59]


Ma's and from there with Bessie up to Aunt Sophia's and staid for supper and all in it but Bessie didn't.  I went out riding with Aunt Sophia this evening.  I am writing this the day after.


June 13  Tuesday


I woke up early this morning.  When they all got up we eat breakfast.  I helped Aunt Sophia wash dishes.  A man came with some cornice to put over the windows.  A man came to work on the sidewalk  I helped him work all day.  Edith is not very well.  Mamie and I went after the ice.  This is the hottest day we have had yet it being 100 in the shade.  I went home about five before supper.  Will had got the longest kind of a whip.


[Page 60]


It blew real hard about supper time and clouded up but it didnt rain.

June 14  Wednesday


This morning I got up real early and helped Ida milk the cows.  After breakfast I went up town but couldn't get to work as there was no case for me  I staid up town about two hours and then got a job in the printing office of setting type,  it was about noon when I commenced.  All I sit to day amounted to 2 1/2 sticks full I forgot to say in July 12 that it  was Mammas birthday and she got a $1.50 work box from me, $11.00 ring and breastpin from Papa, a 25 ct lemon squeezer from Will and nice $1.50 book from Mattie.


[Page 61]


Clara and I went down to Mr King's to get her little whip that she left.  Us boys played ball and rode Sadie and Clara.


July 15  Thursday


I went up town this morning and went to work at setting type and in all day set 4 sticks full  Mamma baked a lot of things this morning.  We had chicken pie for dinner to day, and it was real good.  Will carried down part of the papers.  Our Harpers Young people came to night it has a continued piece in it entitled "the Moral Pirates.  This is the seventh chapter of it.  We played ball to night.


July 16 Friday


[Page 62]


This morning I got up and got some stake for breakfast;  as I was going up to town I s[XXXX]ed my foot  on a nail and hurt very bad.  Aunt Sophia Mamie and Edith Grand Ma Aunt Hand and Bessie all came down to spend the day with us.  I took a ride in the ice delivery   We had a splendid dinner of ice cream cake pie chicken suckatash.  I took the printing office boys some ice cream.  Papa and I went to see the men play ball and  Will went after we came back.  To night we played around.  My foot is so sore I can hardly walk.


[Page 63]


July 17 Saturday


When I got up my foot was a good deal better.  I took the milk over to Newells.  I took a long ride with Uncle Doctor out in the country altogether we rode about 10 miles this morning.  It rained a little this after noon.  Tomorrow we are all going out to Blacks ford to a quarterly meeting and picnic.  All of us Children played croquet a long while this evening.


July 18  Sunday


I got up pretty late.  About 10 o clock  we started for Black's Ford.  We had two sermons.  In the morning us boys set in the camcie.  We had a splendid dinner.


[Page 64]


In the afternoon they had children's meeting and then preaching.  We got back about five o clock.  I was never so sleepy in my life as I was to night hardly.


July19  Monday


I went up and got some meat for breakfast.  Mattie wrote a letter to Walson this morning.  Will and I took some roasting ears down to Mr G F Kings.  I went to the depot for Uncle Addison to take a dispatch.  Harry Williams Aunt Floras brother came this evening from Denver Colorado.  My Youths Companion came to night.  Us boys played pass while Harry and some men played croquet.


[Page 65]


July 20  Tuesday.


We boys played ball and made us a spring board.  We had stewed chicken for dinner.  Will and I gathered most of the onions we could find and broke the hoe.  Then we went down to play a game of ball.  Drucie Wethy came up to night.  Clara asked me while I was writing to write Clara Mary Beck in my diary.


July 21  Wednesday


This morning Fred King came down to play.  I worked at digging up onions a while.  then all of us boys went over to Aunt Floras and played hide-and-go-seek till noon.  Fred King eat dinner with us.  We had


[Page 66]


a pic-nic out to University Grove, the same place we went before.  We had supper this time instead of dinner.  We had a splendid supper.  had  ice cream for supper.  Some one brought a set of croquet and the men played.  We all rode out and back in Uncle Doctors' buggy.


July 22.  Thursday


I got  up late this morning.  Clara and I went up to Grand Mas to tell her that her bird was dead or rather Auntie Hand's.  Bessie and I and Fred made a hammock out of ropes and a blanket.  Will eat dinner at Mr Kings.  This afternoon I worked in the printing office.


[Page 67]


Mamma went to Prayer meeting.  I played croquet and ball.  Mattie got the "Harpers Young People."


