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Mabel Holmes diary entries

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Mabel Holmes Diary,
March 15-March 22, 1935-1939
March 15
1935. Elma's boys are in a tournament at High School tonight. A terrible wind & dust storm, could not hang out the clothes. Max moved to 1134 Polk & at Gt Bend Ks & Scottsbluff Nebr. the wind & dust is so bad motorists have had to stop. New preacher called on us
1936. To church & S. S. Elizabeth McClanahans guests at dinner. Ate at Normans, Got Catherine & went for a ride. Clyde & Edith Chalmers called on us in the eve from the church every member canvass
1937 Temp 16?. A beautiful morning. Real nippy. Went to town this P.M. Mr. Palmer & Bernice took us tonight to the opening of the new East Side Jr. High School. While 800 people were there the lights went out & the folks had to go home.
1938 Temps 54 & 59? A heavy rain last night warm & cloudy. Austria in revolt against Hitler taking possession of their country. Gas bill $9.15. Palmers borrowed our marble board.
1939. Temp. dropped from in the 60's to 19 last night. Called on Roy Dill, who is sick with Shingles. Went to town & attended opening of the new A. & P. store on 6th & Harrison. Hitler is taking everything he wants from the checks.

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March 16
1935 Temp. went from 82 to 24 today. The dust wave blew allnight, at times could not see, everything covered with dirt. Dried the clothes in the bath room, got them ironed, Another war scare in Europe Max was here all P.M. Several deaths & accidents from the Dust storms, trains were late.
1936. Raining & some flakes of snow fell. Am typing the forms for The Daughters of the American Colonists, finished & took them to Mrs. Palmer for Notary. Flo Wilson & I met with Jessie Donnell & made the programs for the Miss. Society for the coming year
1937. Temp 20?. Washing. Was very busy until 12:45. Got ready & was at [XXXX] Shipmans by 1? for Club. Elma went to a Grade mtg. So did not have to go for her. The clothes were well dried outside. Both so tired
1938 Temps. 40 & 55? Worked at office. Took Susan to the U.P. train & we had our lunch at the Depot. Spent the eve. with Giffords, played Star checkers. We took our board & marbles
1939. Had a big day. Went with Vera Hunting to Womans Club. Dr Atkins had the Bible Hour. Hobby display. At noon to a luncheon at Mrs. John Lawson's 1115 Wayne. Vera, Mrs. Stewart, Hursh, Mabel Cal & self. In the eve to East Side M. E. church to a 2? supper

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March 17
1935. Elma has a cold, didn't go to church. Nice day, but dust everywhere. The pledge cards were taken up at church today. Old John White not expected to live.
1936. Cool but bright. Club meets with Mrs. Compton this P.M. Mrs. L. W. Williamson has invited us for dinner tonight. Am very tired this morning Played Monopoly until quite late at Williamsons.
1937. Temp 33? Balance of snow will go today. Have washed my hair & am going for a wave set. My ears are O.K. again. The Strikes are increasing every day. The Regent of the D. A. R. tried hard to get me to go to the conv. at Wichita today. Spent eve at Mattie Blanchetts.
1938 Temps 38 & 69? At the office, got up early & made a couple of cherry pies to take to club this eve at M. Bannermans. Letter from Will Marvin if has [XXXXX] He is going to Scotland at the covenanal town.
1939. Enuf snow fell to cover the ground, but soon melt, Downtown all A.M. got my batteries which were chgd. at the service station. Supper club at Palmers. Roy Dills couldn't come. Roy very sick with shingles .

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1935 This is City Wide Dollar Day. I bot curtains for our bedroom, had my hair fixes. Wind & dust still blowing; at 5 o Elma & I went to a complimentary review of the picture Baboona at the Orpheum.
1936. Some cooler: The floods in the East, Pa. Md. W.Va. Va. Vt., Conn. are unparalleled in History. At Johnstown Pa. the flood 47 yrs ago, where 2,000 were drowned does not come up to this one. They are shut off from all communication.
1937. Temp 32?. A real spring morning, cleaned house, finished ironing & made dessert for club which meets at Helen Mitchells this eve. Mrs Gasher spent the P.M. W. O. Anderson died yesterday.
1938 Temps 57 & 70? Nursing another attack of Neuritis, left shoulder not as severe as other spells. The Mulvane Home is being turned in to a childrens Library. Invited to Roy Dills in the eve
1939. After doing some cleaning up went to town. Elma got a new spring coat at Pelletiers. Mrs Otie Kennedy & Netta Allison called. J. M. Parks reviewed ?Disputed Questions? at Argonauts. Mrs Carrie Coffman died.

