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Citizens of Dodge City to Governor George W. Glick

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May 15, 1883


To his Excellence:  the Governor of Kansas Gov Geo W Glick, Topeka


Dear Sir:


The undersigned citizens of Dodge City – Ford Co. Kansas Respectfully present to your Excellency that they are well acquainted with Luke L. Short who was driven from said City by a band of armed men headed by L. E. Deger Mayor of the City on the 1st day of May A.D. 1883 and we here by give you the facts as they occurred  First – at a meeting of the newly elected Mayor and City Council of Dodge City – Kan the following offender  ordinance was enacted.  Out of this came this difficulty.  On the evening of the 26th day of April 1883 Harris and Short employed three women as singers in their place of business a saloon and on the evening of the 28th about 9:30 pm oclock  The city Marshal and one special policeman entered the Harris and Short place of business and arrested these three women under the above ordinance, Mr Short then went in search of the Marshal to have him file a complaint against these women so that they could be released  on bonds.  Not being able to find the Marshal Mr Short was  [XXXXXX] with a party of friends


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 back to his place of business he sent the special policeman Louis Hartman one of the partie who made the arrest of these women, When he (Short) accosted him “Say Louis (accosting him by his first name)” and immediately a shooting affray  occurred  -  shots being fired by both above parties Hartman and Short.  Immediately after the shooting Short was arrested and placed under ($2000) two thousand dollars bond and his preliminary examination set for Wednesday May the 2nd.  On the following day Hartman was arrested and placed under ($2000) two thousand dollars bond the preliminary examination being set for the first day of May.  That on the 30th day of April 1883 about 2:30 pm o’clock the Marshal of the City again arrested Luke L. Short and locked him up in the City Calaboose with Thomas Lane and four others.  Then Short sent for his attorney H. E. Goyden who was warned on penalty of death not to approach within hearing or speaking distance of the Calaboose by armed bands of men patrolling the streets and ordered to go to the lower part of the City on price of death  It is needless to say he went. Mr  Keam’s Shorts partner then telegraphed to Nelson Adams Attorney at law at Larned Kansas to come down on the first train and when the train arrived having on board Ethan Nelson Adams  was met


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at the depot by armed men and ordered not to get off at Dodge City – on penalty of death – but to go west and take the first East-bound train he could which he did at five oclock same evening April 30th 1883 the Mayor with a body of armed men went to the Calaboose and after opening the door he informed Luke Short and the five other prisoners that he had come to make them a little talk which he did surmise to this effect – trial – that a committee of citizens after due deliberations had came to the following conclusion that they would keep them there incarcerated till the next day when they would then be escorted to the train and given their choice of trains East or West and should never return to this City and should they attempt to return it would be at their peril.  Mr Short and the other prisoners now said “what have we done?  “If we have done anything give us a trial”  When the Mayor L. E. Degen said  “We wont give you a trial” and slammed the door in their faces.  Several of the prominent citizens then interceded in favor of Short that he might be allowed to come out till the East bound train arrived and they gave their personal pledge for his good behavior.  The Mayor and armed posse consented to this arrangement and Short left the City on the first train bound East.  The other prisoners were escorted to the train by armed bands of men


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and left some East some West.  [XXXXXX]  not on the job Thursday Thomas Lane and Hogat attempted to return and were met at the train by ten or a dozen armed men who ordered them to board the train at the peril of their pistols.


That we consider such action a disgrace to the City and are outraged when law and good order  That Mr Luke Short during his existence in Dodge City a period of nearly two years he has conducted himself like a gentleman and a law abiding citizen and he has never resisted any arrest or placed at defiance the law and we respectfully request your Excellency to take such action in the matter as will afford Mr Short protection in order that he may return without danger to prosecute his rights and defend himself in the courts of the County.


C. W. Davison




N. J. Koch

D. M. Frost

W. H.  [XXXXX]

N. Brown


S. Galiano  Township Treasurer


J. H. Kelley  [XXXXXX]


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Saloon disturbance.


[No.]  898


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[Page]  113


[From]  C G  [XXXXX]   Eta


[Place]  Dodge City – Ks






Petition, Eta


Jon Luke Short


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Dodge City Times Article


May 10, ‘83


Two of the men who were ordered out of town last week returned here on Thursday night.  Hyatt stepped off the train on the south side of the track, but was confronted with about a dozen pistols presented to him.  He gladly returned to the car and too gladly pursued his journey west.  Lane did not get off the train here but at Cimarron, twenty miles west, where he continues to hold forth.  Lane would like to make terms and return to Dodge and behave like a good citizen, but we believe there is disposition to accept his profered repentance and promises.



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