July 23  Friday


Fred Scott and I finished up digging the onions this morning by train time.  Then I went up to the store and staid a while and then went up in the printing office and set type till dinner.  We had a splendid dinner.  After dinner I went back to the office and worked till four o clock.  Mamma went to the sewing society this afternoon.  Auntie Hand, Bessie, Mattie and I went out to the woods to get some elder to make some medicine.  To night Papa Mr Jones and I played a game of ball.


[Page 68]


Willie staid up to Aunt Sophias all the afternoon.


July 24  Saturday


I got up real late this morning.  I went up town to set type but didn't set very much as I had to do other work in the printing office.  This after noon I worked at setting type all of the time.  I am going to get 5 cents a thousand for setting type.  Will went up town.  Mamma didn't do anything much.  Us boys played ball about two hours tonight.


July 25 Sunday


We went to Sunday School this morning.  For dinner we had chicken etc.  This afternoon I wrote a letter to Harpers Young


[Page 69] 


 People Post Office department N Y city.  Mattie went down to Ida's aunts with Ida.  Will, Clara, Mamma Papa, and myself all took a walk out to woods and University, they are getting along very fast on the University, and came home past Aunt Sophias.  Will Mattie and I went to the Presbyterian concert.


July 26  Monday


We children got up very late.  I went up to the printing office about eight o'clock and set 2 1/2 sticks full.  Had a splendid dinner.  This afternoon I set 3 1/2 sticks full altogether makes 70 cents.  Will and Fred had a little peanut peach and lemonage stand for a while sold 25 cts worth; they had


[Page 70]


it sits in front of Uncle Doctors office.  Us boys played ball tonight.


July 27  Tuesday



I got up and went for some stake for breakfast. Right after breakfast I went up to the Printing Office to set type. Ida went home on the train this morning as her mother was sick.  Grand Ma's face is sore again but not very bad, she thinks may be she will  get over it  with out having a bad spell.  I set 3 1/2 sticks full of type this morning and 2 1/2 this afternoon.  It makes six sticks full in all day.  Papa was over to Jones's, playing croquet and Will and I went over to have some fun.  Mamma went up to Grand Mas


[Page 71]


and took Mattie and Clara with her, Will and I went up after.  Mattie went to the Institute this after noon with Drucie.


July  28  Wednesday


I got up real early this morning and helped Ed Rose milk the cows.  Will and I picked beans and then I went up to the printing office to set type.  I set only 2 sticks full this morning and none this after noon on account of there not being any thin spaces or u quads.  I bathed this noon.  I made my dinner any way today.  Will and Fred went out to Davis' with Uncle Doctor.


July 29 Thursday


I churned this


[Page 72]


morning before I went up to work.  I couldn't set type but I worked in the office this is publication day.  I carried the papers down in the post office.  Will played a match game of ball club this after noon.  After supper I went up auntie Sophias and staid all night as Uncle Addison was in Leavenworth Kan. 


  July 30  Friday.


We didn't eat breakfast till pretty late.  After breakfast I went up by the Campbell University and then down to the printing office.  I helped cut roller composition up.  This afternoon I set type Will Drucie and Mattie went out to the woods to get some elder.  I took Clara down home from


[Page 73]


the store.  Grand Ma is pretty sick with Neuralgia but she is better to-day.  I played ball to night.


July 31 Saturday


This is the last day of July.  I got up and went up town to get some stake.  My head commenced aching as soon as I got up and it has ached ever since I didnt work in the printing office this after noon as I was worse.  Will and I went up to Grand Mas and then went up town with Mamma.  We had a water melon for supper.  Mamie eat supper down here.  We played ball to night.  Papa went put in the country to help organize a Garfield and Auther club


[Page 74]


August 1  Sunday


At breakfast this morning Papa concluded to go up to Havensville, on the excursion train that went from Leavenworth to Garrison, to the dedication of the Methodist Episcopal church of that town.  As Mamma didn't want to go up, he took me with him.  It was a very fine morning, and we started from here at 9:00 A.M. and got at Havensville at 10:30 A.M.  We went Imediatly to the church.  It was plumb full when we got there and I got as tired tired and hot a could be before they let out a 2:00 P.M.  Then we went to a Mr. Hart's house and took dinner.  After dinner we sat around a good while and


[Page 75]


then we took a walk out of the town a piece but we didn't have to go far to get out of town as it has a population of 50.  About 4:00 P.M. there came up a hard rain.  We started home about 8 o clock and got home at 10 oclock.  It rained hard at home here too.  none of them but Mattie and Clara went to Sunday School.