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March 19
1935. My club meets with me this P.M. Served Vanilla delight with whipped cream, Snacks and Coffee. Blanche Gifford spent the evening with us & we had a wonderful visit.
1936. Real cold. Mr. Crabb raked our yard yesterday & I spent most of the day writing letters. All New England is devastated by raging floods under 6 & 10 ft of water. In some places fire has broken out. Washington D.C. is in the path. Congress is giving $5,000,000.00 for the sufferers. Blanche G. here today.
1937. Temp 43? . Rained last, cloudy need a light after taking Elma to school, drove to Waddles & got my chicken & other things for dinner tonight. Having Mr. & Mrs. Magais, Neal & Ruth Wright & Myrtle Kelly. Anna K. sprained her ankle & can't come
1938 Temps 40 & 63? Had a quiet day, didn't even go down town. Geo. Simpson raked our leaves & planted grass seed. Helen Mitchell took us to Argonauts. Mr. Parks turned his current events into a test & were graded. It was interesting
1939. Went for Gertrude Dicks. Ate our dinner at Shannons. Mrs. Granger & Muriell Schoonover called to collect money for Carrie Coffmans funeral. Ray White & Albert Ewer for subscription to the church

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March 20
1935. A severe dust storm raged over the city all day, could not see Dibbles plaza, nor to get around in the house without a light. Paul Stanley raked & burned the leaves while it was going on & I was worried all the time. Motor traffic was stopped in Topeka for those going West.
1936. Beautiful morn. Had a fine time at the Palmer dinner & party last night 15 there. The entire N. E. States flood is still raging. Cleaned the sleeping porch & upstairs, was all through went I took bad with Gall stone trouble & had to have the Dr. Couldn't go for Elma nor to club.
1937. Temp 35?. Parents for 40 miles around have lost from 1 to 2 children in the explosion at New London Texas, of a large rural High School. 1100 pupils were in the school, 450 dead children have been taken out, many others will die. This is one of the 5 Worlds greatest disasters. Went to the Library this A.M. Wrote paper on Americanization for D.A.R. Norman & Helen Mitchell called
1938. A Gorgeous morn. Took Susan to State Hospital to bring Gertrude home for the day. Helen Mitchell came for us at 11o & we went to Grace Cathedral to hear the boys from London Eng. Sing. Ate our dinner at Mrs. Woodliefs tea room, 718 Top. Ave. then went to Denison, browsed around in the cemetery
1939 Went to town cashed my ck. Pd gas bill $13.50. Bot Imperial Cleaner, cleaned 6 dresses. Went with neighbors to Carrie Coffmans funeral at Penwell's. After dinner Helen Mitchell came & we all went to Co-ed. Saw ?Arkansas Traveler.?

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March 21
1935. The houses are in a terrible condition from the storm. Was over an hr. getting dust off of porches & walks, more dust flying, but do not need lights. Went to Cooking School with Edith Williamson
1936 Lay down stairs all day, but had no return of pain only very sore. Elma went down town with Helen Mitchell got a treatment. She went to Argonauts. Prof Fullbright reviewed Will Rogers. Dr. Fulton current events
1937 Temp 32?. The Palmers showed pictures of their last summers trip at Argonauts last night. Communion services at church this A.M. Tonight we went to hear the Sterling College Glee Club sing at our church
1938 Temp's 61 & 85? Spring came all of a month early The heat & extreme high wind made the day very oppressive, had a large washing & could just hardly get thru. Went to bed at 8o. wind still blowing
1939. 1st day of Spring & a very fine morning Temp. in the 70's. Club met at the Kochi for lunch. Not feeling very good. Elma late in getting home from Printing class.

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March 22
1935 Did nothing with the dirt in the house yesterday, the task is so gigantic. For 57 years there never was a dust storm here like this. It is due to the long period of drouth. J. S. White died this A.M.
1936. Are having a dust storm. Elma went to ch. Pledges for the budget were signed. About 1o had another bad spell. Dr. came out but the pain never stopped. Had a bad night, didn't sleep any
1937. Temp 38?. Cleaned all of the house. Most of the day had no fire at all. Temp. got to 67?. So very tired. Elma went with Palmers to see Chester Woodwards pictures at Kaunaus Club. Mrs. Sigman spent eve
1938. Temps 64 & 56? The wind is quiet, lots of clouds, but going away from us. Have washed my hair & will get a wave at the School Club at Mrs Seagraves. Took our Chinese checker board to Mrs Kahos & spent the evening.
1939. No fire needed. Sent Laundry to the City Hand. Made arrangements with Mr Studebaker to paint the house. Went to The Oakland M. E. Church for supper. Legislature is the nastiest we have ever had.

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