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It is coming! It is coming! An old-fashioned sweeping temerance revival

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The Kansas issue

It is Coming!   It is Coming!

An Old-Fashioned Sweeping Temperance Revival.

The Fires of   Enthusiasm   Are   Being Enkindled Anew
Throughout the Entire State.

The Year   1903   Will See a great uprising
in Kansas Against Civic Lawlessness and Official Nullification.

What Prohibition Accomplishes for Kansas

1. Prohibition reduces the annual consumption of intoxicants from above sixteen gallons per capita, the average throughout the United States, to leM than two gallons per capita in Kansas.
2. Saves an average of over $6,000,000 to liquor sales, which otherwise^ would go to the saloon.
3. Reduces the internal revenue collections, resulting from the manufac-' ture and sale of Intoxicants from above $2.00 per capita, the average ttorougfcr out the United States, to less than 20 cents In Kansas.
4. According to the prevailing ratio in license states, saves annually more than 1,200 persons from drunkards' graves.
5. Decreases the population of the jails and poorhouses, and increas^&f that of the schools and churches. More than one-third of the Jails and poor*;, houses of Kansas are practically without any inmates during a considerable
portion of each year.

The Union's Program for 1903.
Prohibition accomplishes much for Kansas, but not one-half enough"1-* not one-half as much as the united efforts of the people are able to make it accomplish. There is too much indifference, too much disregard of law, too many centers of nullification in the state.
The situation demands vigorous and aggressive treatment, and that is why the State Temperance Union proposes, during all of 1903
1. To keep from four to six lecturers continually at work.
2. To push total abstinence and law enforcement compalgns as nev*"-before, If possible.
3. To literally cover every city and  village  in  Kansas with carte statistical literature.
4. To get an  increased amount of matter in those newspaper wh{ch are favorable to the cause of good citizenship.
5. To  place ourselves in  position to   render   a   larger   amo counsel  and  detective service, the former being entfrelv • "

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