August 2 Monday.


When I got up it was real cold.  I went up to the printing office and went to work right away.  Will staid up to Grand Mas all day My Youths Companion came to night.  We played ball till pretty late.  Willie Parks, a boy from Leavenworth came up to night and is staying at Uncle Addison's


[Page 76]


August 3 Tuesday


We got up late this morning. I got some sugar and picked some corn for dinner.  Then I went up to the Hardware store, and played with that boy all morning.  Will went out to Tippinville with Fred Browne to see a man there.  Will said it was a village with only about 6 or 8 houses in it.  I like that boy real well, his name is Willie Parks.  I eat dinner at Uncle Addisons.  Jane Wilson, our colored girl is still with us, but I expect Ida Walton will come back pretty soon as her mother is better.  Will didnt get back till five this evening.  I went up to Grand Mas a little bit.  I have lost my ball.  Fred took Mattie a ride after he came back.  This is Uncle Adisons birthday.


[Page 77]  


August 4  Wednesday


I got up and milked this morning.  After breakfast I commenced working in the printing office again. Yesterday we had sweet potatoes the first we have had this season.  This after noon Mattie and I went up to the dentist's to get our teeth cleaned and one of hers pulled.  It took him about 1 hour and 30 minutes to clean mine.  Will was invited up the Auntie Sophia's for dinner and he went.  I went down to Jackson's with Fred. Mamma made12 glasses of grape and crab apple jelly.  This evening Manna is on the sick list slightly.


August 5  Thursday


I helped


[Page 78]


Ed Rose milk this morning and then I helped Papa pick grapes.  After breakfast I went up to the dentist to get my teeth filled, it didnt hurt much.  Then I commenced working in the printing office.  I carried down papers part of the after noon.  Uncle Frank went out to the Kikapoo Reserve with a lot of young ladies and wont be back till morning.  I got a ball tonight.  Mattie slept up to Aunt Sophia's all night.  Auntie Hand and Bessie were down this evening I and Fred Browne eat dinner at the "Park House"  

August 6 " Friday


Clara and I slept together in her bed last night.Uncle


[Page 79]


Frank got back at 3 oclock last night being gone about 12 hours.  Mattie came home from Auntie Sophias and brought Mamie and Edith as Auntie Sophia and Uncle went out in the country to "James Crossing" to stay all day.  Will and went up to Grand Ma's this morning with Fred to take a letter from Jim Shakelford of Indians telling us that Fred's Grand Ma Shakelford was dead.  She died of heart desease.  I went up to the printing office to work.  Will and I played two games of croquet, I beat him in both.  We didn't do much to night.  Mamma went over to Aunt Lou's.  Mamie went up home to night.


[Page 80]


August 7 Saturday


This morning I worked in the printing office but in the after noon I didn't have anything to do up there so I staid at home most of the time.  Mamma and I went up to town this evening and I got her a present as tomorrow is her birthday.  Us children staid by our selfs while Mamma and Papa went to the Republican Speaking at the court house  This is the day that they nominated Republican candidates for county office. 


August 8  Sunday


Mattie got up before any of the rest of us.  She got a real nice necklace from


[Page 81]


Mamma and A box of cards, "Donny Brookfair" from me, a nice embrordered handkerchief from Auntie Hand and a bottle of perfumery from Fred Browne.  We three older children went to Sunday School.  Jane didnt come to day till pretty late.  This afternoon we went out to the college  they have got the basement done and the first story commenced.  After that Bessie came down home with Mattie and Will and I staid up to Grand Mas for a long time. Papa and Mamma didn't go to church as she had the headache.  This is Auntie Hand's and Uncle Doctors birthday.


[Page 82]


August 9  Monday


As Ed didn't come down Mattie and I milked this morning.  I wiped the dishes for Mamma and I got some ice up at Duff & Ryan's as Papa has quit buying of Wheelers because he had a fuss about the ice with Mr Wheelers boy.  Will Clara and I were up to Grand Mas most of the morning.  We had a  watermelon for dinner.  We played around most of the afternoon.  Saturday was the last day of Dr Farmers 40 day fast, he got along splendidly.  Papa and Will went up to Onaga to night on the cars to stay to Wednesday morning.


[Page 83]


August 10 Tuesday


I got up pretty early.  I slept with Clara and Mattie with Mamma.  I got the ice and some meat at Duff and Ryan's.  Fred Browne was going up to Circleville with Dr. Murrah this morning and I was going with him but Mamma wouldn't let me go.  Will came back home with a man this morning and Papa will be back home in the morning.  I went  down to Mr. G F King's this morning to play.  This after noon Will and I went out to Mr John Locke's with Aunt Flora Fred and Sadie.  We had all the watermelons musk melons and


[Page 84]


apples we could eat.  Us boys rode on the hay around and had a splendid time.  As we passed Mr. Hixons we stoped and Fred and I got some apples to take home and a young pigeon apiece.  I made me a cage for mine to night.  Fred has to feed Grand Pas cow and I have to milk her morning and evening while Grand Ma Auntie Hand and Bessie are gone to Leavenworth and Grand Pa is in Missouri visiting his sister.  Maybe we will sell our milk if we can find any one that wants any.  Mamma went to Kings to night.


[Page 85]


August 11  Wednesday


Fred and I went up and milked Grand Pa's cow before breakfast a long time.  All of Grand Pas folks went away this morning, Will and I rode down to the train in the express wagon to meet Papa.  This after noon Will and I went up to George Linscott  and Frank.  We staid till half past five  I havn't been saying much about Rover for a long while but he is real big now and getting along splendidly.


August 12 Thursday


This morning we children sold $2.00 worth of grapes to Mr. Henry Jones and Uncle Howard at 4 cts a pound.


[Page 86]


we only picked Mr Jones' as Uncle Howard didn't want his till Saturday.  It is very hot now-a-days.  Will and I went up to Grand Mas to water the plants this noon.  Fred and I couldn't get any body that wanted to buy milk, so we Keep it ourselves.  This is the evening that Aunt Flora has her sewing society we children eat over there.


August 13  Friday.


Fred and I milked Grand Pa's cow early this morning.  Will and I went up to Auntie Sophia's to tell her that Mamma would go out riding with her.  After that Mamma and us children made some ice cream.  Mamma


[Page 87]


and Clara went out to Ellises with Auntie Sophia.  I helped Fred Browne sew my Harper's Young People.  I got a postal card from Bessie in Leavenworth she didnt write much news.


August 14  Saturday


After I got back with the ice I commenced picking grapes and Papa and Mattie helped me  we only got 10# all together.  Uncle Howard paid us 60cts for them.  We had watermelon for dinner.  Fred, Will and I played ball over to Aunt Flora's.  To night we were all up town and Papa bought some lemonade up to Ed Jones'


August 15 Sunday


I milked our cow and Grand Pas two this morning.


[Page 88]


Will and I were the only ones that went to Sunday School as Mattie didn't get ready to go the time we went and when she started it was raining.  It is not quite so hot as it was yesterday.  We had chicken for dinner, and got 2 water melons out of our garden.  This afternoon Papa and we children went out to the University, they are done the basement and a little over half of the first story.  It looks very fine.  We all set out on the front porch and talked this evening.  Aunt Flora was over to-night with Fred.


1880  August  16  Monday.


Will and I went after-(Ed rose went to Leavenworth this morning)


[Page 89]


the ice and meat which is now our regular job.  I worked a good deal this morning.  I and all of the rest of the children but Mattie and including Fred and Sadie went up town to get  the end=gate put in it and it fixed up.  Will and I were up town and we got lots of water melon.  Mamma and Mattie were up to clean up at Grand Mas.  They all came home to=night on the train.  Grand Ma was a good deal bettir than when she went.  My Youth's Companion came to night.  We all went up to Grand Pa's to see them to night.


August 17  Tuesday


This morning Fred King


[Page 90]


and Tom King came down to play.  We made a tent, and then we played a lot till noon.  This after noon Will and I worked up to the new store hauling dist. It is the store to rent and is clear done. Then we helped Grand Pa fix the bees.  To night they dedicated the Odd Fellows Hall, they had a nice procession.


1880 August 18


We didn't do much this morning.  Will and I went up to King's to play most of the after=noon.  Mamma was up to Miss Libbie Robinson's all of the afternoon dressing Clara's doll as tomorrow is her birthday.  Mattie, Will, Clara and I                      


[Page 91]


were hauling each other in the wagon.  Papa isn't very well but is better to night.


August 19 Thursday


This morning when Clara woke up she found her new doll in the bed with her, then I went down and got the book, Classics of Babyland and gave it to her.  I went out in the woods with Ed's to gather walnuts in Mr. Noble's buck board we staid till about noon had a good deal of fun and got about a bushel of walnuts.  This afternoon Will and I went up town to get some flour.  Clara got a nickle's worth of candy from Will, a fan from Mattie, and


[Page 92]


and some beads from Guy Newell.  My pigeon is getting along all right but Fred's has died.  Tonight we played around.


August 20  Friday


This morning when I woke up I found it raining.  I went up after the ice by myself as Will wasn't up early enough.  Jane didn't come at all to=day.  This afternoon I went up town and then took a dispatch up to Auntie Sophia's as Auntie Hand was up there telling that Cousin John Scott and Sallie would be here to=night.  I helped get thing ready and eat supper up to Grand Ma's.  Sallie slept down here.


[Page 93]


August  21  Saturday.


Nothing happened much this morning.  Cousin John and Sallie eat dinner.  We are having a very nice visit from them.  Fred Browne got his eyes burnt very badly from an explosion of Nitric Acid and Murcury so I had to stay in the store instead of him this afternoon.  George and Frank Linscott came down to play and I got to play a half an hour.  Mamma and all of the company went up to Auntie Sophias for supper.


August 22


Mattie and I had to milk this morning as Ed didnt come down.  All of us children went to Sun-


[Page 94]


day School and Mamma Papa and Sally went to church.  This after noon Papa hired a carriage and took Mamma out riding with Cousin John and Sally and Auntie Hand, and Uncle Doctor.  Aunt Flora Fred and Sadie went in their buggy, and Grand Pa and Grand Ma and Bessie in theirs Will went with Papa so Mattie Clara and I staid at home.  When they came home from the ride they divided up and we had water melon and cake for lunch.  I have put a good many ands in my sentences to night.  They all went to church to night.


[Page 95]


August 23 Monday


This morning when I got back with the ice I went up town to work in the Post Office.  Mattie and Bessie took Cousin Sallie out walking and they eat dinner at Grand Pa's.  Today I ordered 8 numbers of "Harpers Young People".  This afternoon I staid down home a little while and Fred, Will, and I eat a water melon.  Cousin John and Sallie are not going home till Thursday.  My Youths Companion came to night.   Auntie Hand Cousin John and Bessie were all down a while to night.  Sallie sleeps here all of the time  It rained a little to-day.


August 24  Tuesday.


I had a pretty hard


[Page 96]


time of hauling the ice home.  When I went up town Mr. Shiver wanted me to work in the printing office as Peter Balding and Harry Moore have both left.  I get 10 cts a thousand m's  It rained last night very hard.  Fred Browne is a little better.  Will and Fred made a lot of  kites to-day.  Cousin Sallie staid around home all day till this evening when she went up town with Mamma  It commenced raining again to night.  Bessie slept down here to-night.


August 25  Wednesday


This morning I couldn't work in the printing office as it was busy in the post office.  Cousin Sallie eat dinner and supper at Grand Mas.  It rained


[Page 97]


twice today and rained very hard too.  We were talking about going to Indiana and leave we children there and Mamma and Papa go on to New York, Long Branch, Boston Philadelphia Washington and Coney Island  [XX] next 1883  They are going sure if nothing happens.  Will and I went up after some meat to night.


August  26  Thursday


When I went up town I played on a raft.  Then I went up in the printing office and set type for a while then I threw in some  After dinner I went up to the printing office and worked all the afternoon folding the papers.  This morning Cousin John a Sally went away, Will and I went


[Page 98]


down to the depot with them.  We were sorry to see them leave.  Mamma and Mattie, Willie and Clara all went up to Jim Richards to see when Ida will be back, she will be  back in two weeks from Sunday.


August  27  Friday.


When I went for ice this morning I stepped on a piece of glass and cut my foot awful bad.  I worked in the printing office distributing type I worked most of the day at that.  I printed a lot of postal cards out on the job press the first I ever run it.  It commenced raining again this evening and was still raining when I went to bed.  Nothing


[Page 99]


much else happened to day.


August  28  Saturday]


This morning I went up town to set type.  I didn't go after ice as Will and Fred went.  I thought I would quit as I was mad at the whole outfit of printers but I didn't   This after noon I added all together that I had made this year and my note and altogether and it made $81.50  It rained most of the day to-day and it is very muddy.  Bessie was down to our house this after noon and Mamma was up to Grand Ma's a while  Papa fixed up my foot  for me to  night.   August 28  The End of this book


[Page 100]


1880  1880   FROM  MAY  9 1880  TO AUGUST  28  80   Edward   Edward S. Beck. Dairy    The end of book B




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